Willem van Leuveren sr. PRO 3:03pm, 10 September 2008
My name is Willem van Leuveren and I live in Holland. I’m owner of a photo studio also in Holland. Still working after 41 years with photography, video- and multimedia productions. From our studio we travel and collecting picture material all over the country and in Europe. I hope that the group like's my style of photography.
My website's are : www.studiovanleuveren.nl and www.regiobeeldbank.nl
Al Brando 9 years ago
Thank you Willem, and wecome in our group!
Darwin Bell 9 years ago
My name is Darwin and i just have to say how awe inspiring the images in this group are. I am really blown away! Landscapes are definately not my specialty but this group has inspired me to try harder. Thanks
Mckenzie Walters Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Mckenzie Walters (member) 9 years ago
Hi Guys and Dolls, i'm Kenzie from the UK.

Thanks for the invite into this Group.

I have been commenting on a number of images within this Photostream and i must say the Quality is Really Stunning.

So thanks again for the invite..................Bravo on a Visual Triumph
mandragor.de 8 years ago

I just joined this group and the quality of the images here is really amazing. Du to a lack of time I could only browse through the images on the first page, but even there I had to fav almost half of them because there were so great.
Thanks for the inspiration!
Bliss Images PRO 8 years ago

Thanks for the invite to join this group, I'm honoured. The images in the group are among the best on Flickr. I was invited by publik_oberberg and I have to say I've not seen a better collection of images than his, anywhere!
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