mark deal 1 4:12pm, 5 August 2012
Can you put filters on the lx7 as lx5 with dmw-la6 as i use lee filters
for some shots ?
jasbond007 5 years ago
Unfortunately it looks like LX7 will use 37mm filters and a much smaller adapter. Must be a plot to get us to spend more for accessories each time a new model comes out.

However, battery is the same (DMW-BCJ13), that's good news!
mark deal 1 5 years ago
jasbond007 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by jasbond007 (moderator) 5 years ago
However, Mark, perhaps you can use your Lee filters on LX7 with a step-up ring:
mark deal 1 5 years ago
As long as there is going to be a adapter which i canot find ? all is good
here is hoping mark with thanks
jasbond007 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by jasbond007 (moderator) 5 years ago
Mark, click on these two links:

I think you need
1. Panasonic DMW-FA1 filter adapter, and
2. 37mm-52mm step-up ring.

Then you should be fine (I hope).

And of course LX7 has an internal 3-stop ND filter.
xlarpusx [deleted] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by xlarpusx (member) 5 years ago
And if i want to use an addon lens with the LX7? Like a Fisheye or something... It's possible?

The DMW-LA6 will NOT fit?
sfphotoart 5 years ago

No tube is available nor will be to allow mounting an accessory lens.

Not possible because new design has a setting ring where the LX3/5 had simply a remove-able trim ring.

Look at a Canon S90/95 and then the filter adapter Lensmate offers for same. The Canon has a setting ring around the lens like the LX7 so filters are added to the tiny front of the lens around the element. An access. lens would be too heavy to mount there.

Lastly, even if Panny did allow for a tube in their LX7 design, because the new f1.4 lens is larger diameter the resultant WA attachment would need to be 58mm and thus huge. Note the size difference in the WA for the LX3 vs. the LX5.

Hope this helps!
HCKM 5 years ago

I got a cheap adapter from ebay (same as the DMW-FA1 minus the Panny logo on the side) and a 37-52mm step up ring on my LX7 to use all the 52mm filters that I invested in when I was shooting w/the LX3.

One warning thou.. and sorry if this is confusing.. because the lens system does not retract fully flat (it's a little bit recessed into the aperture ring), if you want to leave the 37-52mm adapter on your lens when you turn off the camera. Make sure you unscrew it enough so that your lens is not pulling the adatper ring against the face of the aperture ring. This will damage the zoom motor if you let it happen enough times. One way to solve this is to add a 37mm-37mm (which I can't find yet) coupler ring / extension ring before attaching the 37-52mm adapter.

Just be careful. Sorry if this is somewhat confusing. Just wanted to warn others.

MRKH 5 years ago

I was also afraid about the same issue HCKM says above. For that reason I bought this 37-37mm adapter below. Actually was not sure if this comes, but after 3 weeks it arrived in OK condition (from China to Finland). Worth every penny. Now there seems to be none in the stock, and similar was difficult to find (my backup was actually 2USD chinese 37mm "UV-filter" and remove the glass from that, but I found the adapter I bought before that).

Now I can use my 52mm filters OK. To remove vignetting I needed to grind a bit the inner edge of the 37-52 apapter and use black pen to hide opened shiny metal. Actually I was hoping that I could use 52mm lens hood, but that causes too much vignetting. Bought 52mm lens cap from ebay also to cover the setup while hiking.
Jim_T1 5 years ago
The Fotodiox Metal Spacing Ring, Anodized Black 37-37mm would seem to offer the same features and is available from Amazon (at least in the USA) for only $3.95 plus shipping and it is eligible for Super Saver Shipping.
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