"Mike Foster" PRO 12:48pm, 20 February 2011
OK - we'll try this for a bit. Only for pictures that you think are suitable for the group. Pictures eminently not suitable for the group will be deleted.

Post a pic of your own for critique. Click here if you don't know how to do this.

Refer to the picture one stop further up the thread and critique it within this thread. Be constructive - the aim is to help someone improve their photography, not to crush them. Be honest but respectful - you don't have to just say good things about the pic but neither do you need to belittle the photographer.

Should you further wish to critique other pictures within the thread then you are free to do that as well. In fact I would encourage you to spend a bit of time critiquing anything that catches your eye rather than doing the bare minimum it takes to justify posting your own picture.

You may post critique of any picture in the thread without posting an image if you wish, but it's far more likely people will respect someone who will also put themselves in the firing line.

It's important that you critique the picture one stop up first so people at least get one critique.

People being rude or argumentative will be discouraged appropriately.

The very fact you post a picture in here means somebody might say something about your picture you don't agree with. If you can't take this then don't post a picture.

If you feel like having a long conversation with the photographer about their picture then perhaps within that photo's comments would be the best place.

If you post one of your pics and don't offer any critique of any other picture or just say a few token words your reply will be deleted.

I think that covers everything.*

(If you feel someone is treating you poorly in this thread - rather than having a slanging match, why not fmail me instead.)

* Sorry, I thought it was obvious that by "critique" I meant more than one sentence.
"Mike Foster" PRO 7 years ago
Let's start the ball rolling.

Kingfisher by "Mike Foster"
Batty Coda 7 years ago
I like the pic. Love the clarity and the green and yellow bokeh, perfect background.
And now for mine...
[Dripping Tap]
gcerpa Posted 7 years ago. Edited by gcerpa (member) 7 years ago
The background is nicely blurred while the main subject is in perfect focus (as it should be, we're in the bokeh group!). The B&W perfectly suits this image because I think color was irrelevant in this case, so another good point.

However, I notice while halos around the faucet, probably due to some tone mapping post process, and the top part of the faucet is touching the edge of the frame, it would be nice if there was a little more space there to make it more balanced.

Well, now mine:

TriggerHappyMe 7 years ago
hi Cerpa,

I really like the clarity of your subject.

However, the woman on the left is distracting.

Also personally I feel if the image was not such a tight crop it would add an interesting little story - Is he waiting on the street? Is he going to enter a stadium?

Here's mine for review:
i could just lay in this meadow all day long
peterfeenstra Posted 7 years ago. Edited by peterfeenstra (member) 7 years ago
Hey Triggerhappyme (what is your real name?),
The composition is okay, following the rule of thirds well. The repetition of the yellow flower in the blurred ones on the background is also pleasing for the eye. What could be improved? Maybe the aperture could be wider; it is 5.3 here, your EXIF says. Then the house (?) in the background would be les distractive. The bokeh of this lens is not perfect, could be smoother. The flower is "looking" out of the picture. If you place your subject out of the center, see that it is turned in the other direction. There are exceptions, but they should have a reason. For instance in this one:

pensive by peterfeenstra

Here the looking-away gives the viewer something to guess.

But I wanted to post this one for the next critique:

different tulip by peterfeenstra

(how do I make it larger??)
Day Night Tripper PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Day Night Tripper (admin) 7 years ago
TRIGGERHAPPYME: I really enjoyed looking at the field of flowers and the house on the hill. DOF allows one's eye to wander from front to back in a smooth transition. You have a sharp subject matter, you have boke and you have bokeh.
The bright white clouds in the upper left area of the image draw my eye there first and not to the flower as it should be. Other than that this is a great landscape image that displays bokeh of an aesthetic quality

MIKE FOSTER: Your image certainly meets the criteria for acceptance into this group. Nice photograph.
But not a great photograph. I've seen thousands of these on flickr and I'll see a hundred more today. Very generic bokeh composition.
But you know this and that is probably why you chose it. Just to see if someone would point it out.
I like to refer to this type of image as incidental bokeh. This where the photographer uses a long lens and is some distance from the subject and usually the subject is the main interest and not the bokeh.

