201169 1:35pm, 23 November 2011
i'm new on this group and in the instax magical world.

Do you write in the blank space of the frame of the photos?
and if yes what do you write?
Shelly Tee PRO 7 years ago
On the backside, I write the date the shot was taken, the camera used, and the filmtype (except for peel-apart packfilm; for that, I just write date taken and camera used).

Rarely anything on the front.
cannibal.animal 6 years ago
I think writing kind of takes away from the photo....Would you write on the frame of a photo on your wall? I write on the back, just the date, info, etc. I hate seeing those cutesy Polaroids with "L-O-V-E" written on it or some shit, haha.
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