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  • STICKY  µ[mjuː]-II Manual

    I can't find online manual for µ[mjuː]-II so I decide to scan mine. Here it...

    vvess16 months ago17 replies

  • stuck in panorama

    I have a stylus epic with the panorama feature. at some point, while in my pocke...

    gnarzone16 hours ago0 replies

  • Viewfinder Obstruction

    I bought a brand new in the box Olympus Stylus Epic Limited and after check all ...

    SunGod10002 months ago0 replies

  • Replacing viewfinder?

    I just purchased a Stylus Epic DLX from the Salvation Army for the grand sum of ...

    SeANMcBAY2 months ago3 replies

  • Please TAG your photos!

    Hello guys, in order to make the uploads easier and faster, please tag your phot...

    andreshidalgo3 months ago0 replies

  • continually winds

    Hi. I picked up a Epic Stylus Dlx 2.8 and when I put a fresh battery in and open...

    Polaroid1954 months ago3 replies

  • Quartz Date - Where Is It Recoded

    Hi, I just bought a lovely 'new - old stock' Olympus mju ii quartz date camera a...

    Christian Poulton5 months ago1 replies

  • Reflections -> light leak?

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a Stylus Epic and just got my first rolls of f...

    maerzoo9 months ago10 replies

  • stylus epic 80 won't shoot photo

    everything works just fine, i've had issues with the film not fully loading but ...

    velvettezine10 months ago1 replies

  • Repair to a Shutter Button

    This may not be the right group (however, it the most active on regarding mju's)...

    justapaperbag10 months ago8 replies

  • Olympus Stylus Epic's Date Stamp

    Is there a way to take off the date stamp? I'd love to take some photos without ...

    dmtsn10 months ago1 replies

  • My new baby!

    I sourced a Stylus Epic in excellent condition for a great price yesterday and i...

    Kim Hawkins Photography16 months ago2 replies

  • Tips / Tricks ? :D

    Hello to all of you Stylus epic users ! Today my Stylus epic just got shi...

    Na-im16 months ago2 replies

  • My book shot with this camera

    I photographed Carnival in Brazil six years in the early 2000's with an Olympus ...

    Wjamesstarkey17 months ago6 replies

  • Olympus Epic Flash Problem

    I just ordered and Olympus Stylus epic DLX and everything seemed fine until I we...

    Jon_Root18 months ago0 replies

  • Olympus mju-ii - strange noise?

    My new mju-ii makes a strange winding noise after shutter release.. is this norm...

    esuhj18 months ago1 replies

  • Problem with Stylus Epic DLX

    So earlier this evening I was shooting a couple photos with my camera, using fla...

    // Ben Hilf20 months ago1 replies

  • Stylus Epic is Film! (not digital)

    Posters, please remove your digital pics from the group. They belong elsewhere....

    WB Lynch20 months ago5 replies

  • FS: Olympus stylus epic *Silver*

    Good condition, I've ran 5 rolls through it.

    FreeNYC22 months ago1 replies

  • Max ISO on the stylus epic

    Hey, just shot a roll of 3200 in my olympus. It came out OK but some of the sho...

    Jonathan Dennis22 months ago13 replies

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