Trove: Australia in Pictures 3:36am, 6 July 2006
Hello again,

It is 6 months since we started our PictureAustralia/flickr project. Thanks to your contributions we have met both our goals. PictureAustralia’s collection now contains over 5,000 contemporary flickr images and our site visits have increased by 40%. In order to accurately evaluate the project we would like to get your feedback. We have designed a survey that takes approximately 5 minutes to complete and is accessible from the following link:
All the information you provide is anonymous and confidential. Thanks for all your support of the project.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions.

Lucy and Fiona
Hi everyone - just a reminder about the PictureAustralia survey. We'd really appreciate your input!
JayJay04 [deleted] 11 years ago
done! :D
iansand PRO 11 years ago
I thought that it was a little odd that finding Picture Australia through flickr was not an option. Or it was and I am blind.
Devar 11 years ago
I'm curious about the first question. Before when?
gadgetgirl PRO 11 years ago
done! ;)
YellowFilter Posted 11 years ago. Edited by YellowFilter (member) 10 years ago
Done too.
iansand9876 is right. Had to pick other and fill in flickr in the next question.
Trove: Australia in Pictures Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Trove: Australia in Pictures (admin) 11 years ago
Thanks everyone!

Devar -
the first question refers to whether you had heard of PictureAustralia before the start of the flickr initiative.

Ian and YellowFilter - thanks for the feedback - I'll pass that on.
For others who have also found the PictureAustralia groups through flickr, it's Ok to select 'other'.

Hi again,

Another reminder about the survey.

We will be taking the survey down soon, so don't miss your chance to give us some feedback about the PictureAustralia/flickr project.

Lucy and Fiona
Spikebot 10 years ago
s2art PRO 10 years ago
Gayle Morris Reichelt 10 years ago
I have answered the survey. I could not find any image by me in Picture Australia. Does that mean that I have not labeled my pictures correctly. If so, what should I add to make them appearl.
iansand PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by iansand (member) 10 years ago
gayheb IIt is not a question of tagging. You have to add them to this group. The bot will wander by next Thursday and make your photos in this group accessible through Picture Australia.

Sorry. I should have checked before I posted. I see you have posted in this group, so wait until after Thursday and try again. The update happens once a week.
Gayle Morris Reichelt 10 years ago
Thanks for that. I did now know.
Helen Morgan PRO 10 years ago
s2art - did you click the link in Lucy and Fiona's link above - it works (but your one certainly didn't for me). Try:

Lucy and Fiona - will you give us some feedback on the survey? I'd be interested! As always!
Hi Everyone.

Yep - use the link in Helen's post to access the survey.

Gayheb - the PictureAustralia 'bot' (I like that Ian) picks up new images and changes on Wednesdays and loads them into PictureAustralia on Thursday night.
I will check to see if your photos have been added to PictureAustralia. Please read the group description for guidelines on titles and tags - it is really important to include useful information as many of our researchers search on place or building names.

Helen - We will put up a summary after the survey results are collated. It has been a very useful tool to determine demographics of our contributors. Thanks to everyone who has added feedback so far! We will use the survey results to inform future flickr projects.

Lucy and Fiona
Helen Morgan PRO 10 years ago
Future flickr projects - I like the sound of that!
Hi Everyone,

Thanks to those who responded to our flickr-PictureAustralia survey!

The survey has now closed and we're busy analysing the results.

We will post a summary of the results soon.

Lucy and Fiona
Gayle Morris Reichelt 10 years ago
I am still not sure if my photos are included or not. When I do a search I can't find them. I am quite disapointed about this, as I did everything that I knew how to get them included.
iansand PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by iansand (member) 10 years ago

Your photos do not have very informative tags. A search on "Australia" or "Picture Australia" or "Photograph" will bring up so many results on the Picture Australia site that yours will get lost in the crowd. If you add more specific tags, and search for that tag, you may have more success. But nothing will happen until next Friday, after the database has updated.

If you tag as you have for your Cherry Venture series, and do a search like that, your photos have a better shot of turning up.

The other problem may be that you are NIPSA - the first page of images you have uploaded are not photos, and staff may have removed your stream from public searches. I do not know how this affects Picture Australia.

In fact, I just did a tag search on gaheb and got no results, which strongly suggests NIPSA. Try contacting staff through the "Help By Email" link at the bottom of the page. Ask them why your photos do not turn up on a search.
Gayle Morris Reichelt 10 years ago
Iansand, I have contact4d Flickr and told them that Picture Australia requested that I have my photographs UN-NIPSAs, but got no reply.

I will have a look at how I have tagged them and see. Anyway, if the Cherry Venture series is tagged properly, why don't they show up?
iansand PRO 10 years ago
I doubt that a request from Picture Australia will affect flickr. You will have to mark your non-photos yourself, and ask flickr again.

If you have submitted the Cherry Venture stuff NIPSA will probably be the problem. "Cherry Venture" does not show up in a PA search.
Gayle Morris Reichelt 10 years ago
Well, I have just gone through and corrected my tags (hope I didnt miss any). I have marked my non-photos, and also my photos as photographs. Will attempt to ask Flickr again, and see what happens.
qingqingcq 7 years ago
Hey Lucy^^.
I know it is probably too late to access the survey questions. ButI was wondering if there any kinda report from the user's survey on Picture Australia that we can access. i am very interested on how general users are finding of PA site and of their contribution through Flickr to the national collection.
Hi qingqingcq

Thank you for your interest in the Picture Australia Flickr project and users survey. The survey was conducted very early on when the project was still a pilot. There are now over 2,723 members who have contributed over 57,500 images to Picture Australia's Flickr groups.

You can track milestones in the projects development through the following articles.
PictureAustralia and the flickr Effect
PictureAustralia: Ourtown Resurrecting a Sense of Place
RePicture Australia
Re-Picturing Australia through the Looking Glass

(Please note that the name Picture Australia now has a space between the two words: this brings the name into line with the other ‘Australia’ services that the National Library operates.)

Let me know if you need any more information.

Best regards
Manager Picture Australia
Groups Beta