bus bombing

old55carp 1:17am, 12 January 2007
Anyone of you guys remember the bus hijacking in homnom do A guy had a handgranade on in a bus under the underpass and we where on read alret!
broad bulb [deleted] 11 years ago
oh man...when was that? I remember my father getting calls at 3:00 am and suddenly everyone was on alert...he'd leave...and then we'd find out that some tunnel was built under the DMZ!
old55carp 11 years ago
This was mid-day and the post was locked down I drove to main gate but the mps would not let me in. We didn't know what was going on. Than god The MP at the gate gave me a weapon. You could here the granade going off.
John Stenberg 11 years ago
I don't remember that particular incident, but I do remember pulling guard duty on the Golf Course on South Post in 1968 after the assassination attempt on President Park. I also remember the seizure of the USS Pueblo and the release of the crew almost a year later. When they were released, I was called into the Orderly Room where the Motor Pool Sergeant demanded my driver's license. When I surrendered it, he stamped it with the authorization to drive a 60 passenger bus. Our unit was tapped to be the contingency drivers in case the crew of the Pueblo couldn't be airlifted. Because I had never driven a bus, I was happy that we weren't used!
old55carp 11 years ago
Sounds alittle like what happened to me I worked as casualty clerk at Ft. Sill Ok. On night An officer sent us a maifest over the wire with a list of names each name had a officers name next to it . It was marked top secret. Back in those days every thing was top secret. But it was la list of POW that was ging to be releast this was 1972 around november I ETS Nov 20 It was a whole year and a half before they finialy did come home.
John Stenberg 11 years ago
Perhaps this is the incident you remembered in Korea:

1971 January 23rd. South Korea, Korean Air Lines Fokker F-27, hijacked and ordered to fly to North Korea. South Korean military aircraft forced the turboprop to crash-land before the border, assailant then killed himself with a hand grenade, 2 people died, 58 survived
old55carp 11 years ago
Yes, That was my first red Alert
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