The subject bokeh in your image is beautiful with some great smooth blends and a lot of soft circles of confusion. An excellent example of a photo I would welcome into the group.

PEETERFENSTA: Your 1st image displays no bokeh.

Your second image is a macro. To much out of focus not enough in focus.
Some of the out of focus area displays bokeh. But the kicker - you tagged it MACRO but not BOKEH.
"Mike Foster" PRO 7 years ago

Dammit - you saw through me.
"Mike Foster" PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by "Mike Foster" (admin) 7 years ago

Umm... there's some nice bokeh but seeing as this is a characteristic of the lens it's going to do the same thing to anything at this focal distance with this aperture. what a shame you chose to have a rather nondescript branch as a subject...

The photo just screams out "I just discovered my lens can do this mega depth of field thing!'" A more engaging subject matter would be a way to improve in this regard.
TriggerHappyMe 7 years ago
Hi Guys,

Thank you so much for sharing you opinion it provides a lot of (much needed) encouragement.

Point to self: keep a look out on elements that might become a distraction

@ peterfeenstra
" The flower is "looking" out of the picture. If you place your subject out of the center, see that it is turned in the other direction. There are exceptions, but they should have a reason."
am not sure how looking towards the right makes any more difference than looking towards the left (or vice versa)
also how about looking up?

Chin Up!

@ Day Night Tripper
Thanks! (and hmmmm i wonder why it was rejected from this group.. =) )
"Mike Foster" PRO 7 years ago
Grinds teeth. Appeals thread.
crazyevan v. 2.0 7 years ago
@ Triggerhappyme

That is a nice picture but I think that its depth of field does not give it bokeh. I do enjoy the clowdiness mixed with the sunny yellows though. It has a character that is happy, yet deep.

Gardin in Tours by crazyevan v. 2.0
"Mike Foster" PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by "Mike Foster" (admin) 7 years ago
There are good highlights and effects in the background. The subject is sharp. It's well composed in thirds. However, the overall effect is a bit meh. There's nothing wrong with it - it's just not setting my world on fire in terms of amazing subject or stunning overall impression.

Try the same technique with a more isolated subject with something more spectacular in the background.

By 'eck I needed that
Cinnamon Spice Tea 7 years ago
madd-matt - i actually really like this picture even though there is no "splash-of-color" or anything, i like the repeating of the pattern: sharp in the front - blurry in the back. anyway, i enjoyed the "nondescript branch" as a subject.
i think this is probably bokeh (based on what it is described as in the threads here) but i'm not really sure:

Paul Vargas 7 years ago
I love the composition and exposure. I guess it would be better if it was in portrait orientation. I looked into your other photos and i think this is the best. :)
magnolia1 by Cinnamon Spice Tea

Now, here's my photo for your review:
IMG_7788 by Paul Vargas
Miss a Liss 6 years ago
@j3ckl3r..umm not really seeing any bokeh here. Very cute shot of the little girls, but this is a more "out of focus" shot than anything. I kind of see the red and white stuff in the back, but not real sure what you are going for Bokeh wise here. But I could be wrong. If I am, please dont take it personally. I dont mean to offend.

And here is my shot. And for the record, the bokeh IS on purpose. I love taking shots like this. Since I found this group I find myself setting up this kind of shot more often.
Oh So Orangy Orange 66-365 by Miss a Liss
maxnet1975 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by maxnet1975 (member) 6 years ago
Fill your mind with photography.
Nice day to all...................

Dolci armonie.
† David Gunter PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by † David Gunter (member) 6 years ago
I absolutely love the above image!!! Don't know what the leaf is resting on or what the lights in the background are from. But a great image.

OK here's my submission...
The Fallen
ratulm Posted 6 years ago. Edited by ratulm (member) 6 years ago
I think this is a great shot, with the leaf perfectly in focus and the sunlight from the back creating an interesting shadow. I believe this is a great example of a bokeh.

Here is my mine.

