dangerous branch [deleted] 9:19pm, 25 May 2011
With the abolition of train reporting numbers being displayed on the front of locomotives, there was a period when blinds were set to '0000;. I can remember that most class 81, 82 and 83 locomotives then had 'domino' style headcode panels. These were black with two white circles in them.
After that the locomotives went on to have sealed beam marker lights fitted.
From what I can recall, most class 86 locomotives also went from the '0000' headcode panel to sealed beam marker lights, although 86235 'Novelty' ran for a while with 'domino' headcode panels.
However, I am sure that there was just one class 85 locomotive that had 'domino' marker lights, whilst the rest went straight from '0000' to sealed beam lights.
Can anyone (pardon the pun) shed any light on this?
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