LizBadger 9:48pm, 14 September 2008
Hi everyone, I created this group as I couldnt find a general doll lovers group for the UK. Id like to see dolls from handmade to asian customs. I also like to see clothes and accessories you have also, these aren't allowed to be sold openly here but please send messages concerning possable adoptions or add links to your shops on your profiles. I cant wait to see what you have to post here.

Personally I have a few blythes that I have customised, I would love a lati but saving the pennies (must stop spending money on blythe lol), I love the more extravegant BJD dolls from asia.

leave a lil message and tell me about your dolly love x
Valerie ann.... 10 years ago
I love collecting dolls as this is my fav hobby!!!! So expensive at times but i can't stop!!!! LOL.
I have only just began to customise some of my blythe girls and i do enjoy it and love to see the results. I love looking at others dolls and customs too. I do have a wide collection of dolls including pedigree Sindy who was my childhood dolly xx
missdollymix 10 years ago
i LOVE dolls. and i can not get enough of them.
I have 3 Blythes, 3 Dals, 1 momoko and 3 abjd,but i still want more.
I also sell blythe clothes on etsy. (see my profile) :0)
JoannePerry PRO 9 years ago
Hello everyone,

I have just found this group and am really pleased to find a UK group.

I have loads of dolls, but my favourites are my 4 Blythes and two Mattel Teen Trends dolls, which are 16" tall and quite poseable. I also have two Sasha dolls on layaway. However, I look at everyone elses pictures and it only makes me want more!

I also love knitting so I too have recently opened an Etsy shop (see my Profile) selling knitted Blythe clothes which is basically to fund my habit!

Can't wait to see everyones pics!
LizBadger 9 years ago
hi joanne, sounds fab! I just fall in love with all the dolls here *grabby hands* can wait to see all yours ♥
Selling knitted clothes is a great way of funding new dolls - that's what my Mum and I do!
groovy representative [deleted] 9 years ago
Hi. *^^*
It's great to see Plenty of Fellow Dolly Lovers here in the UK :D
I'm into Pullips, Dals & Taes, though i would LOVE a BJD in the Future!

Looking forward to seeing plenty of Pictures ^^
Valli Nyxy Nook 9 years ago
Hi everyone, it's nice to find a UK dolly group. I have loads! Mainly I collect tiny resins, but also have dollhouse babies that I knit for and repaint, plus a whole crowd of 1/6 Volks and Obitsu characters that I write adult stories about.
I love writing children's stories. They usually involve my resin tinies. I make their clothes and have 12 room sets to take pics in. I'm dotty about dolls.
Never got into the Blythes, but they are fab to look at.
Will put pics in later.
Waves of pink from me.
chocchip PRO 9 years ago
I've added a couple of pics that I need help with IDing - they're not great artistic ones, but hope that's ok! I mainly collect Blythe and Sindy and also have one lati yellow - would love to add more to my collection one day, if funds would allow!
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