Capturing the beauty
Nikoman1 PRO 6 years ago
Hi Ratulm...
Great shot. The focus on hands and small camera is isolating the person from the background nicely. The repetition of reed and yellow gold colors in the bokeh background is complimenting the focused part very well.
Well done - I like it...
GeordieMim 6 years ago
Ratulum: That is a fabulous pic! The colours are great - the orange bokeh are beautiful especially. The pic makes me feel like I am a tourist right there, and someone is stickling their camera into my shot. Cool!

My pic is of my lovely hubby who finds it virtually impossible not to pull a daft face when having his photo taken!

IbrahimBalushi 6 years ago
GeordieMim: I love the expression. And the slightly given field of view.
I'm not sure though, it needs a tad more light/exposure?

Here is my pic - the date of my Birthday.
6 October - [19] by IbrahimBalushi
chasinglemons 6 years ago
I'm generally not keen on having things centred. as the character is facing left, I'd have gone 'rule of thirds' on the eye and have it looking a bit ruefully back into the picture. I quite like the way the lights form a horizontal band across most of the picture, shame about the right hand side in some ways. I think you got the right level of blur so as to not be too detailed and distracting but still identifiable so it gives a bit of a story to the picture.

GeorgieMim: There is still quite a bit of detail in the background from the tree at a similar. Shot at f/5.6 (max lens apperture?) doesn't really smooth the back ground enough to make the detail on the portrait stand out. Your husband is as bright as the tree (no offence meant!) if he was against the less dense foilage on the left where picture is brighter he would stand out from the back ground more. Or indeed a reflector/fill flash to lighten his face more against the darker foilage as a backdrop.

grass 1
The-Ben 6 years ago
the focus point is really great. but the background is for me maybe a little bit too dark. composition is good, i like to see these small flower on the ground in the back. you hit perfectly the right contrast for me, so it's look naturaly with the sunlight on the corn.

here is mine:it's a LONG way home!
BlueMoonPapa Posted 6 years ago. Edited by BlueMoonPapa (member) 6 years ago
This is such a great shot! I was actually admiring it before it was posted here! I love the sharp detail and how the color of the snail matches the ground.
Here is mine-bokeh buttercup
bozer★ 6 years ago
The pic above mine has some nice bokeh to it. My only suggestion, which is entirely not possible, would be to have more interesting flowers in the background to add some more color to it.

Brooklyn Bridge Sea Gull
crazyevan v. 2.0 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by crazyevan v. 2.0 (member) 6 years ago
The out of focus area in the picture above mine is attractive with very beautiful lines and the subtlest hint of bokeh on the water line. Interesting shot.

Oreo Cakester Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Oreo Cakester (member) 6 years ago
I really like the way the dog in the picture above is looking up toward the light. The background is a very nice display of bokeh as well. A very pretty shot.

Boardwalk by Oreo Cakester
Asya Salmina 6 years ago
The object in focus is sharp, which is good, but the background is a bit too homogeneous. And I would focus on the second or third round thingy.

Bye Bye Birdie by Asya Salmina
Gavin Hill PRO 6 years ago
I'm a sucker for birds in flight and the waterfront buildings in the background create a nice mystery. 'Where is this bird going and where has it been?'
heres mine.
Gavin - Scotland
charlieboucher [deleted] 6 years ago
Holiday Bokeh :)
Great thin dof on the needles and the .........for the life of me what are they called, the red glass ball hangy thing.
Upper right bokeh (foreground) is a little big . so slightly pulls your eye up to that.
Heres one of my bokeh portraits
Angela Maternity preview
Mrigaya [deleted] 6 years ago
Love the portrait above with soft background matching her hair colors :) Really Beautiful...

This is 1 of my simple click.

pollylew PRO 6 years ago
The rose stands out so well against that blurred background and the colours are beautiful.

Here is the daffodil photo I originally posted a couple of days ago:

Daffodils with bokeh:
Miniature Daffodils
Big Little Dan 6 years ago
Nice pic!! the 'scratchiness' of the trees is a cool effect, I like it, it would wicket to see more of it contrasting the daffodils... hmmm....

Mrigaya [deleted] 6 years ago
There is bit loss of focus on buds... It would have look better in light background as the focus element is in Red... Yet good try...

