marshmallow❀mosaic 8:04pm, 18 September 2008
Hi there, my name is Christina and my dolls and I reside in New Brunswick. I am unsure of what happened, but my BJD family keeps growing.

My first doll, a Unoa Lusis was a difficult decision. Esprit was expensive, but the whole process of putting her together and owning her got me through a rough patch in my life.

After Esprit, new dolls started trickling in, here is the list and I hope someday to have them all completed and photographed:

BambiCrony Tan elf Kumi (November 2006) Celes
Latidoll Yellow Miel Cat V. (June 2008) River
Latidoll Yellow Lea Cat V. (June 2008) Victoria
Pipos Mango (October 2008)
Latidoll Yellow Mystic tan Vampire Miel - Baklava
Soom MD Bygg
Arriving soon: Lati Yellow Sheep V. Lea & Ruki &
Soom MD Afi

Unoa Lusis 1.5 (October 2006) Esprit
Unoa Mocha 2.0 (December 2006) Maerevet
Unoa Sist Boy (January 2007) Halcyon
Unoa Lusis 1.5 (July 2007) Ceri
Unoa Sist 1.5 (December 2007) L-bi girl

I used to think I'd never own SD sized dolls, but I adore Tabris nd thought I'd give more a chance!
Unoss Aika (November 2007) Tabris
Unoa Zero (April 2008)
Limhwa Tan Human (August 2008)
Iplehouse EID Akando (November 2008)
Soom MD Amber fullset (October 2009)

Ones who have gone to new homes:
Fairyland puki puki Pipi
Pipos Nero black resin
MNM John Barrowman head
Latidoll Yellow Tan Coco
Pipos Loly Maid
Fairyland puki puki Piki

Some dolls I am unsure of, but this is my BJD doll collection to date.

How about you?

(updated January 2010)
holly rainbow 10 years ago
I'm Holly, from Vancouver. :) I only started in with the BJD's in March '08, but I've got 8 tinies already (+1 on the way ahahahhaa). I might get into MSD size, but I don't know if I'll go bigger.

Lati Xmas ver. Miel - Hoshikuzu
Puki Piki - Peaseblossom
Lati Cat ver. Coco - Sachi
Bambicrony Elf Cookie - Macadamia
Puki Loreley - Moth
Puki Poseidon - Cobweb
Lati HK elf Coco - Aoko
Bambicrony Roko - Tansy

A wonderful Custom House Odree is on her way, hopefully she'll tell me her name when she arrives.

btw, what the heck is the thing in the group icon? I've been trying to figure it out. XD
marshmallow❀mosaic 10 years ago
Lol! It's the tip of a LatiYellow Cat Paw/Foot ^^;
fastfeetnella 10 years ago
I'm Nella and I live in Winnipeg Manitoba! For a small city, we have a very large BJD community.

I have two BJDs and one is on her way here from the US. All of my dolls are minis.
Fleur is a Mythdoll Yue and Alwyn is a Souldoll Tiffee. The new one is a Bobobie Pixie.
Sleep Pattern 10 years ago
Hello other Canadian people. :3

I'm Kay, I'm pretty bad about trying to keep up with internet communities, but I'm going to try darnit! ;~; I live in the same city as Amanohara, with my girlfriend whom I share my collection of dolls with.

Currently we've got a whole lot of SDs, but a couple smaller guys have made their way in. Not to mention a few of these suckers need their new bodies. D: Currently there's...

Damon Salvatore [Volks SD13 Tsuyoshi Maki, Head]
Elena Salvatore [Volks SD16 Olivia Morgan Second]
Nikkos Kellner [Crobidoll Lance, Head]
Lucas Sayuti [Volks SD13 Irvin]
Macy Sayuti [Volks SD13 Sunlight F16]

Radio Lenar [Luts Breakaway 2008]
Genesis Mattiazi [Luts Vamp. Breakaway 2008]
Osiris Bailey [Crobidoll Lance Mod, Head]
Avery Jensen [Luts SSDF Cane]
London Lennox [Luts KDF Cherry boy]

Patrick Alford [FL MNF Seorin]
tempurashrimp PRO 10 years ago
Hi everyone!

