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A CHALLENGE: Let's try to get a photograph of every species of British butterfly into the British Lepidoptera group pool this spring and summer. There are 59 resident species, so there's no reason why we can't. Please let all your contacts who like nature photography know about the group too.


  • How to get up close and personal

    Hi. I'm Stuart. Just joined the group today. I have no experience of butterfly s...

    Stu11522 months ago2 replies

  • ID Again please

    Awaiting identification I know this is my second post in 2 days but micro-moths baffle me and I've foun...

    LeeWiseman32 months ago0 replies

  • ID Help please

    Micro-moth of some kind. Could anyone help identify this moth please it was ...

    LeeWiseman32 months ago2 replies

  • ID help please

    Any ideas? The best match from the book looked like Pyrausta Nigrata, but this i...

    We travel the Spaceways44 months ago1 replies

  • ID needed please

    Hi there, what is this one please? Sorry for the pun but I think it is a bit 'mo...

    Glyndwr8745 months ago2 replies

  • ID needed!

    I found this moth today and I am unsure of the species. Found in Dorset, about 2...

    Purple Centipede~Jack48 months ago0 replies

  • When do i put out my moth trap?

    I know Spring is coming but when is the earliest time i can put out my trap to c...

    Barry & Carole Bowden50 months ago2 replies

  • Anyone interested in starting a moth group in the Plymouth area

    Is anyone interested in starting a moth group in or arond the Plymouth area i ha...

    Barry & Carole Bowden52 months ago0 replies

  • Help with identification.

    If you've found a moth or butterfly that you can't identify put a photograph her...

    Colin Barnes55 months ago101 replies

  • Gatekeeper aberrations

    This male Gatekeeper has two extra black marks on the forewings and a small whit...

    former-extog56 months ago2 replies

  • Wild London magazine summer issue - high res butterfly image needed

    Hello I edit Wild London magazine for the London Wildlife Trust and I'm on th...

    helen_babbs56 months ago0 replies

  • Another ID please

    I cant find it in any of my books ... [

    GarynLea68 months ago1 replies

  • Essex Skipper? Confirmed!

    Have been puzzling over some pics I took this morning and I 'think' that they ar...

    Paul Forsdick68 months ago3 replies

  • Which Blue?

    Blue Butterfly? Seen at Kingston common New Forest Can anyone ID it please

    Missy200469 months ago2 replies

  • Help with ID please

    I would be grateful of anyone could identify this caterpillar for me. I found i...

    em4pics69 months ago3 replies

  • Cocoon ID?

    Any ideas what this is please? Cocoon Tree

    Beccy Melling69 months ago1 replies

  • What species of Clearwing Moth?

    Spotted this on a currant bush in my garden in Hampshire, any idea what species ...

    Jim Nicholson70 months ago2 replies

  • The Réal's wood white - has anyone ever heard of it before?

    The Réal's Wood white (Leptidea réali) - how well known is it, not just in Ire...

    Moth man70 months ago0 replies

  • Swarms of giant African butterflies invade England

    A slightly alarmist headline from the torygraph, but an interesting story. I've...

    AlexanderC70 months ago1 replies

  • ID confirmation required

    Hi all. Can't decide if this is an Essex or Small Skipper. Any thoughts? Skipper sp. (ID confirmation required) ...

    Simon_J_C72 months ago0 replies

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