Joshua____ 6:58am, 9 February 2012
Alright So right now im stuck with the standard 18-55 kit , and i'm looking to upgrade from the lens i got now. A wide lens maybe ??
Thibaut Estublier [deleted] 6 years ago
The 18-105 Nikon lens is great. But you need to find what you really need. Fisheye is good for skateboarding shots.
Joshua____ 6 years ago
Thanks for the tips, i might be getting a fisheye soon
CharleyQ PRO 6 years ago
One thing you might want to do is look through the EXIF data on the pics you have taken. If you find you shoot a lot with the lens you have set on the 18mm range get a fisheye, if a lot of your shots are taken in the middle range of your lens look for a 50mm. If you are shooting at the end of your range a lot look for a 85 or 105. In other words, look for a prime lens that matches what you shoot. That is always a good place to start with your first prime. And now a blatant self promotion, see my sk8 shots, mostly fisheye, here
or here:
Joshua____ 6 years ago
Alright, will do . Thanks again
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