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kktp_ PRO 3:13am, 1 July 2008
We have over 500 members and almost 2000 photos now. It'd be nice if you will write a little about yourself.

And feel free to post your sp if you like :)

Leave you some love (by kktp_)
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kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
I could start with myself? lol :)

I'm Khantipol, but it's easier for everyone just to call me K. A Nikon user for most of my photography years. Currently using D80 with plan to upgrade for almost a year now. But it keep working and keep producing good result so I still have it around :) I like to work with shallow dof, so obviously bokeh is the result. I also like to play with light, so a few sb-800 speedlights are also my favorite things around. You can see my profile for list of what I used. It's not that up to date, though. I'm lazy :)

If you have questions about techniques that I used on my photos or some other questions, feel free to ask. write me flickr mail, or post a new topic is also good if you think it will be useful to our friends here too.

I hope everyone enjoy the group and all these bokehlicious photos so far :)
{ Amy } 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Amy. I'm 13 and I live in rural South Australia.
I use a Canon EOS 400D.
I love reading, seriously, I finish books in one or two days sometimes.
apart from Photography, and reading, I love to garden, even if it's just weeding. I like Japanese collectible dolls, namely Pinky St: dolls and Pullips. as well as manga and anime.
CharlaneG 10 years ago
Hi- I'm Charlane (Char to my friends) and I live in Birmingham, Alabama (USA). I'm shooting with a Canon XTi and have just discovered the wonderful world of bokeh. I saw it before but never knew what it was called...and then I fell in love. I shoot with several lens including my new 50mm - 85mm - 28-300mm and my kit. My next craving is a really good tripod.

Otherwise, I love reading - tons of books, I travel a lot in my job and love to just get out and shoot whatever catches my eye.
complete celery [deleted] 10 years ago
hey! im azzam,
i live in california and am starting my senior year in highschool. I use a nikon d40x with a nikkor 50mm f/1.8D and a nikkor 60mm micro
i really really enjoy just staring up at the sky, it seems alot of my day is spent cloud or star gazing :]
so yea, thats me :]
jewelflyt 10 years ago
I'm Vickie & I live in Laura, South Australia.
I use a Canon EOS 400D (when gnome.girl isn't using it).
Apart from photography, I enjoy making glass beads, fine silver pendants/earrings & finished pieces of jewellery.
I also love reading & drawing.

Hi, everyone :)

(oh, btw, in case I confused anyone, gnome.girl is my little sister)
The.StoryKeeper Posted 10 years ago. Edited by The.StoryKeeper (member) 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Kathryn and I live with both jewelflyt and gnome.girl in South Australia.
I'm 15, I love taking photos but my biggest passion is writing.
I love manga, anime, reading, cats, rain, winter and tea.
I use the same Canon EOS 400D as my sisters do and I want a remote for it.
oh, and I'm home-schooled. :D
~ geisha ~ PRO 10 years ago
oh i had no idea the three of you were sisters....
shows how much i have been paying attention....lol...

Hi, I'm Helen, I live in Sydney Australia.
I work as an Optometrist. Photography is new for me...
Before photography my interests were drawing, calligraphy, and papercrafts.......errr....and shoe and handbag shopping......
some of these still continue.....guess which ;)
I don't have an sp to post.......i'm shy...lol...
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
gnome.girl Hi Amy, I love reading too. I will read when I have time which unfortunately not much. But always some books with me :)

Hello, Charlane, those 50mm and 85mm are really great for bokeh, aren't they? :)

Hey, Azzam, There's always something nice and different in the sky all the time :)

Hi Vickie, you have an interesting hobby. please show more of your jewelry works :)

Hi Kathryn, definitely get the remote. It's nice, cheap and useful thing to have :)

and good to see you all three here :)

Hello Helen, where's your drawing, calligraphy, papercrafts? Show us some, will you? May be you spent too much time with shopping and coffeeing, lol :)
Rhonda in TN PRO 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Rhonda and I live in Murfreesboro, TN, smack dab in the middle of the state. I have always loved photography, but it wasn't until this year that I finally got my Canon xti, which I am in love with. My family thinks I'm insane to be so crazy for a camera and I'm just getting my feet wet and learning as I go. I love this group, everyone is so nice!

