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  • help! training a 2 year old husky tips

    hi guys, well ive been in this group for nearly 2 years now, which of course mea...

    raine photography3 months ago9 replies

  • Weight and age

    I'm curious how old, what weight, and what gender all your huskies are.

    Lord_Gratch18 months ago73 replies

  • Siberian Husky

    I notice that this Group is no different than any other Group on Flickr. People ...

    JOYANT TOO35 months ago1 replies

  • 9 1/2 old husky kidney failure ? Please help with a answer

    Hello , My male siberian husky has been 9 years and 6 months old . he was fine i...

    owexonline42 months ago1 replies

  • Free Siberian husky puppies available (406) 530-9587

    Please contact me at (406) 530-9587 for more details and pics if interested

    puppies.golden62 months ago0 replies

  • can huskies be trained off the leash??!?!

    my husky just turned two and she is my shadow whenever we are in our house but a...

    becca's spare page64 months ago42 replies

  • Huskies & Cats...Do they get along?

    My Husky Rigas seems to be a friend with all living beeings.. But what happe...

    cluttered oil81 months ago51 replies

  • Whose Husky Has Gotten What?

    Today my girl, Jenna, landed herself a sparrow, which she proceeded to swallow w...

    CorkyOrca81 months ago49 replies

  • Help/Advice needed please ! !

    This year my brother brought at the time a 5 month old female husky into the hou...

    stanja1283 months ago2 replies

  • How does your husky act?

    Hey! I'm looking into getting a Sibe, and i was wondering how yours acts. Can he...

    Husky Lover ♥83 months ago8 replies

  • Mouthing

    I was the 5th owner for my husky. She bounced around our apartment complex as a...

    sdevenuto89 months ago1 replies

  • more fun for our pets

    I would like to ask you all to check out this FriendProject. It's just like the ...

    Vanessa Privett Photography95 months ago0 replies

  • How do huskies play with other dogs?

    We just got a 7 year old male husky and I am puzzling over the way he interacts ...

    chez454195 months ago4 replies

  • white huskys

    Anyone with a white husky? mines not pure white she has a silver saddleback

    cut fairies97 months ago12 replies

  • Sad News Today................ Cancer

    My boy Maxx had surgery on Monday on his scent gland and they removed an unknown...

    cluttered duck97 months ago2 replies

  • Huskies crossing their front paws...Why

    I have noticed that huskies seem to like crossing their front paws... any one go...

    husky098 months ago0 replies

  • Happy Birthday - My Boy...........

    My Siberian turned 12 (human years) on 9/10/12. [

    cluttered duck99 months ago2 replies

  • scared husky

    my husky is 4 years old his name is Triton today he started acting completely di...

    huber sibe102 months ago16 replies

  • Nome

    Are there any Siberian ONLY teams out there that are going to Run To Nome in 201...

    plumcrazyfarmboy106 months ago1 replies

  • Uncredited Use of Photos

    I was just searching the web and came across this tumblr: siberianhuskies.tumbl...

    Hello Salyma106 months ago1 replies

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