828 Day?

half framed idiot PRO 2:47am, 10 July 2009
How about declaring August 28th as 828 day? Shoot a roll in your 828 camera on that date. Any kind of roll of film you can find or fabricate to fit in your 828 camera.
Dustin McAmera PRO 7 years ago
I seem to remember somebody is already doing this, but on the 28th (8/28 in American date format); having said that though, I can't find where I read about it.
half framed idiot PRO 7 years ago
I meant to type the 28th. I have corrected the post. The 127 folks have 1/27 or 7/12 or 12/7. I can't think of any other days to fit with 828. There is also 110 and 126 days. I started keeping a calendar of these events as I have come across them.
half framed idiot PRO 6 years ago
Tomorrow is 828 day, I better get busy rolling some film.
Greg Williamson PRO 4 years ago
I just picked up a Konilette in Tokyo. It's an 828 folder made by Konica.

Now someone please tell me how you get 828 film.
Felip1 PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Felip1 (member) 4 years ago
I doubt you'll find any 828 film around, unless it's WAY expired (not that's there's anything wrong with expired film . . . for a couple of years that's almost all I have used). But if you have the 828 spools with the camera, you can take film out of a 35mm cassette. You'll have to guess, or work out, the number of turns representing one frame.

That is what I did in these:
Dustin McAmera PRO 4 years ago
B&H list TMax cut down to 828 (probably by FilmForClassics), but they list it as Out of Stock, and they wanted $13 for it when they had it.

I cut some 120 film down to width to try out my Coronet Cub Flash a few years ago (here). I'm happy to have used the camera, but not sure I'd go to that effort again for the Cub. I also have a Bantam Colorsnap, which looks a bit more like quality, and which I've never used yet, so I might be tempted to take that out.

Daniel Mitchell's website has this:
Felip1 PRO 4 years ago
The backing paper is not necessary if you cover the window -- I used tinfoil and sticky tape -- and practice first with a test roll. Expect to waste film between exposures but I found I was not very far off what was needed for economical distances between frames. Not using backing paper actually allows you to use a little more film, too.
Greg Williamson PRO 4 years ago
Thanks. I'll give it a try. Btw the Konilette has no rear window. The winder is calibrated to just wind one frame rather like a Barnack Leica.

I posted in the wrong thread too. Sorry about that.
Felip1 PRO 4 years ago
Oh no! Another camera I have to get!
Greg Williamson PRO 4 years ago
Well I bought some 828 film on eBay (exp date 1978) just to get the spool I needed, but it does;' fit the shaft of the rewind knob on the Konilette. A bit of searching around has revealed that Konishiroku produced a specially spooled 828 film for the Konilette. Looks like this little camera is destined for the shelf.
Felip1 PRO 4 years ago
Ohh. That's disappointing. I wonder if you can rig up a work-around.
Greg Williamson PRO 4 years ago
I probably can. I'll try modifying the spool. I don;t want to tamper with the camera.
Dustin McAmera PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Dustin McAmera (member) 4 years ago
Did you find the manual at Mike Butkus' site?
The pictures suggest the film for this was a special cassette, rather than a spool, and it was rewound at the end.

I have updated the page on the camera at Camera-wiki (it said the camera took 828):

One of my cameras, a Zeiss Ikon Bobette II, takes 35 mm roll film that isn't either 828 or Bolta. I have made my own spools that more or less fit, but it's a chore cutting the film, and so far the pictures haven't been enough of a reward.
Greg Williamson PRO 1 year ago
hmmm... looks like i have to find one of those cassettes. just saw this. i pretty much gave up on the camera. it's just a shelf piece now.
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