marshmallow❀mosaic 7:22pm, 8 October 2008
I still am unsure where I am going in this hobby, perhaps it's because of how some doll companies keep on coming out with interesting sculpts and ideas to awaken creativity.

My biggest wish is for a SD boy doll, I am unsure if the one I want exists yet, but I'm still looking ;) He may be an Iplehouse Akando? Or the next Senior Iplehouse sculpt?

What are your doll wishes?
fastfeetnella 10 years ago
Oh gosh, a lot! I have so many characters I want to bring home and even though I've narrowed it rather a good deal, there's still many. :P
Sleep Pattern 10 years ago
Right now, I'm wishing more than anything for a particular Woosoo on the market. I'll never get the money in time though. ;_;

Over all though, Williams is always near the top of the wishlist.
tempurashrimp PRO 10 years ago
Definitely just one more doll to round off my collection- an SD10/13 Girl from the summer Dolpa I hope. :)
witty horn [deleted] 9 years ago
I want another SD girl so my Kurumi wont feel so lonely :( but then im stillll very much attracted to yo-sds.. i really miss my tanpopo and i want her back.. as well as a cheaper yo-sd f-01 lol im sure theyd be great friends. XD
Chibi_Fluffy 9 years ago
My wish list changes a lot... what I am sure of right now is that one day I would love~ to have :

Lati Yellow Lea (With Elf Ears)
MNF Shiwoo (Active Line)
AS Lucifer (Double Jointed)

Those are the only one I am really sure of getting XP

There is just too many of them!
I just order my last doll, she should be here hopefully in march.
staylormade4 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by staylormade4 (member) 8 years ago
I started with obistue 60cm doll( one of a kind faceup),then a dollzone Demi (she is pretty),then an angel of dream Lui Yin (a friend for Demi) and added a Dollfactory cheese mouse Molly (I thought I would never buy an Animal doll) ,my last doll is a bobobie Pandora (she has a full wardrobe waiting for her) which should arrive the end of June. This is an expensive hobby.
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