Day Night Tripper PRO 6 years ago
Colors are beautiful. The distant smooth bokeh is nicely blended but the "boke" of the secondary flowers doesn't allow the foreground flowers to stand out which in my opinion would make the foreground really pop out.
Composition is so-so. A bit of cropping could really pull the viewer into the image. But you know all that. C'mon Mrigaya, you have mad skills with your camera. You need to be putting your to top quality images in here.

P.S. Big Little Dan: Mrigaya is correct. there is no "sharp" part in the image. The bokeh is beautiful but the focus is soft.
Day Night Tripper PRO 6 years ago
Blue Mountain Group
Francisco GarciaM 6 years ago
Tripper I really like the bokeh achieved and that great depth of field

This is my favorite bokeh
Planar 1.7
Sim2Bas Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Sim2Bas (member) 6 years ago
First i like thistles it remembering me my youth and it's a very graphic specie .Colors are nice light is great.
If i may say something about that great picture is in some point the thistles is a bit mixed with the background, maybe little to much aperture ?

Paris by snow
Mrigaya [deleted] 6 years ago
@Day Night Tripper : Is this group only for the skilled photographers and not for the beginners??? I am uploading my clicks here so that i would come to know where am i going wrong. And the discussion itself says "Critique my bokeh pic" .... Then what about your comment above "C'mon Mrigaya, you have mad skills with your camera. You need to be putting your to top quality images in here."
philb1959 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by philb1959 (member) 6 years ago
I like the way the table and chairs start nice and sharp then gently fade away. nice shot. i don't think you could have done anything to improve the shot., apart from maybe stepping back a tiny bit to get the whole of the chairs at the front into the frame.
Here is one of my favorites.
(best viewed on large or original size)
Flower/Weed Heads in Snow
btirunagaru 6 years ago
Very nice and shallow DOF. But the out of focussed buds are creating some confusion to the eye. Capturing single bud would have been better. Just an opinion. I am novice too.

Here is mine, taken at Sea World SanDiego
Calm and Composed by btirunagaru
rockinbeat PRO 6 years ago
I have recently started shooting with the Sony NEX-7 and have fallen in love with their 50mm 1.8 lens. Yesterday we spotted a stuffed bear on the side of the highway and the light was lovely. I think this picture clearly shows the strength of the lens. I'd be interested in any comments about it. Thank you!

Abandoned Roadside Bear Ventura by rockinbeat
leahn.anderson 6 years ago
Rockingbeat, this is a really interesting concept, if a little random! It's a nice location, and somehow, the car isn't too distracting from the main subject. Sorry, I'm no professional, and I'm very young, so I'd rather not say my age.

Bluebell. by leahn.anderson

This is about the only good example I have on my account.
heartcat22 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by heartcat22 (member) 6 years ago
Bitirunagaru, nice separation of subject from background, and I like the composition (although I would have liked to see have seen the feet not cropped off). I like that the background if out of focus enough not to distract from the bird, but has enough distinction to give a sense of the scene around it.

One of mine, taken with Pentacon 135mm f/2.8 at 2.8.:

Sunglasses Pentacon 135mm 2.8 zebra
clope247 6 years ago
leahn.anderson: nice colors and flower. the 3rd one is a bit distracting because it's half way blurred.

heartcat22: you picked the best glasses as your focus point. like the sunlight reflection. You're old Pentacon has this old painty look bokeh which can get this nasty color overlapping which seems to be fine in your shot.

This shot is so far my only submission to this group but something else than flowers ;)
Joe Brayford1 [deleted] 6 years ago
It seemed distracting at first but the more I look at the fire in the background the more I see it as part of the overall photo not just a distraction. The subject is perfectly in focus and beautifully composed at the bottom of the frame.
Overall a really nice shot, almost makes me feel warm as if im in the shot! :)
torero69 PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Day Night Tripper (admin) 5 years ago
here's the thing.....when u have some contributors with in excess of 1500 "quality" bokeh, and some people like myself who never get anything passed, then either I am EXTREMELY bad, or something else...whatever, it's ur game and my friend you are welcome to it. I expect your ego will now ban me from ur narcissistic group...........esta la vida?

