Tamsmail1 7:37pm, 25 December 2008
I just got the yotsuba summer vacation set! It's great but I can't read japanese, so I can't figure out how to change her hands and face! I'm too afraid to just try and yank them out. Can somebody tell me how to change them?
s4ints 9 years ago
you just have to yank them out.. ;p

just slowly pull it a little.. it should pop out quite easily.. she's a tough cookie so, don't worry about breaking anything.. it's just that they get loose after a while.. (-__-)
Tamsmail1 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Tamsmail1 (member) 9 years ago
thanks! when I yanked her head out to change the face, the neck part came out too, and I can't get it out! should I just keep pulling at it? And if I ever get it out, put it in the other faces?
Pamela N! 9 years ago
Well depends how you want to pull out the neck part. I used tweezers at first but got concerned at damaging the plastic.

Nowadays, I use my teeth. :D But gently bite!
AltEisenRiese 9 years ago
There's a small leaflet in the box showing the use of long nose pliers to pull out those tight Revoltech joints. I use one now but the damage is already done that the neck joint in mine is not as stiff as before.
Sasha's Lab PRO 8 years ago
I found that by bending Yotsuba's head slowly to hyper extend her neck (sounds gross, I know) I could use the leverage to separate the head from the neck piece. Right angles are powerful when forces are applied directionally.
Mister Mushroom PRO 8 years ago
I just got my first Yotsuba yesterday, and am having the same problem. The answers here are helpful. Thanks, everyone, for taking time to write them.
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