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  • Where are your photos?

    May be it is just me that gets something out of photographing animals that have ...

    Bainers30 months ago1 replies

  • The Roadkill Project

    I would sincerely like to ask for your support in helping The Roadkill Project t...

    nikuman59 months ago0 replies

  • World's biggest roadkill specimen

    I have been looking on the internet for the world's largest example of roadkill ...

    Lexington Bosh60 months ago7 replies

  • Must it be animals?

    I've recently started snapping shots of those roadside wreck markers. The little...

    vrogy102 months ago2 replies

  • Brutus Östling

    I think Brutus Östling may have the ultimate roadkill photo

    Jan Egil Kristiansen106 months ago0 replies

  • why this subject matter?

    I posted this in a couple other groups i'm in. I thought it may be interesting f...

    cold_muse_knife106 months ago2 replies

  • Don't become one yourself

    Take care, focus on the traffic, not on your photo. Try to get someone to ride s...

    Jan Egil Kristiansen108 months ago0 replies

  • Hmm.

    Reminds me A LOT of another group on flickr, I'm sure you know it. Glad we could...

    Forty Photographs113 months ago0 replies

  • posted some images to the group

    i just joined this group and posted some images. here's link to my set "how do ...

    trish carney • wild encounters119 months ago1 replies

  • Please feel free to post your......

    Roadkill pictures here. The more creative the better.

    Bainersages ago0 replies

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