yukirhinehart 8:19am, 22 February 2015
I am enjoying these photos so much! Thank you for posting! My family moved to Korea in 1978, and we first stayed at the Naija Hotel; which had the most amazing breakfasts (blueberry pancakes), Baked Alaska, and Steak Diane! Because my father was commanding a battalion in Camp Hovey (connected to Camp Casey) in Tongduchon, my mother and I would drive to see him on the weekend.
We lived in RGH. The house we lived in in RGH had a spectacular view of Seoul...the best view any of my homes have ever had. I believe we lived at the very top of the hill, on the edge. In the distance was an amazing view of Seoul. I especially loved the view at night. I remember sitting outside for hours just loving it.
After RGH, we moved to Yongsan in a house behind the library of the elementary school; which were basically tin huts. We left Korea while I was in 7th grade, and ever since, I have been living in Tokyo Japan.
I have no idea why I don't have any pictures from RGH. This saddens me. I would love to see more photos of RGH, and maybe if I wait long enough someone who lived in the very same house may have a photo of the view I remember. Anyway, it's nice to be a part of this group! I'll look and see if I have anything worth sharing. ;)
matthewpallotta 6 months ago
Hey came across this post. There is an RGH group on Facebook is you are that.
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