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j m Ar ADMIN October 17, 2013
Welcome to Visual Echo Group. It is addictive, beware!

Please, leave your visual echoes, and your photogenes will be transported into your peer's streams. What a wonder, isn't it?

Have big fun

I've been out... any one willing to help administer?

Group Description

This is a group for visual, or photographic, comments, which we call visual echoes. You are putting your work into the group when you post, but even more when you comment. Here, you are invited to respond to other images by commenting on them using images from your own photostream - commenting in pictures, rather than in words, whether or not you have posted to the group yourself.
Whatever makes the connection for you - it could be composition, colour, emotion, texture - it certainly doesn't have to be the actual subject of the photo. You can of course add words if you like to explain your echo, but that's entirely optional.

Please leave visual comments, or echoes, on at least two other images, for every picture that you post to the pool. Do more if you have time or if you did not post your own - it's your work and your vision that you are offering, so why not be generous? And if you are new to the group, we propose you first leave your visual echo comments before posting your own shots to the pool.
The result should be a visual ripple effect - a set of tangents in a visual language that bypasses words entirely.

Please use the tags below to comment, invite and acknowledge echoes Thanks!

To leave a visual echo
Go to the ALL SIZES option at the top of your image, and copy the code for the small version , then paste this in the comments box on the page of the photo you're commenting on.
Alternatively, simply put the url of your photograph's main page (the one with comments) between sqare brackets, like this: [URL] in the comment box.

To tag your visual comment please copy this code:

<i> An echo from <a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/802940@N23/"> visual echo (comment with images, not words).</a> </i>

We would appreciate as a matter of courtecy that you thank the people who leave a visual echo on your shots. To do this you can use the following code as a comment on their echo:

Thank you for your echo at <i> <a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/802940@N23/"> visual echo (comment with images, not words).</a> </i> on my shot

in which the URL is once more the url of your own photograph's page on which the echo was left.

Posting to the pool obviously does not affect any copyright claims you have on your photographs, but the admin team may use your pictures in threads for illustration purposes, of course always with proper reference. If you have any objections against that, please let us know.

If anything is unclear, please feel free to approach an admin or post a thread.


To invite images please copy this code:

I think this image would inspire great visual commentary. Please consider adding it to <a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/802940@N23/"> visual echo (comment with images, not words).</a> - a completely different way to comment - try it, you might like it!


Isn't it great how Flickr brings people from everywhere together?
This flag counter tags the locations of all of the visitors to the group.

Group Rules

This is a public group viewable by minors, so please consider the content that you post carefully. I've set the safety level at 'moderate', but will revert to 'safe' if any concerns arise about the kind of content we have. Thanks for your understanding here.

Please post 2 visual responses, or echoes, for every image you post in the group.

If you want to make references to visual echoes from someone else's photostream, always say whose picture it is in your comment, and please post a link to their picture, not the picture itself. It would be nice to let that person know, and invite them to join, if you want to refer to an image of theirs. There is code for this at the bottom of the group home page.

Please don't delete your pictures from the pool. The visual echoes should be fun and interesting for everyone to see, not just the original poster of the image. Because of the nature of the group, the interest generated will be on the comment stream of the posted pictures, rather than visible in the pool, so it's only fair to share this.

Please consider the visual responses you post carefully, and never post anything that others might find offensive, insulting or infringing on copyright.

Add comments in words if you like - but this is completely optional.

Think laterally, have fun, find interesting new people, and of course, images ...

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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