robbroccoli PRO 7:38am, 27 December 2004
Great idea for a group /pandarine and /roomwithaview.

I heard on the radio tonight that the International Red Cross need donations to help that area:

There may be other local relief organisations too. Maybe people could leave links to them?
glenfinlas 12 years ago
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To set the record straight:
Robin, it was Karin's idea, not mine.

Thank you for these links!
IngaLaPuma 12 years ago
Here are some nonprofits responding to the disaster:

Oxfam, 800-77OXFAM; or to Asian Earthquake Fund, 26 West St., Boston, MA 02111;

CARE, 800-521-CARE;

American Red Cross, 800-HELP-NOW; International Response Fund, PO Box 37243, Washington, DC 20013;

Catholic Relief Services, 800-736-3467; PO Box 17090, Baltimore, MD 21203-7090;

Direct Relief International, 805-964-4767; 27 South La Patera Lane, Santa Barbara, CA 93117;

Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres, 888-392-0392; PO Box 2247, New York, NY 10116-2247;

International Medical Corps, 800-481-4462; 11500 West Olympic Blvd., Suite 506, Los Angeles, CA 90064;

International Orthodox Christian Charities, 877-803-4622; PO Box 630225, Baltimore, MD 21263-0225;

Mercy Corps, 800-852-2100; PO Box 2669, Portland, OR 97208;

Operation USA, 800-678-7255; 8320 Melrose Ave., Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90069;
© Copyright 2004 Gl
yeimaya PRO 12 years ago
This is a good place to find out which charities do the best job.
zen PRO 12 years ago
Thank you for that, yeimaya - i'm always worried my money isn't doing enough. That really helped!
yeimaya PRO 12 years ago
you are very welcome.. me too.
Charity Navigator rocks! I found a wonderful relief organization called Direct Relief International which gives almost 100% of its earnings to support medical aid all over the world.

They're organizing medical aid for the afflicted areas.

They also have a policy of not giving or selling their contributors' names to other groups or companies.
for those of you in Canada, you can help by donating to the Canadian Red Cross.

thank you for putting this group together, and for providing a place of hope.
Aznet [deleted] 12 years ago
for those in singapore.
singapore red cross
_tris_ 12 years ago
If you're in Singapore,

Sri Lankan Airlines is appealing to generous Singaporeans to donate useful items for victims of the deadly tsunami that hit Sri Lanka.

Items like clothes, blankets, food, medicine, tents and even water purification tablets.

Donated items can be sent to 133 Cecil Street, Keck Seng Tower, #13-02.

Once collected, the items will be airlifted to victims in the affected areas

Article from ChannelNewsAsia
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Thanks again for all these links. Please keep them coming! 12 years ago
canadians can also donate here:
Medicos sin fronteras acepta donaciones online
Manila B. 12 years ago
In Italy with a SMS: 48580
Manila B. 12 years ago
Mr Jaded 12 years ago
Anyone living in the UK with an old unused mobile phone kicking around can drop it off at their local Oxfam shop, which will contribute £5 to the relief fund...
tiago capute 12 years ago
Can I help from Brazil?
Aznet [deleted] 12 years ago
not sure. check out The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami blog.
it has quite a number of listings. and do add to it and pass it around as well.
Vikipinoy Life 12 years ago
a fairly comprehensive list of agencies providing relief can be found here Glad for the Charity Navigator tip--glad for all who've thought to start this group--
kifo 12 years ago
Another Singapore aid organisation with phone-in donation and online transaction
Thanks for all the links - here's a mini summary of some of them:

Important blog with lots of numbers/addresses:
(they are looking for more contributors and technical volunteers to migrate the blog to Wikipedia)

Wikipedia News page and donations:
donation websites/numbers at bottom of that page

Worldwide, Red Cross/Red Crescent
UK/US/World? Amazon one-click donation
UK, Oxfam
USA, Direct Relief
USA, Charity Navigator
Spain, MSF
Canadian Red Cross
Singapore Red Cross

Finally, if you are in, or know people in the affected areas, see this flickr group for missing persons:
Google has summarised it well:

zenera 12 years ago
Donate through Ecademy
BBC - Asian disaster: How to help ( a big list of charities and donation sites)
Aznet [deleted] 12 years ago
s'pore: this site consolidates every way u can help quite well.
yeimaya PRO 12 years ago
I tried contacting Amazon, asking if they would match the funds contributed through them... I just got a canned answer but it got me thinking that perhaps we could all pressure places like google, amazon, Mac funds that are donated through them?

Does anyone know how to get actual people at these places??
zenera 12 years ago
zenera 12 years ago
Just launched, a new blogging site where you can make donations: "Bloggers without Borders is dedictated to raising awareness for charities and charitable events around the world. We use the tools and exposure of modern citizen journalism as a means to lend a hand in the solicitation of donations and outbound information management."

All donations (100%) are sent to Tsunami Relief organizations listed in our Donation Matrix.
Guillaume [Sweet As A Cactus] [deleted] 12 years ago
Hello everyone,
Andy Budd has launched a site for the bloggers who have ads, you can donate the gains of the January month to an NGO.
Blog aid
How You Can Help

You can help the victims of this terrible natural disaster by pledging the proceeds of any advertising or affiliate schemes you have on your site for the month of January to your country's Tsunami Earthquake appeal.
Another place that recruit help and gives information a malaysian friend sent to me:
BBC has a nice roundup:

Repeat of links previously posted, mostly.

I heard that UK folk have now thrown £60M into the hat. Hurrrah!! Er.. hang on, that's about a quid each.
Chris Campbell PRO 12 years ago
The government of Canada matches contributions by Canadians to NGOs assisting those in S.E. Asia up to January 11 and they have set no ceiling on the amounts that they will match. Canadians can contribute to the Médecins Sans Frontières Canadian site as well as some of the other organizations that others have pointed to. Canadians have to contribute to the Canadian branches of organizations for the matching funds to kick in.
Mac Diva 12 years ago
A couple of reminders:

1) There are phony collectors of aid for victims, so it may be best to stick with known charities such as the Red Cross and Red Crescent when making donations.

2) Let's keep the pressure on the U.S. government, which spends 0.14 percent of the Gross National Product on foreign aid. Write your Congressmen.
I am a member of the organization, Assemblies of God. Our organization has churches and missionaries all around the world and began helping victims of the tsunami within hours of the disaster. One department in our organization is AG Relief which helps when disasters strike and sent funds there immediately after the disaster. (One of our churches lost 100 members in the tsunami.) The AG Relief web site is keeping us posted as news becomes available from South East Asia. You may read these updates at:
A place to make donations is provided on the web site too. There are some pictures of scenes where relief is being given. This organization can be trusted to use donations to help those who are in need of relief whether it is physical, medical, spiritual, etc. Here is a quote from the website: "Assemblies of God World Missions has one of the lowest administrative costs of any organization—just 5 percent. Many organizations spend 20 percent, 30 percent and even more for administration expense. In some cases, more funds are spent on administration and fundraising than the amount that actually gets to the need."
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