waynewhuang 9:31pm, 16 October 2008
Thanks for joining the group. I'm glad to see this group is gaining steadily in membership and the posts so far seem to be sticking to the theme.

Assuming you've joined because your aesthetic preferences are for naturalistic HDR photos, keep in mind a few things:

* It is the subject matter that is the primary interest in the picture. This means we are not trying to create Kandiskian (Wassily Kandinsky) landscapes here.

* Color accuracy - Ask yourself whether those incandescent orange lights were really that orange or whether that sky was more of a deep blue rather than a turquoise blue.

I don't pretend to be an authority on what is 'natural' as we all interpret nature in our own way. If there are any doubts or questions then let's discuss it.
fortranito Posted 7 years ago. Edited by fortranito (member) 7 years ago
Hi, I'm new to flickr (I had my account a few months ago but I forgot the password and now I've recovered it xD) and to this group, so I want to say hello to all the members!

I like to make my hdr photographs seem natural, but as there are very limited times when you can take 3 exact bracketed images (you've a good heavy tripod and a remote control with you, there's no people around, there's no clouds nor wind, etc.) most of the time I'm taking a single exposure. Is this a hard constraint to publish in the group?

I don't think the result with one RAW is too bad. For example, would this photo be suitable for the pool ?

Good hdring :-)
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Hoi there, i joined in today and uploaded some HDR fotos to see wich one is a naturalistic HDR and to learn where i make som mistake. Not all are with the min from 3 RAW files others only from one single RAW.
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