I also love reading, travelling (lived in Germany for 5 years), and spending time with my family.
{ Amy } 10 years ago
yeah, I suppose I've got to admit relation to those two eventually. joking of course.
.natasha. 10 years ago
Hi, my name is Natasha and I'm a bokeholic *lol*
I live in Sydney, Australia.
I work as a lawyer (this is where people start to slowly back away ...).
I love taking photos of naturey crap! I have a Nikon D80 and, like K, have been planning to upgrade for awhile but love that camera (and my 50mm f1.4!) so will probably stick with it for a little while longer.
In addition to photography, I love travel, coffee, and dress shopping :)
No SP as nobody else has posted one yet!
jewelflyt 10 years ago
ohh, I forgot to post a sp:

this is a world filled with love & other things that have the sense not to waste time talking about everything under the sun & see how it glows with no help from us whatsoever

& here are some of my beads, K:

Photo Challenge #7 - Reflections
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hello Rhonda, don't worry, among camera and bokeh crazes here, you're perfectly normal, lol :)

Hi Natasha, that D80 and 50 f/1.4 is perfect combination for this group :) and great, if we have legal problem in the group, i know who to call :)

Vickie, thanks for these photos. I will check more on your stream later. I have not much time on Flickr these days.
adriana fox 10 years ago
Hi I'm Adriana. I am about to turn 18 and move out of my house! I am moving to Austin (in texas) to attend St. Edward's University and study psychology. Photography has always been a hobby of mine, but I am taking it further. I am actually saving for a canon 40d right now! I love painting, art, maps, traveling, autumn, and obviously photography. Bokeh is beautiful!
Hi, I'm Amber. I'm 26 and live in San Francisco. I have an awesome husband of almost 2 years and 3 crazy cats. I work at a large university doing boring stuff, but I am completely obsessed with photography and want to make a living at it someday. My husband runs his own marketing agency so I do part-time work for it too (copywriting, web design, graphic design). We're in the middle of a graphic design certificate program right now, and will be done with that by the end of the year. I am totally obsessed with naturey crap and bokeh, and I fear I may have to go to bokeh rehab within a year. ;-)
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hello Adriana, Bokeh is definitely beautiful especially when you ask people around here :)

Hi Amber, We should think about bokeh supporting group soon, LOL :)
*feal Posted 10 years ago. Edited by *feal (member) 10 years ago
Hi everyone, I'm Aurus. I've been into photography for a few years now but got addicted to flickr only recently. Just last week, actually, when I got myself a pro account. I'm a Canon girl. Other than photography, my interests are music, books, and crafts.

I don't know if I should say this, but my request to join the Bokeh Wednesday group was declined so I went in search of other bokeh groups and found EHBD. I'm glad I ended up here though! I look forward to getting to know you guys a little better.

OK, getting long now... Oh, but before I end, I have a few SP's up on my stream, the number of which will gradually increase as time goes by, since I'm currently doing the 52 Weeks project.
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hi Aurus, you're very welcome here, feel free to post your photo everyday, but only if they have 'bokeh' :)
criggchef 10 years ago
Hi, i'm Alex. I started photography only recently, but i've always been pretty interested in it. I'm also a full fledged bokeholic despite only learning what it was a few months ago. I'd say that i'm interested in reading, but I recently completed the last english class i'll ever have to take and couldn't be happier. I'll be heading to Virginia Tech in the fall (with none other than my best friend, hooray!) to study Human Nutrition and become a dietician.

My only camera is a point and shoot kodak that I'm planning to upgrade from as soon as I get tired of it and my budget allows for it. Other than that I love writing (when time allows) and technology...I'd join a bokeh support group but i'm not sure that i could be rehabed :)
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hi Alex, dietcian sound interesting. An area that i will to be more careful to myself :)
{ shine } 10 years ago
Hi, my name is Silverio and I'm Flickr addicted :)
I live in north east Italy, very close to Venice.
I work as software engineer and photography is my big love, after my two childrens and a wonderful wife, obviously...
I love taking portrait and nature photos. I've a Nikon D80, with 18-135, 50 f1.8 and now 35-70 2.8. My dream is a D3 + 24-70 f2.8 + 70-200 f2.8. Recently I've switched from Capture NX to ACR and a new wonderful world is appears to me !!!
ME Fagiri 10 years ago
Hi My name is Mohamed El-Hassan, I live currently in The Hague in Holland, I became recently addicted to flickr and bokeh both addiction came at the same time.

