PanaMark 2:07pm, 27 May 2009
I thought I would add a furthest DTV signal posting

personally from my north London, On home it would be
WOSU-DT Columbus Oh. it is approx. 270 miles from my home
n0uih 9 years ago
From my Hazelwood, MO QTH (15 miles northwest of downtown St. Louis), I have pulled in a couple of stations via E-skip. The farthest DTV signal I have received is WRGB-DT 6 Schenectady, NY; a distance of 900 miles via E-skip, on July 29, 2009. The farthest tropospheric enhancement DTV catch came on November 12, 2006, when I pulled in WJHL-DT 58 Johnson City, TN, at a distance of 470 miles. It'll be interesting to pull this one in on their permanent DTV channel, 11.
DXnut 7 years ago
I live in Louisville, KY in a 2nd floor apt. I have a Single Bay Gray-Hoverman UHF TV antenna at 25' AGL, The furthest received WBUY DT41 Holly Springs, MS @ 302mi. SSE form my location and WOTV DT41 Battle Creek, MI @ 305mi due north of me.
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