sharaff 2:11am, 9 October 2008
Ever wondered how accurately your eyes can see the subtleties of color?
Find out by taking this quick test. Drag and drop colored squares in each of four rows according their hue, then submit the results for calculation. The lower your score, the better your eyes discern color.

The test indicates which hues you see best and also lets you compare your results with others in your gender and age range. I wasn't too thrilled when I got a 61 until I found out someone scored over 1,000. Wow.

For most people, this is just a fun little time-waster (or a way for you super-competitive types to beat up on your pals -- "Dude, I see olive-green better than you!"). For anyone in Web or graphic design, Photographers, however, it might be an interesting little test to see how your eyes measure up.
sharaff Posted 10 years ago. Edited by sharaff (member) 10 years ago
Post your scores here, please. The lower the score the better, it says
*Delano* Posted 10 years ago. Edited by *Delano* (member) 10 years ago
This is a pretty cool little test.

I scored a 4 with my weak area being in the greenish-yellow-brown area.

Edited to add: People without properly calibrated monitors/browsers (or just crappy monitors) may be at a slight disadvantage due to the color ranges being off.
~ geisha ~ PRO 10 years ago
lol....we use this test to test colour vision....but not online....with actual little tiles....
here's mine ;P

kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
remember i did that awhile ago. i may want to do it again :)

you're too perfect. try the one linked by sharaff :))
~ geisha ~ PRO 10 years ago
that is the one.....
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
oh okay, i thought you have some special one :)
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
forgot to say, you should be chief color police in any color groups :)
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
i blame my bad notebook screen for score of 15 !!!
sharaff 10 years ago
holy cow Helen. Funny I did the hue test on the old monitor and my score hahaha 510.
Did a second one on my macbook pro and it is 13. my brain is fooled when i look at it for too long. is it cheating if i leave it for a while and then do it, later. i may have to try that.

K, 15 is low. but Helen's zero, i dont think i can beat it.
~ geisha ~ PRO 10 years ago
hehehe....the colour police huh?.....don't know if i like
maybe i am just better practised at it....since i give the test to others alot...

if you can't beat 'em....join 'em.... ;)
i did the test on the bad pc at work....

you did great!.....compared to k and sharaf anyway.... ;P
my monitor here is pretty crap...the colours don't look as good as on the mac at home...but the test was ok.....
or maybe it made it easier?????
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
or may be you should be disqualified in any test of this kind when you probably have all kind of charts fixed in your brain, LOL :)
sharaff 10 years ago
kktp_ charts fixed. is that so helen. if so, as K said, Disqualified you are haha
I got 11 ... I had trouble with the greens
Pink Thistle PRO 10 years ago
I got 19, after a while my eyes went round and round inside my head...!
sharaff 10 years ago
my green is good. red i have a little problem though

Pink Thistle hahaha
jewelflyt 10 years ago
I scored 8, had trouble with yellow/green.
MrGreenBug 10 years ago
I scored 4 and had trouble with the bluish-pinkish (last box).. Though I feel that I still got a good score.. against 1484 in our region.. :) EHBD!
fakeyouth 10 years ago
i got 23 :(
PoMoPhotography 10 years ago
clairepennphoto 10 years ago
29... I'm the worst!
~*Patti*~ 10 years ago
that was cool! I got a 4, blue greens got me!
S&P (Tracey) 10 years ago
I got 8 and I'm pretty happy with that given the family history of colour blindness (and the cheap uncalibrated monitor!). And it was the blue greens than I fell down on.
önska 10 years ago
I got 22.
Serge Melki PRO 10 years ago
I did the test back in October. got a 52.
Kiwi_GaL PRO 10 years ago
i just saw this and i tried it for fun...i got a score of 7.
not too bad considering im on my crappy work monitor and its uncalibrated....will try again on my Macbook tonight :P
sharaff 10 years ago
Kiwi_GaL (back!....slowly catching up :P) :p
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
nobody beat our group Optometrist :))
justonlysteve PRO 10 years ago
I got a 0!
[belle·chanson] 10 years ago
I got a 15. and the color on this screen sucks. I don't know if I'd really make a difference on another computer though. :P
..karen.. 10 years ago
ok so why did I get 1025 .... really bad eyes or really bad computer !!! ???? what a horrible score ! ... I have just got over a migrane .. maybe I should retest in a couple of days LOL .....
~ geisha ~ PRO 10 years ago
cool! knew i couldn't be the only

omg! 1025?
colossal noise [deleted] 10 years ago
I got 4!
sharaff 10 years ago
..karen.. hehe
I scored a 12, but I am really tired! I am going to retake it when I have slept!
Miss Foxeh 10 years ago
93 lolz XD in my own defence i didn't sleep last night!
wow i got 24 haha not too bad
im loving this group!
visualize.fotos 9 years ago
8 I think is ok. I'll try it again in about 20 years... hahaha
envious party [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by envious party (member) 9 years ago
19 but then I do need my sleep and also I have to admit that I do wear glasses because I have shortsightedness.
I was really bad in that green area before the turquoise.

Well I re-did the test later at around 9:50 p.m. on Tuesday ( which it is, down here in New Zealand ) and I got an 11!

Which goes to show, that it's better to do this test when you're not tired lol.
KyleMistry 9 years ago
4, go me.

Looks like my weak point's in the green-turquoise area though. Damn, one of my favorite colors...
PixelBoxPhoto PRO 9 years ago
I'm blind!!!!!!!!! I got 5 AHHHHHHHHHH oh wait.. that's a good score? :)
Jlinnister 9 years ago
This was so much fun! Is each incorrect tile an added point? I was very surprised that I got a 0!
Laure*lei 9 years ago
12! I seem to have problems with each colour darker hues!
sacredgeometry 8 years ago
9! :S and i am doing this after a days work at the computer in the dark just before i guess id be better when less tired.

I've done this test before scoring ~20, but made it again and it is 4
..karen.. 8 years ago
lol .. well after doing this 12 months ago after a migraine and on a laptop .. i did it again now on my new computer and got 3 lol ....much better :)
[LiaLua] [DGNeves] 8 years ago
I got 23! =)
SCliftonPhoto 8 years ago
I got 15, struggled with greens
piratefan308 7 years ago
I scored 18 - my problem area was the purple/pinks ...
beachc0mber PRO 7 years ago
Holy cow I scored 72 :'(
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