I've recently bought a canon 1D MKIII, don't ask me why, I waited so long for the 5D replacement and gave up, I've got a stock of lenses, I don't want to say how much as my wife might read this one day, I sneak them over night and luckily for me she can't tell the deference, my favourite is the EF 135 f/2L.
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
sound like me, software and photography :) if you like ACR, you should try LR2. It's so much more fun to use :)

you're lucky that your wife is not in photography herself, or that plan will be failed so bad, LOL :)
"Sonya" PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by "Sonya" (member) 10 years ago
I'm Sonya. Live in Savannah, GA with my husband and 2 dogs/2cats~
An artist (painter) loves to explore all types of media
and I've always been curious about new mediums & techniques. In addition to paintings & photography, I love animal, gardening, nature, cooking, music, reading, people watching…Oh! I’m also a Flickr addicted *-)
Currently use Canon EOS Digital Rebel.
As I am 10 years ago
Hello there!
My name is Sinan. Just a student and that's why I can't buy a better camera. It's been nearly 1.5 years that I've started shooting photos. Btw, I'm learning Japanese at universtiy.
Greets from Turkey.
mom23lilrascals 10 years ago
hi! my name is ginny and i am 49 with 3 young children. yes, i am a flickr addict, but i am trying to curb that a little. i want the kids to remember me playing and having fun with them, instead of just sitting in front of the computer. i just got a dslr in may 2008 and just got hooked on the nature stuff. i seem to do things later in life, eh? lol. i luv to joke around. i am not a serious person. gotta run, my daughter just announced she lost another tooth. -- she just turned 8 and had lost 2 previous ones in june.
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hi Sonya, It's nice that you're good at painting too. I'd love to do that too but I'm so bad at it :)

Hi Sinan, Good to see you here. I also learned Japanese a bit but guess it's all gone out of me now :)

Hi Ginny, I think you're right. i don't like nature things much when I was a kid :)
Frank Scallo PRO 10 years ago
Hi, my name is Frank & I currently reside in NJ. I'm 32 years old, married for 6 years with a wonderful wife & have 2 great kids ( which somehow find there way on my photostream occasionally ;) ).

My day job is web development but I've started shooting weddings this year. I enjoy many different types of shooting: journalistic (weddings), portraits, photo walks & nature. I've loved bokeh since I first started shooting and that really hasn't changed much :)

As for gear, I'm a Nikon shooter - D300 & D70. Hoping to pick up a D700 in the next few months.
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hi, Frank, good to see another Nikon shooter here, LOL :)
Endemoniada PRO 10 years ago
Martin here, shooting with a Canon EOS 450D and (mostly) a Tamron 28-75 f2.8. I'm 22, and this is actually my first digital camera ever. I've said for years that I'm getting a DSLR and therefor not spend any money on a compact, but I just couldn't afford it. Until now.

I'm completely in love with bokeh in any way, shape or form. I'm basically just shooting everything I can think of, trying to learn my way around cameras and develop a feel for photography as a whole.
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hi Martin, I have that Tamron lens too, very nice and versatile lens to have :)
Endemoniada PRO 10 years ago
It sure is, but now that I don't really have anything to shoot wide angle photos with, I'm starting to miss it. I think my old 18-55 kit lens will come along with me more often.
assorted elbow [deleted] 10 years ago

