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hugin in Google Summer of Code 2007

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prokoudine says:

Google is running Summer of Code (SoC) program this year again. It is a Google's program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source projects. Here is some more information.

Some or most of you use hugin — an open source panorama tools GUI. This year hugin developers apply to Google SoC, so that a couple of new bright and shiny features could make their way to source code and make everyone benefit from it.

However, there are gazillion open source projects out there and Google team is interested in helping most demanded projects. Thus, if you use hugin and you want more new features this year, we ask you to stand up and say Hi :-), which adequates to visiting wiki.panotools.org/SoC2007_Supporters and leaving your name and proof that you are hugin's user (a link to a gallery should work).

Whether hugin will be accepted and how many projects will be sponsored very much depends on your involvement.

Thank you!

Sincerely yours,
hugin's SoC organization administrators
3:10PM, 6 March 2007 PDT (permalink)

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Giuseppe Rota is a group administrator Giuseppe Rota says:

Done, and thanks for the link Alexandre, I really hope the "Anti-ghosting HDR panorama blending and merging algorithm" project will get some attention.
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Jean-François Paris says:

Hi prokoudine

One annoying thing I have noticed while using hugin is that stitching huge panorama consume a lot of memory. Some disk swaping option such as the one used by enblend and the Gimp might be useful. Maybe it is something that you can add to the ideas. It might interest developers that don't know much about image processing but that are interested in the optimization thing.
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prokoudine says:

Jean-François Paris: Let's see if we can still add it
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