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Feel free to add any hardsuits or hardsuit related MOCs to the group.


  • Pilot or no Pilot?

    Should Hardsuits have room for a minifig inside them, or not? And does it matter...

    Zeessi18 months ago17 replies

  • Should Lego Start Making Hardsuit Sets?

    I was on Cusso the other day, and I saw a Lego hardsuit, do you think that Lego ...

    MegaLegoLunatic21 months ago1 replies

  • ?confused?

    I'm starting to get confused with hard suits I don't know if my creation I added...

    Caballero...30 months ago2 replies

  • Frame contest? Maybe

    So I was thinking, 'what do all the good hardsuit builder's have?' and the answe...

    Xezav41 months ago6 replies

  • AI's

    i have recently had a question i was dying to ask someone but no-one could give ...

    Milo _Z55 months ago8 replies

  • Good Sets?

    So I'm pretty new to the hardsuit and mech building stuff and my lego collection...

    Legogogo64 months ago2 replies

  • Welcome

    Well, welcome to the Hardsuit Group. This is a good place to not only share your...

    -Taylor-71 months ago11 replies

  • Inspiration.

    I'm going to start this thread for anybody to post any hardsuit inspiration they...

    -Taylor-75 months ago3 replies

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