Myra here, I shoot with a Canon EOS 450d. I am fairly new to flickr and digital photography. I have just discovered the wonderful world of bokeh. And I am loving it.
luna.nik 10 years ago
I'm from Michigan and shoot with a Canon XTi. I love photography and just recently, become ever so slightly obsessed with bokeh :)
kktp_ PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by kktp_ (admin) 10 years ago
Hi Myra and luna.nik, bokeh is sure addicted :)
earthy turkey [deleted] 10 years ago
I'm Brian, somewhat of a camera fanatic and tinkerer. As of late I've been using 1930s lenses modified to work with Leica cameras. The look of these older single-coated and uncoated optics render a nice "signature" that is different from modern lenses. You'll be seeing lens tests and portraits of my 10-year old daughter taken with cameras and lenses that date back 50 years, even older than me...
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
anachronist_user Hi Brian, that's very cool to be able to use those nice old lenses :)
Olivia Joy StClaire PRO 10 years ago
Joy from COLUMBUS, OHIO... Love nature, hiking, flowers/grdening. Would love to learn to paint. I'm with Geisha - a shoe addict. Obsessed with photography & bokeh!
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hey Joy, good to see you who came up with the group name here :)
joefishus 10 years ago
Hi - Joe here from Auckland New Zealand. I got my Canon 400D in January this year, and have not stopped taking photos since.
I use the kit 18-55 lens, and a 70-300mm f-4-5.6 IS USM for some sport photography. Going to get the 50mm1.8 soon.
Just discovered Bokeh, and I love it!!
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
you will like that little 50mm, but please be aware that bokeh is addictive :)
trizayles 10 years ago
Hi! My name is Jill and I live in California, near Sacramento. I am a social services worker, I'm married, and between us we have six kids, three cats, a dog, and a rabbit. :-)
I have a Rebel XTi, the kit lens (18-55mm), 28-85mm which I strongly dislike and will be selling soon, and a 50mm that I am absolutely in love with. I also have two tripods and a remote. My next planned purchase is the Canon Zoom Telephoto EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS Image Stabilizer USM Autofocus Lens but I don't know when I'll be able to plop down that kind of cash.
I have always enjoyed taking photos but until probably 6 years ago, I only had P&S cameras and very cheap ones at that.
An online friend of mine posted photos she took that just amazed me. I bought the same camera she had, an Olympus C-2100UZ, and I thought it was awesome! LOL I think it's 2.1MP? Not that far from a P&S either.
It was just over a year ago that I bought my Rebel XTi and it's almost always in my hand. I still have a LOT to learn, but my photos are a lot better than in the beginning, that's for sure.
I do not like taking portrait photos and I am horrible at it. My favorite subjects are plants, flowers, insects, my pets, and just "things".
Forgive me for talking so much about myself. I was in training today (all week actually) for work and today's topic was passion. I am passionate about photography.
fbako PRO 10 years ago
Hi everyone ^_^
I am Friska from Coventry UK. I work in games industry as an animator.
I like taking pictures using my compact but then as the time goes by I am becoming more passionate about art and pretty pictures so I decided to buy dslr canon 40d. And I love it!
And I need help from everyone.
Nice to meet you guys :)

thirsty house [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi all...

I'm Dale, I'm a high school student in the new england area of the US. I have a D50, a nifty fifty, and a sigma 10-20 (plus a SB-600)...I don't have all that much money but I have big dreams and hopefully a few will come true. I also have 4 film cameras...but they're all part of the family and they were given to me. Anyway I love bokeh so for non-wednesday days this is probably my FAVORITE group :)
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hi Jill, welcome to the group :)

Hi Friska, animator sound like an interesting job, well at least from view point of me. really have no idea how hard or tedious your job is to make all those game characters look right :)

Hey Dele, you did great with what you have. Nice to be catch up with you again :)
almost~famous 10 years ago
Hi all... so lovely to read more about you!
Im Cheryl, I live in South Australia.. i spend most of my days thinking of what i will capture next.. my two biggest flickr idols are Etoile and Giesha - i admire their work so much, and i hope one day my photos can be as good a quality as theirs :)
Aside from flickring .. i love my two staffys, and crafty things :)
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hi Cheryl, nice to know more about you. And I can totally understand why you have those two names as your idols :)
zuzana sutkova 10 years ago
Hi everybody,
My name is Zuzana and my new "discovery" is bokeh. I´m watching and learnig from this grop...anyway I´m come from middle of the Europe - Slovakia, I´ve got 1 daughter, at the time we are working on the second one :o) with my loving hubby, ou and I can´t forgot on our dear parrot :o)
yep that´s all
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hi Zuzana, good luck with you mission :)

Grozodej, hmm, interesting name, and good to see another user on the dark side :))
{rialynn} 10 years ago
Slovenia, eh? My grandma was from Ljubljana, but I've never been there! Would love to go sometime!

My name is Molly. I'm 27 and a grad student/adjunct teaching communication classes. I have 3 little boys, and have a wonderful husband who is also a grad student/ lab rat. :-)

I'd wanted a DSLR for years, because I really hated paying to process my film, so I finally sprang for one earlier this year. Best thing ever!

Anyway... this looks like a fun group!
Margagv 10 years ago
Hi! My name is Marga, I live in Bilbao, in the north of Spain.
I'm 30 (Since last Saturday, I'm in crisis!!),I work as pattern designer in a children's clothing company.
I love taking photos so I bought a CANON 20D some months ago, I still have to learn a lot of things, I hope to do it with flickr and this group!!
( Sorry about my english, is not very good...)
kktp_ PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by kktp_ (admin) 10 years ago
Hi Rialynn, I can see you have large collection of "the boys" in your stream. i will go check it out when i have more time :)

