Tamsmail1 7:37pm, 25 December 2008
I just got the yotsuba summer vacation set! It's great but I can't read japanese, so I can't figure out how to change her hands and face! I'm too afraid to just try and yank them out. Can somebody tell me how to change them?
s4ints 10 years ago
you just have to yank them out.. ;p

just slowly pull it a little.. it should pop out quite easily.. she's a tough cookie so, don't worry about breaking anything.. it's just that they get loose after a while.. (-__-)
Tamsmail1 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Tamsmail1 (member) 10 years ago
thanks! when I yanked her head out to change the face, the neck part came out too, and I can't get it out! should I just keep pulling at it? And if I ever get it out, put it in the other faces?
Pamela N! 10 years ago
Well depends how you want to pull out the neck part. I used tweezers at first but got concerned at damaging the plastic.

Nowadays, I use my teeth. :D But gently bite!
AltEisenRiese 10 years ago
There's a small leaflet in the box showing the use of long nose pliers to pull out those tight Revoltech joints. I use one now but the damage is already done that the neck joint in mine is not as stiff as before.
Sasha's Lab 9 years ago
I found that by bending Yotsuba's head slowly to hyper extend her neck (sounds gross, I know) I could use the leverage to separate the head from the neck piece. Right angles are powerful when forces are applied directionally.
Mister Mushroom 9 years ago
I just got my first Yotsuba yesterday, and am having the same problem. The answers here are helpful. Thanks, everyone, for taking time to write them.
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