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johnno_oz ADMIN September 1, 2013
I set this group up a few years back as there were no freeway, motorway type groups. Now we have 295 members and 2000+pics.....keep 'em coming!

We're a quiet lot.....discussion board remains unused!

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Group Description

We photograph freeways, highways, superhighways, autoroutes, autobahns, autopistas, autovías, autostradas, dual carriageways, expressways and motorways.

From wiki: A freeway — also known as a highway, superhighway, autoroute, autobahn, autopista, autovía, autostrada, dual carriageway, expressway, or motorway — is a type of road designed for safer high-speed operation of motor vehicles through the elimination of at-grade intersections. This is accomplished by preventing access to and from adjacent properties and eliminating all cross traffic through the use of grade separations and interchanges; railroad crossings are also removed. Such highways are usually divided with at least two lanes in each direction. Because traffic never crosses at-grade, there are generally no traffic lights or stop signs.

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