chipman13 5:14pm, 20 August 2009
Hello Pentax users, I recently bought an me super and a large percentage of shots from the test roll were pretty badly underexposed. The shots that did work looked good. I was shooting on manual and used 3 or 4 different lenses, but didn't take any notes. Batteries seem good, but the suggested exposures seem pretty off. Has anyone had problems with the ME meter before? Could a non- pentax lens affect the meter readings?

SeanSequeira 9 years ago
I've also had issues with this. I heard somewhere (maybe on flickr) that the batteries may have something to do with it. The batteries nowadays supply their power differently to the batteries they made a while back.

I've set my ME to 2x now to see how the exposure looks. Will develop some rolls shortly.

I really hope someone has an answer to this!
Ford Prefect22 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Ford Prefect22 (member) 9 years ago
Were these all K mount lenses or were you using M42 via a converter, if so the converter may be causing the problem.
Also, try checking the flat pin which mates with the lens to read the aperture setting for metering. It may be bent, I had this with a Zenit Auto which is a K mount camera similar in function to the ME Super.

If it's none of these try carefully cleaning the electrical contacts in the battery compartment and under the film speed dial. Oxidisation over the years can cause poor conductivity leading to problems.

Regards batteries, new voltages aren't an issue with the ME super as I believe it uses a bridge circuit meaning the change from 1.35volt mercury based batteries to newer 1.5volt batteries.
midnighttoadstool 9 years ago
I've heard that this camera is often out by 1/3 to a whole stop. Mine is a whole stop out, conveniently. But really it doesn't make so much difference so long as it's consistent.

My minolta XG-M seems to vary with the weather.
Ford Prefect22 9 years ago
It's odd to hear about these so called common problems as I've not had any with mine and others I know have had perfect service from theres for almost 30 years!

The only problem I had was mechanical to do with the wind on gears in the bottom, a sear caught where it shouldn't and got stuck, had to take the base off, free it up and then gave it a light waft of WD40 and it's been fine ever since.
chipman13 9 years ago
Thanks for the input. Ford- they were all K lenses, although a couple were rikkenon, not pentax. The pin looks pretty straight. I just checked it in low light against my ricoh and the exposures matched, Maybe something else was tricking the meter. I don't know, now if I could figure out the meter problems with my spotmatic...
Ford Prefect22 9 years ago
It's not a spot meter so more compensation is needed, I've also noticed that light getting into the view finder can effect exposures quite alot. If you go onto ebay you can still find eyecups quite cheaply which will solve this, I tend to put my right thumb at the side of the finder blocking the area off to the side of my eye stopping excess light fouling up my exposures. Its a habit I formed when using my Zenit 12xp, seems most cameras that use prism metering suffer from the problem.
Dizono 9 years ago
Hmm, light falling in by the eyecup shouldn't have so much effect on the exposure... very strange... Maybe there is a problem with the asa and/or exposure compensation dial?
Ford Prefect22 9 years ago
I dunno, I've done some little tests and (depending where the light source is in relation to you) that extra light coming through the view finder can make quite a difference. I usually noticed about a stop of under exposure with both the ME Super and Zenit 12XP. Blocking out that light has meant lots of nice perfect exposures instead of dissapointment.
giant show [deleted] 9 years ago
With ME supers, the contacts under the exposure compensation dial can corrode with if you don't use them for a while, and if that happens then the built-in meter will start to overead. Set it on auto, point it at something, and jiggle the exposure compensation dial; if the shutter speed starts jumping about then you have this problem. With mine, I lifted the collar and dripped a couple of drops of rubbing alcohol down the shaft, then spun the dial a few times until it started giving stable readings.
Johnny Martyr 9 years ago
without examples, it's impossible to see if the problem was user or camera error and what specifically caused the problems.

the above suggestions are great but are just shots in the dark without examples.
FC Monteiro 9 years ago
My ME Super is now 28 years old and, a long time
ago, suffered with the same issue exposed above
(by "inauspicious").

The solution proposed is correct.

Just to not "miss the bus": battery life is very long on this camera (more than five years).
patking84 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by patking84 (member) 4 years ago
I know that this thread is old, but thank you very much for this tip on fixing the light meter! I have had this jumping meter for a good while now, and I never trusted the camera, so I didn't use it. After doing the alcohol trick and twisting the exposure compensation dial back and forth for several minutes, it works perfectly (granted, the meter is almost a full stop off, but that's compensatable).

Anyway, thanks. All ME Super owners should read this.
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