LizBadger 6:26pm, 18 September 2008
I am considering buying 2 new blythes to customise. have you any purchases you have in mind for buying anytime soon?

I also would LOVE lati either a laches or Lea, but pennies cant quite stretch that far just yet.

Valerie ann.... 10 years ago
I do have Miss Sally Rice coming!!! and would also love Bow Wow Trad too. Oh there are sooooo many i would love at the mo. I am also customising a blythey at the mo.
rah! rah! rah! 10 years ago
i'm also having a blythe customised.. and i'm really thinking about blowing the end of my savings on IH.
LizBadger 10 years ago
sounds fun! shows us your pics when they arrive x
LizBadger 10 years ago
I ended up buying a set of 3 blythes to customise as I got a 20% discount voucher from ebay!!

was very happy
missdollymix 10 years ago
i cant decide between Ex cute pure neemo or a hujoo. Of coruse i want them both.
LizBadger 9 years ago
ahh hujoos are very cute I have one with sleepy eyes
Emma {life} 9 years ago
Good question. I've got a Hujoo on the way and I've just bought three Blythes so I *should* be holding off buying dolls for a while. That said I've been tempted with a Lati white, and maybe another Hujoo.

I'd also adore an MSR, if one came up I'd probably buy her straight away!
twinkle_moon_bunny 9 years ago
I just preordered a pullip Mir. I cant wait for her to come (but it will take a month). I didant plan to get anymore pullips but then they bought out some really great ones. I really want to get Ceil as well. ^_^
Emma {life} 9 years ago
Well the Hujoo arrived, and is now back up for sale - not me at all!

I got the Lati White - very luckily managed to find just the right boy at just the right price!

Now I have a LittleFee Ante and a PukiFee Zoe on order... It will take ages, and ages for them to come though!
steph.kaye 9 years ago
casual affair blythe coming this way!
JoannePerry PRO 9 years ago
Casual Affair coming here too!

I'm also getting interested in Momoko too...and I just bought an ADG Blythe for a Christmas present for my daughter. She is only 3 but well into Blythe and hopefully having her own will keep her away from mine!
missdollymix 9 years ago
I'm waiting for a lati yellow and ccc firefly faire to come. only a couple more weeks wait for the lati.
LizBadger 9 years ago
im saving pennies for a volks now. whimper, maybe in time for next year lol ♥
earthy rings [deleted] 9 years ago
Well i just got my latest but one purchase my Shinydoll Nanae, now im waiting for a custom Blythe that will be called LeeLoo, due to my obsession with The Fifth Element lol. Who knows what will be next after that but i know there will be more lol
LizBadger 9 years ago
omg cant wait to see her xxqueeniexx I love leeloo in 5th element that orange hair is perfecto! ♥
samsonsue62 PRO 8 years ago
I WANT a Minoruworld junior Minoru and Leila !! Lordy knows when I#ll be able to order the, though but Im getting mighty impatient !
hello rach PRO 8 years ago
Mine will be another expensive though I keep chickening out at the last minute, the vampire release in Jan may be what makes me finally cave in though :D
Emma {life} 8 years ago
I'm torn between the Lati's and after seeing Sues Minoru I want a Leila, too adorable! I'll wait and see on the Lati release, and make up my mind then I think :)
powerful carriage [deleted] 8 years ago
A Rosie Red BL..if I can ever find one,lol,I've been looking since before Christmas ;)
And if the Lati vampires are really awesome then I probably will buy one of those *purse whimpers* :-)
chocchip PRO 8 years ago
I'm waiting for some latis to arrive. But after I've paid for them I'm hoping to get a Love Mission. She's been on my wish list for so long now!
sleepingelf PRO 8 years ago
Real Puki Roro ..
fell in love with her

then Im waiting for the Lati Anniversary special
Im not buying though ..unless its a tan
hello rach PRO 8 years ago
I have a Lati yellow Belle on the way (shipped) that I ordered months ago and now I wish I didn't because I could've done with the money towards some other girls I've seen up for re-homing I'd rather have!
I think this may mean I don't fall in love with her when she turns up :(
frogchan PRO 8 years ago
I'm holding out hope for another October-ish release of Lati Yellow and Whites. I just adopted a White basic Lily and have fallen in love with the size! October is when my son's due so I feel can treat myself to a tiny or two that wont be crying all hours :)

(glad he's a boy it cuts down on the likelyhood that he'll want me to share my toys)
roasted spot [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by roasted spot (member) 8 years ago
my wishlist is Blue Fairy's Tiny Fairy May!!
it always have been and will be forever until i adopt her
i only own 1 doll at the moment and it's not even a bjd ..
she arrived today - Rooster type Little Dal
i think i'm going to start with little ones first
such as FairyLand's pukipuki then gradually move on
into owning larger ones :^)
it's just so expensive in the UK because of the shipping
and the annoying thing - MSC :^(
frogchan PRO 8 years ago
Fairyland has great little dolls, I have a Puki Sugar, she's a ton of fun!
roasted spot [deleted] 8 years ago
yes, pukipukis are adorable!!
love the box they come in aswell
as stated above,
i think my first BJD is gonna be from FairyLand :^)
need to save up ..
fifilatrixabel PRO 8 years ago
I am awaiting delivery of a Picadilly ENcore but would love a Natasha Moore as a mini me! I also have a factory girl coming for my first full customisation. I figured it was less paintful to take apart a cheaper doll than one of my new girls!
neo blythe!!!
or maybe another petite??
but not a pullip/dal):
dsgwilkinson PRO 7 years ago
Do I get a Huckleberry Toffee doll or a Goodreau ABC doll?
I am awful at making decisions and by the time I choose, I'll probably miss out on both! I wish I had a money-tree!!
minty clover 5 years ago
I would LOVE a nappy choo bjd but i am broke, mabe next year :(
StillDrawing 5 years ago
I'm waiting for a sleepy Babette from Soom iMda <3 <3 can't wait.
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