John Stenberg 6:29pm, 22 January 2007
I'm trying to orient myself in Google. Please refer to the map and tell me if I'm in the right area. The map has notes.
broad bulb [deleted] 12 years ago
See your original photo.
Smothers52 11 years ago
Here is an annotated map based on Google Earth satelite imagery that I put togthor a few weeks ago...see if it helps you (click on the image to access a larger view). Someone who lives in the area told me the satelite image this map is made from is at least 3 years old, based on the buildings they recognized. I found earlier this year that the Google Earth satelite image near my home in Delaware is also at least 3 years shows buildings/trailers that were removed that long ago.

Modern Day Map of Itaewon in Southern Seoul, Korea, Showing Hannam Bridge, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Namsan, and the Approximate Location of My Home in 1959-62

John Stenberg 11 years ago
Thanks . . . it does help refresh my memory.
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