Here's the thing. This is not the forum for complaints.
Assuming it is:

A: You get nothing passed because you don't shoot bokeh. Shoot some bokeh images and put them in the pool. Simple as that!

B. This is not a game thread - it is an open forum for bokeh critique.
You placed your complaint in the wrong thread. We have a thread for discussing bokeh images and non-bokeh images and as to why images are rejected.

C. with regard to our Narcissistic group. I am not indifferent to your plight. I actually feel sorry for you because you don't know how to shoot bokeh or submit bokeh to this group. (Maybe that's the reason you have no images in the group.)
If this was a narcissistic group then wouldn't the only pictures in the group be mine?

Suggestion from the help desk:
Learn to shoot bokeh
submit bokeh images to this group
Submit future complaints to the proper thread i.e. THE I posted a picture and it was rejected THREAD

dylanmcnamee PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by dylanmcnamee (member) 5 years ago
I'm enjoying the constructive discussion in this thread, and the photos, of course. Here's one of mine. Cropping advice would be welcome. I know about the rule of thirds (but am not an expert) - but this was the cropping that "spoke to me" which is what I saw in the viewfinder.

I think rockinbeat's teddy bear is neat, except that all the action is in the middle (ooh, look at me, giving cropping advice). I'd either nudge the crop to the right, but ideally, have taken a few other shots, maybe with more space between the car going by and the bear. I think torero69's photo "pegs" has nice composition and bokeh (but maybe I should stay out of that part of this thread).

Front-yard roses
tmbgodman 5 years ago
dylanmcnamee, I couldn't see your photo embedded but I was able to view it by clicking on the link. I like the photo quite a bit. The composition is excellent. The flower sits perfectly with the right flower lining up with a golden spiral and the lines formed by the silhouette point nicely towards the center of the photo. It also reads well left to right. I wouldn't change the crop very much. The photo is also fairly sharp and clean. There is a little bit of lost detail on the left side of the flowers but not a big deal. I think the thing that could help the photo the most is the color harmony. The flower is orange-ish and the background is primarily a green with a smattering of deep purple across the right side. In the traditional sense neither jive very well with orange. I tried bringing it into photoshop and I put a wash of light blue, (hue of 205,) subtly over the photo except for the flower and I thought it improved the color harmony. It's an excellent photo though and I would be proud to have taken it. Congratulations on such a nice photograph.

And now mine-

Summer Glow Girl by tmbgodman

Thank you for your critique.
Keqin_ 5 years ago
Love the light and colors! I can't find anything wrong at all... that's tough! :)

hfs79 5 years ago
Very nice shot, with great colors. Perhaps only some CA traces on the brightest areas? Here's mine. I would appreciate comments.
Caught in the act! by hfs79
Dave L2013 5 years ago
I like the sharp focus on the main flowers and the bee.

I like that there is a gradient from the top right corner to the bottom left corner, a dark to light shift.

The colors and saturation are brilliant and vivid!
The overall blurring of focus in the background is very pleasing. I like the flowers as blurs of color against the green meadow. Very nice, I like it.

The bokeh? To me, the only trace of what I think of as bokeh is in the top left area, just a few artifacts. I have always thought of bokeh as caused by the aperture of the lens and depth of field, not depth of field blur alone.

OK, here's mine.

At the Adler 9-23-11
swarthmoreburke 5 years ago
So I'm appreciative of some of the complaints being made in other threads for this group that bokeh is not everything that's out of focus in a shot with a shallow depth of field and so on. When I'm working on bokeh, I'm trying very hard to think about it consciously, in terms of the composition--though I also think there is an element of serendipity involved in bokeh even more than most photography. With this in mind, I'll post two photos here for thoughts.


Swarthmore Sunset by swarthmoreburke
Colin W2007 5 years ago
I'm not entirely sure that I understand Bokeh, but I feel drawn into the the photo of the table and chair. It has great depth and warmth. Is this what Bokeh is?She don't do Mornings.
bopfive5 5 years ago
what the boys think of it.
I think a breakup.

here's mine

beautiful pink
Spring Noel 5 years ago
The background Bokeh is nice, but the main flower is a bit out of focus and the flowers on the right are a bit distracting.

