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~Lessaweaver ADMIN May 25, 2008
Please scroll down to see how your pics are linked together by 'tags' or to see the different Panels by number.Please send me an email if you do NOT want tags on your pictures! I was tagging different Panels and types of pics, night views, objects left at The Wall and statues....Sorry to upset anyone.


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The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial also know as 'The Wall,' is located in Washington D.C. Jan Scruggs, a Vietnam Vet, founded the Memorial and Maya Ying Lin was 21 in 1981 when her submission won the design competition for "The Wall." Any pictures that are respectful can be posted. There are over 58,000 veteran's names engraved on the black granite. Their names are arranged according to the date they died; alphabetical on their death date. A diamond shape after the veteran's name means body was recovered, a cross means the veteran's body was never recovered. If a MIA's body was recovered, the cross symbol could be changed to a diamond. A circle could be placed around the symbol if the veteran was found alive. In 1982 The Memorial Fund decided to add Frederick Hart's "Three Fighting Servicemen" and a flag pole. In 1993, the Vietnam Women's Memorial by Glenna Goodacre was added to represent the women who served in the Vietnam War.

The Vietnam Nurse's Memorial
The Three Soldiers

I might not agree with the reasons for a war; but if you can't stand behind our troups, stand in front of them. The reception vets had upon their return...should not be repeated.

The Wall:  Vietnam Veteran's Memorial. Get yours at

The Virtual Wall
View The Wall
The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial~The Wall-USA
Faces on The Wall
Army Medics and Navy Corpsmen
Military Women on The Wall
Online article about the 14 men on The Wall that are NOT dead

Group pictures of the items left at the Memorial: Objects left at The Wall

Flags at The Wall: Old Glory

Group pictures of Relections at The Wall : Reflections at The Wall

Pictures of visitors rubbing names at The Wall: Rubbing Names

Pictures through out the year Seasons at The Wall

Pictures depicting The Wall: Art Work~ projects

Pictures witout color: Black and White Pictures

Pictures of The Three Servicemen: The Three Soldiers

Pictures of: Traveling Wall

Pictures of: Vietnam Nurse's Memorial

Pictures of: The Wall at night

Pictures of people: Visiting The Wall

Group pictures taken of the book to locate the panel: Book of Names

Another Wall in Florida : The Wall South

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