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AnneliesW ADMIN July 31, 2013
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<a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/thebestbravo/">Seen in The Best: BRAVO</a>

This is an invitation only pool. Without an invite, the photo will be deleted.Only BRAVO members can invite photos.Every photo must be reviewed and approved BEFORE it can enter the pool. This process normally takes 24 hours or less. If three or more co-administrators deem a photo to be less than world class, it will be denied entrance in the pool. If you have had a...

This group discussion is for members only.

Group Description

This is an INVITATION only group. You must be invited by a current BRAVO group member to post here. Without an invite that also includes a faved, tagged and commented upon photo from your stream, you won't be able to join just by asking to do so.

Note: The co-administrators reserve the right to delete photos that do not follow the rules and spirit of this group. We also reserve the right to ban members who don't follow the rules or spirit of the group.

Rule modification: Each member can nominate one photo per day from one photographer. You can nominate multiple photos from different photographers, but only one per day from one person.

To make that clear - each member of this group can nominate several photos from different Flickr shooters.....but only one per day from any one Flickr photographer.

Once a member, ONLY photos that have been faved and commented on with the word BRAVO by a member of this group.... and also tagged by a member of the BRAVO group with the tag BRAVO...can be posted here after being approved by a team of 20 co-administrators.

Also, please limit your postings of invited photos to a max of 3 per day, to help preserve variety in the pool pages.

In essence, only the best photos from your stream and only the ones that other talented Flickr photographers have chosen for inclusion....

If it doesn't have a BRAVO comment from a member of this group...and a fav from a member of this group....and a BRAVO tag....it will be deleted without comment.

With your help...this can be a repository of the truly best photos from Flickr's brightest photographers...

Use the following INVITE. Copy the following in its entirety:

I have faved and tagged your picture with <b>BRAVO</b> and this serves as an invitation to <a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/thebestbravo/">The Best: BRAVO</a> -- pending administrative review.


Please add the following to your comments on pictures already on BRAVO:


<a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/thebestbravo/">Seen in The Best: BRAVO</a>


Please also remember that members CANNOT post their own photos here unless they are nominated by someone else who is also a member of The Best: BRAVO group.

The Best:  BRAVO (INVITED images only) - View this group's most interesting photos on Flickriver

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Group Rules

This group is for truly world class photos only. Anything other than world class will be turned away.

A photo has to be invited by a BRAVO group member to be eligible.

A photo will have to be approved by a team of BRAVO co-administrators.

The final decision of whether a photo is included in the group or not is up to the co-administrator team.

If a photo is declined, that decision is final.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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