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The Group's goal is for friends from photoSIG to stay in touch. Current members or past members of fine photographers that once enjoyed photoSIG.

Our group is to stay connected with friends on photoSIG, former and current members, all are welcome.

A quiet place to share your photographs.


  • Just been chucked out - Kafkaesque scenario!

    Hi folks - I've just had the weirdest experience I could possibly imagine - on t...

    few purpose83 months ago9 replies

  • Hope this place is still going.

    I have been part of sig for YEARS ... from Version 1 .. I however rarely go to ...

    zer0teck102 months ago3 replies

  • Merry Christmas

    Hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas. Good luck with your photography in...

    Fishit117 months ago1 replies

  • Where is everyone?

    Am I the only one left here? Did all of you go back to PhotoSIG? :))

    Alfredk117 months ago7 replies

  • Slander & Harassing

    heard that Sheena is having a conniption about that old website she made public ...

    Fishitages ago7 replies

  • deleted299604/deleted

    This user has not entered a profile. Photo rating 0 Photo critique rating 2,01...

    Fishitages ago2 replies

  • Scanning Negatives & Pictures

    When scanning either or of the pictures of negatives, what is the best dpi to sc...

    Fishitages ago4 replies

  • Happy New Year

    So it goes, it made for a interesting 2008 and I hope all in the group have a sa...

    Fishitages ago6 replies

  • Sitcom

    Who needs writers when real life is so much better and more creative.

    Fishitages ago5 replies

  • Advice anyone?

    So I'm opening a new studio. I've been working out of my home for years now and ...

    Heidi Photoages ago3 replies

  • Holiday Season

    Always seems to bring out the unique things in people. Some get depressed, some ...

    Fishitages ago3 replies

  • I like this stuff.

    It says I have three admins all to myself. That should keep me straight for a we...

    garypetersenages ago6 replies

  • Malicious Code

    I had two people contact me via the SS site complaining about how they got some ...

    Fishitages ago11 replies

  • Light Levels

    This picture gave me fits on how to set the levels as to better show the ship an...

    Fishitages ago6 replies

  • More than just about the 'sig?

    Since I introduced myself the question arose what can be done with this group mo...

    de3euk‮‬ages ago8 replies

  • The sweet smell of success

    *waves hi to Jeff, Tim, Adam, Sheena, David, Chris, chatroom et all* In mosey...

    Heidi Photoages ago4 replies

  • Introductions

    Hey everyone! Suzi/suzi here. Introduce yourself as you join.

    Heidi Photoages ago17 replies

  • Sad Happenings

    It seems Willis is in a money crunch and is asking for feedback on how to improv...

    Fishitages ago21 replies

  • Other Members

    I changed somethings on the website after talking. I will be posting a link to ...

    Fishitages ago7 replies

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