I'm Rosey from a little tinyass town called Waterford in Ontario. :D

I hope to be finishing off my collection by the summer. I'd be glad to be finished buying resin and just concentrate on sewing/spoiling what I have.

My collection:

Nimue Mayfair (Elfdoll Sooah)
Ysamine de Ghent (Volks SD10 Nana)
Melissande Isabeau de Ghent (Volks Yo-SD Tanpopo)
Sayuri Saikaku (Volks SD13 Sunlight F34 Girl)
Satine Beauvais (AL Unoa Sist 1.5)
Sawyer Prentiss (Volks Yo Tenshi Mamu)
Yvaine Ghirloise (Volks SD16 Pearl) - soon!
marshmallow❀mosaic 10 years ago
Hi Nella, Kay & Rosey!

I'm also trying to 'finish' off my collection, perhaps bring the number down and start focusing on spoiling them as well.
kmyk88 9 years ago
Hello, I'm Karen. I do not currently have any BJD at hand but I just ordered a Lati Miel and she will be joining my family in the near future. I reside in the beautiful coastal city of Vancouver. ^__^
Chibi_Fluffy Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Chibi_Fluffy (member) 9 years ago
Hi everybody =D

I live in Quebec City =3

I started really looking for a BJD in September 2008 and got my first one (a floating head xD) in January =D

Today I have:
Meredith (WS CP Juri 07 B Head on FDoll Male Body)
Mirabeel (B&G WS Leile) Gift from a friend =D

I am thinking of getting way more since I keep creating new characters... and seeing new molds that are just too pretty to not have >w<
SarynKitamo 9 years ago
Hiya! I'm Tiffany (aka Saryn to most) and I live in Port Hardy, British Columbia. ^__^

I only own two dolls (so far)

Lily -- Angel of Dream Rao
Aya -- Fairyland Minifee Shushu (with normal, sleepy and elf head)

I haven't been into BJDs for long, really. I feel rather glad that I already own my dream doll sculpt, Shushu. I'd like to maybe get a boy doll eventually, probably another Fairyland Minifee since I love the pose ability, and possibly a Pukipuki.
mizunotsubasa /// Francesca Posted 9 years ago. Edited by mizunotsubasa /// Francesca (member) 9 years ago
Hi I'm Fran from Ontario.
My first was a Puki Sugar (Ayashe) whom I got as a christmas gift.
Than I got another puki that shares my other faceplates that I end up getting. Which are 2 Pukisha (Bastet and Kitsune), Cupid (Yuki) Flora (Yumi), Winking Eyed Pipi (Faelan), A mermaid floranet [mold Flora sleeping faceplate eye opened to Anet eye shape] (Meiru) and 2 Singing Piki (Len and Rin)
Littlefee Flora (Sakura)
Littlefee Elf Shiwoo (Noctis) *his body has been ordered
And Romentic Beyal on the way.

Last I'm planning on getting a Pukifee Shiwoo. *so hopefully this will end my doll family.
TigerBaby PRO 8 years ago
I go by Tigerbaby, and I live in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada. I think I may be the northernmost BJD collector in North America (maybe even the world).

My dolleh-ranks include:
neveR: Pipos Baha
tiny!Tigerbaby: Puki Pukisha Basic
tall!Tigerbaby: Bobobie Pixie-boi
Carpe Diem McLeod: blue Tinybear Bracken
Roswell: green Bobobie Nissa
Fairyland LittleFee PukiSha Tigerbaby: wip
Kelda Curaçao: blue Tinybear Coco
Haiku Konpeito: Orientdoll Tiny Vampire Ye
Kelly Pawluk: LatiDoll Red M
Maurice: grey Pipos Cheshire
Buttercup (tiny!Kelly): Felixdoll Brownie Zeppelin
glam!Tibby: Pipos Orange Star Cheshire LE
naughty!Tibby: DZ Leo, dyed by me in TibbyTonez™
erebus: Camellia Dynasty Wong, black
DR Rad. Coreco: Luke Vargas, WIP