Here is mine
~*~ Andi's Pics ~*~ Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Day Night Tripper (admin) 5 years ago
I really like how the subject is in the main focus. It gives me an idea of what he's really doing rather than just sitting in the middle of nowhere.

Here's my first one, is this correct bokeh?

seems I don't know how to post a picture on here...

j.nmi.rutledge 5 years ago
Hi Andi. I love your hummingbird, and I appreciate how hard they are to shoot. I don't know if I understand the idea of bokeh, but it seems like the out-of-focus area is to be deliberate and/or compelling. Based on that criteria, I would rather that chain-link fence be more out of focus. I also wish the framing was tighter on the bird.

here is mine (if I can post this correctly).
DinningRoomHaciendaCienega by j.nmi.rutledge

here's what I think of it:
the chair seat in the foreground is distracting and blocks too much of the table in focus. The background gets really dark. Not really sure if this qualifies. Constructive feedback, por favor?
AP | Photography PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by AP | Photography (member) 5 years ago
great lighting, and depth of field.

Be a dreamer
Day Night Tripper PRO 5 years ago

not really any bokeh in the image. the background is a bit out of focus but it really doesn't qualify as bokeh.
you may go to the home page where you will find great bokeh images. bokeh definitions and links to bokeh related material and groups.
Day Night Tripper PRO 5 years ago
AP | Photography:

As is it is a very nice image, a great example of bokeh and a superb bokeh photograph. Beautiful tones.
Crop the left side and you have a great column image for a magazine ad (probably Boots)
From the bottom crop it square and you will draw the viewer in on the girl quickly.
For something to hang on the wall I like it as you present it.

nice piece.
j.nmi.rutledge 5 years ago
Day Night Tripper:

hey, thanks for the comments. since posting that i have done just that - looked at lots of postings and read a few discussions. it has me really intrigued, and i am looking forward to learning more.

so, based on what i have read/learned since posting, i think it contains no bokeh because the background is not enough out of focus, but rather is a side effect of the focal length and aperture.

furthermore, bokeh envolves the deliberate use of the out-of-focus areas as an essential element in the photo.

would you say those are accurate statements? also, is it widely accepted that in good bokeh, the out of focus area is unrecognizable, or very nearly unrecognizable?

thanks for any help you can offer. this is a really interesting subject!
Day Night Tripper PRO 5 years ago

Achieving bokeh is all about f-stop/lens length/distance from focused subject/distance from bokeh subject/distance from focused subject to bokeh subject

L E N S ----------IN FOCUS -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - BOKEH

here is the link to a good bokeh image
j.nmi.rutledge 5 years ago
Day Night Tripper:

Thanks again DNT. I really appreciate the help.

I went out today to find some bokeh to shoot. It was much harder than I expected, but a lot of fun.
Gemima2012 [deleted] 5 years ago
Cherry Blossoms
fitzmac 5 years ago
Hasticay 5 years ago
Batty Coda:

Amazing !
Yozius 5 years ago
What do you think about mine?thx

Bajing 1
Yozius 5 years ago
Miguel 2
En Un Click 5 years ago
Old Friend
mybej 3 years ago
Anne G.
Shift_Six 3 years ago
Im still learning, so any suggestions, tips, critiques, etc is very welcome :-D
KWG_0194 by Shift_Six
21jordi 3 years ago
_9213448 by 21jordi
bicyclingbarb 2 years ago
It's been a year since anyone has posted to this discussion------.
To my novice eye I find the photograph of the yellow bird on the wire very pleasing. The bokeh is nice but the bird is a little out of focus. I have the same problem.
Recently my father passed away and inherited his Nikon D50 with kit lenses along with a Nikon AF Micro 60mm 2.8 lens. I have gravitated to the Micro lens. It's intriguing. I found I had a dickens of a time focusing through the view finder; The D50 does not have live view. So I've upgraded to the Nikon D5300, and added the DX35mm 1.8 lens.
As I venture into this new hobby I'm finding I love bokeh and closeup photography.
So now, how do I upload my picture?
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