My website

.FAKE. PRO 9:55pm, 9 August 2009
this is my BEA website:
my new website will go live soon!
where i can buy in amsterdam your stencils?
.FAKE. PRO 8 years ago
You can buy them at Go Gallery ( or directly from me.

You can just email me at
Dymer.! ® 8 years ago
great work
.FAKE. PRO 8 years ago
duckforcover PRO 8 years ago
Thanks for the invite mate, great idea to be able to see your work insutu.
Got me camera out and will be hunting Aussie streets!
.FAKE. PRO 8 years ago
Nice one mate! hope you will capture some great art!

I have a lot of ausie buyers the last few weeks ;-)
Caio Pachá 8 years ago
Obrigado pelo convite para entrar na comunidade, e parabens pelos seus trabalhos, good jobs. Thanks
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