...yeah. I been bizzy.
staylormade4 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by staylormade4 (member) 5 years ago
Hi Sharon from North Bay, Ontario. Dolls residing in my home are Dollzone Demi 46cm and 10in Zhuwei, , Bobobie Pandora, Meilo and Gang , Dollfactory mouse(Molly) ,Pandora (bobobie), Mo La-Angel(Angel of Dream) , 60cm OBistue (Izzie) ,Sinclair (Mushroom Peddlar) and Miss Priss(Huijoo cat). My girls are never short on a wardrobe as I crochet and sew for them. Anyone live close to North Bay?
Retrobox 8 years ago
hi c:
I'm from Saskatchewan myself!!!
I only have one right now, but plan on getting another next month or so... ^^;
Its nice to meet you all! There aren't many bjd collectors in Saskatchewan :o
Loofthewood 8 years ago
I'm Lo : I live in Montreal (QC)
I'm french (so english is not always easy for me)

I'm in the bjd world since 1 year

My family is
* Bobobie Mei : Faée
* Elfdoll twiggy yumi (dami & yumi) : Hama & Tara
* Pukifee Bonnie : Nana

Incoming :
* lati yellow tan grown up lashes

wishlist for the coming month :
* Mia's doll
* dollstown momo
kai-suteki 6 years ago
I'm Kai and I have been in the hobby for a little over a year. I live in Toronto and try to attend the local doll meets. I current own 2 dolls:

- Tai Bludhaven (Volks Dollfie Dream Dynamite body and HDD-02 head)
- Raven Stone (Iplehouse YID Gentle Cocori) *just arrived*

I have a Dollzone Cherry on layaway with one more payment to go :)
I plan on getting 2 more dolls (possibly 3 depending on finances):

- Dollzone Yuu head in normap pink
- Angel of Dream, mini basic Min in tan skin
- Dikadoll Tu Ji/ Lola head (possibility)

That's all for now!

Gabie B.G 5 years ago
Hi :3 !
I'm Gabrielle and I'm from quebec. My english is not always perfect but I try my best :D For now, I only have one BJD, but I oredered my second one and she's supposed to be shipped this week or next week ! ~ ♥

I have a :
Souldoll kid Ruan (male) I haven't seen a lot of this sculpt but well...

I'm waiting for:
Misora from Dreamingdoll.

And this year, I would like to buy a class50 from IOS or a soulvito Elan or ... i will see xD I just want to find a boy more mature than my soulkid.

- Gabrielle :3
SapphireStargazer PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by SapphireStargazer (member) 5 years ago

I'm Wendy Marie, and I live on beautiful Prince Edward Island! I am desperately seeking other Islanders who are into BJD, so if you are one or if you know any, please let me know?

I've been in the hobby for 3 years and I've been a member of Den of Angels for a year. I love taking photos of my dolls and writing storys about their characters.

Currently, I have 17 BJD, with one on the way and 3 on the wish list. My resin family consists of:

Tyler - Resinsoul Mai
Sini - Resinsoul Mei
Skyla - Resinsoul Yu
Michael - Resinsoul An
Andromeda - Resinsoul Ya
Jack - Serendipity Cookie
Cleo - Serendipity Candy
Dylan - FF/RS Iruhi
Radek - Ringdoll Dylan
Beau - Limhwa Mono
Georgia Lee - Island Doll Amy
Hunter - Island Doll Amy
Echo - RS Pup 0037
Paul Sebastian - Elfdoll K
Xander - Resinsoul Seng
Pax - Resinsoul Song
Cassie - Resinsoul Ni

The one on the way is Doll-Leaves Cherry

I also have two Hujoo 11cm babies, although they're not -technically- BJD, I guess. =)

Anyway, it is nice to meet you all!!
Alchemist's Fire 3 years ago
Hey guys, I'm Alchy! I'm from BC, and I'm lucky enough to be part of a rather-stupidly-giant local meet-up group! I got into BJDs in June 2013 when my best friend's first doll arrived and I decided I had to have one of my own xD I've been a DoA member since about a month after that, soo, I guess a year and a half now?

I have 6 BJDs:
Dylan - Fairyland Minifee Seorin
Maple - Resinsoul Mei (head)/Rong (body)
Grey - Resinsoul Song
Cade - Angel of Dream (AoD) Chi
Katy - Resinsoul Ni (light tan)
Camden - Resinsoul Ai (human legs, not hooves)

Nobody on the way right now, but plenty on the wishlist xD My grail doll is Iplehouse JID Tatiana Pierrot.

Nice to meet everybody!
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