John Stenberg 6:03pm, 20 January 2007
If you were a GI in Korea in the 60s and 70s, kimchee was always on your mind.

You probably had a "Kimchee Cabinet." (See the photo I posted recently.

If you got in trouble with the First Sergeant, you were in deep kimchee.

If you were a village rat, you probably had kimchee breath from time to time.

If you couldn't catch a PX taxi, you caught a "kimchee cab."

Your houseboy may have been named Kimchee (Kim ssi).

What are your memories of Kimchee? Personally, I love the stuff and eat it often.
Smothers52 12 years ago
I like to eat Kimchee too, but I have not had any in many years. It is hard to find here in Delaware! I also liked eating dried squid and Korean Barbeque when we lived in Seoul back in the 1960's.
old55carp 12 years ago
I also love kinchee I can make my own but buy it at wal-marts here in ohio. in the veggs department its keep cool. My x mother in law owned the kimchee cabs in kempo and a beauty shop. I was a village rat. Does any one have pics of the inner streets of iteawon?
John Stenberg 12 years ago
There is a very large Korean store called Hanareum in Cherry Hill, NJ. Depending on where you live in Delaware, it isn't too far. They sell fresh kimchee of every kind, and many other Korean foods. You can buy the Korean BBQ and take it home and cook it. There is a Korean restaurant next to it as well, and the food is very good. I would imagine there is a Korean store and restaurant near Dover AFB also.
I would enjoy any pictures of the inner streets of Itaewon and the areas surrounding the Yongsan compound as well.
I didn't know Walmart carried Kimchee!
Smothers52 12 years ago
I am in Hockessin, north Delaware, about 10 miles west of Wilmington and not too far from Cherry Hill, NJ. I am sure I could find Kimchee for sale near Hockessin if I put some effort into looking for it!

I am still working on posting photos my father took in Korea back in the early 1960's. The majority of his photos from the area immediately surrounding Namsan Mountain, i.e., Yongsan, Haebangchon, Itaewon, Hannamdong, and Seoul, have already been posted at Flickr. But there are a few more coming, so stay tuned! There are photos of his that were taken in other parts of South Korea far away from Seoul that I also will be posting....and photos that I myself took 1965-66 in Korea when I had my first camera.
John Stenberg 12 years ago
I will keep checking . . .

For your information, there is also a "Korea town" in North Philadelphia on Adams Street, near US Route #1. All sorts of restaurants, specialty shops, etc. You almost feel like you're back in Korea.
broad bulb [deleted] 12 years ago
I'm a kimchi hound...but was too young to have been a ville rat :)

I'm lucky to live in Annandale, VA, often called "Asiandale." There is a huge Korean presence--restaurants, shops--set up just the way I remember them, arcade style--markets, including Hannareum, you name it. I buy kimchi, fresh and fermented, all the time. I should take some shots and post them....hangul everywhere. In fact many of the Americans here are annoyed by the presence. To me it's just part of life, one that I welcome. Bulgogi and kalbi any time? what's not to like?

I can remember the rooftops dotted with kimchi pots and a place that made and glazed new ones right outside Main Post, near Samgakchi.

Old55carp, keep checking out my shots and you'll see some from the inner streets of Itaewon, with annotations by isadoreberg and others.
John Stenberg 12 years ago
I've been to Annandale. I have two friends from the early 70s who live in the Woodbridge area and we visit them from time to time. Sometimes they take us to restaurants in the area.

Kimchee wasn't always available in the US, and one of my favorite stories came about after my wife joined me in 1969 in my home town in Michigan. She only knew a few words in English, and I only knew a few in Korean. There were no Oriental stores or other Koreans living in the area, and I had no idea what ingredients were needed for Kimchee. She couldn't explain, and needless to say, she missed kimchee and other Korean foods dearly.

We found a delicatessen store that carried some Oriental foods, and the owner said canned Kimchee was listed in his catalogue. We talked him into ordering some, and then waited patiently for it to arrive. After a few weeks or more passed and we didn't see any kimchee on the shelves, we asked him what happened. "Oh, it arrived," he explained, "but it wasn't any good."
"How do you know," we asked him.
"I decided to try some after you said how good it was," he explained, "But as soon as I opened the can . . . whew . . .I knew it was spoiled so I threw it out."

Were we ever disappointed! We met a few other Korean laides a few months later at my wife's citizenship classes, however, and we've been in Kimchee ever since.
yukirhinehart 3 years ago
Since this post seems to be from 8 years ago, I'm wondering if Kimchee is any easier to get in Delaware by now. Mr. Smothers52?
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