*PhoToronto [deleted] 7:32pm, 18 January 2009
These are just some tips that I know most of you know already. But it doesn't hurt to share. I got them from the book "Gracefully" by Valerie Ramsey that I was reading.

Here goes:

*Lighting - critical to achieving good result. It can make you look fabulous, or it can transform yu into your worst nightmare. Soft, indirect light or shade is always best, but be careful of shadows that let rays of sun hit the tip of your nose.

* Posture
- important when you find yourself in front of a camera. For the best results, angle your body to a three-quarter profile. Keep your head up, your shoulders back and relaxed, and your tummy in.

* Your best side
- It's been scientifically proven that everyone actually does have a "best side" that is more appealing. Studies have shown that we are drawn to people whose faces are more symmetrical and that when our faces are divided, the difference becomes apparent. Take a piece of paper and cover one half of your face, then the other; you'll see which side is better. Or ask your partner or a trusted friend to tell you which is your best side.

* Multiple photos
- It's not at all unusual for a photographer to shoot a hundred frames to get that one knockout photo. Naturally this isn't the case in informal situations, but it was quite a revelation. The advent of digital photography has been a tremendous boon to the field.

* Mona Lisa or Julia Roberts
- Whichever smile comes more naturally to you, let it sparkle. Despite a few wrinkles that might creep out, a brilliant smile radiates youth. Think of something that makes you light up with happiness as you look into the lens. Your joyful spirit will translate to the film, and you will be very pleased with the way it turns out.

So, there. If you have anything to share, please feel free. Anything that you think will be useful to everyone.

Have fun!

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