Hello Marga, don't worry about English, I probably much worst than yours :) btw, awesome photos of Travis, they were here couple months ago too :)
{rialynn} 10 years ago
LOL! I should probably organize them into months... but what the heck.
steve_photographism 10 years ago
Hi, I have a pentax and my lens is wide open.
I live in (old) hampshire, (old) england, although I've been 'snapping' for quite a long time, only recently been 'taking photos'. In fact me and the pentax will have been together for a YEAR on the 5th of september. I also have a small LBA problem, much to my GFs distress....
Samsung 12-24 f4 (ex-demo bargain!)
Pentax A 28mm f2.8
Samsung 35mm f2 (also ex-demo bargain - thanks LCE)
Pentax A 50 f1.7
Pentax M 100 f2.8 (my fave at the moment)
Pentax M135 f3.5
Pentax FA 28-70 f4
pentax DA 18-55 kit lens (which I don't really use)
Pentax FA 28-200 3.8-5.6 (which GF uses)
Pentax A 70-210 f4
I fear there is probably no hope ....
oh well, never mind
SeanSequeira 10 years ago
I'm from Johannesburg, South Africa. I'm a graphic designer by profession so photography has become a creative outlet just for me (No clients telling me what looks good and what doesn't!)

My Nikon 50mm 1.8 is always on my D60 and its always wide open!
BonBonMom 10 years ago
I'm Margo. In Stillwater, Oklahoma. Mom of 4. Wife of 1. ;)

LOVE photography but I've just gone back to work full time since my baby was in Kindergarten last year and I don't get to photograph as much as I'd like. Right now I'm completely caught up in my oldest daughter's volleyball games. I STINK at indoor photos there but I just keep shootin' away hoping to catch something good!
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Good to have you all here :)

Note to self, I hope I can be more active in this group in the next few days !
{innocent eyes} 10 years ago
hi! I'm Rose/Rosie, a teenager from New Zealand.
I use a Canon Powershot S5iS which allows me to capture some great bokeh!! I love to shoot flowers, dandelions and my puppy :)
I'm homeschooled, and in my spare time I sing, play guitar, write songs (I'm addicted to that :)) and go on the computer (I'm addicted to that too :)).
I'm pleased to find this group, as I get sick of waiting for Wednesday!! lol :)
chiensx 10 years ago
Hi! I'm Kelvin.I come from Taiwan.
I just kept in touch and photographed for about eight months.
I'm very happy to join this group and know everyone.
I'm Nikon user too.
I hope to take the beautiful photos and my technology can more and more well.
PS.My English is not well. :(
Babette de Jong. 10 years ago
Aloha everyone. I'm Babette, I'm from The Netherlands. Seventeen years young/old at the moment. I have my camera for about 1.5 years I think and my 50mm f/.18D for maybe six months. I hope to expand my collection soon, but money doesn't fall out of the sky, unfortunately. So untill then I'll just have to do it with what I have. And by the way: Nikon for the win!
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hi Rose, I used to play guitar but not anymore. anywhere I can listen to you songs? :)

Hi Kelvin, don't worry, my English is probably worse than yours, LOL :)

Hello Babette, that's little lens is kinda magic, right? :)
available sense [deleted] 10 years ago
kktp_ Hi K! We've already "met" but I figured I'd let the pool get to know me too! *LoL*

My name is Joann. I live in NYC. I've been a flickr member for a long while now but only recently decided to really start utilizing all it has to offer.

I own a Canon A550 and borrow a Nikon D80 from my office on a regular basis. I'm still learning it and it's not easy! So I look forward to asking and reading what folks have to say about taking great pics. FYI: I'm open to ANY suggestions/criticisms (constructive of course!) anyone has for me! I'm here to learn!

kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hi Joaan, I like those different expressions from you :)
Hello all!
We're a couple of young photographers from Vigo, Spain.
We love bokehs and macro photography ;)

We have an Olympus SP-550UZ and Fujifilm Finepix S5800. We love bridge cameras!
KayVee.INC 10 years ago

My name is Vicky and 'currently' I'm living in beautiful Sydney, Australia! I really love potatoes and motorbikes. Hopefully by the end of January '09 I'll be living in and breathing in the life San Francisco ^__^

Country hopping ftw :)

Maddy Clare 10 years ago
Hi! My name's Maddy and I'm from Alaska. I'm pretty new at photography, I've only been seriously shooting for less than a year. I currently have a Nikon D40, which I love : )
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hello everyone, welcome to the group :)
Geoff... PRO 10 years ago
Hi. My name's Geoff and I live in Canberra, Australia. I've always loved looking at pictures and that's why I love taking them and always trying to capture what my mind is seeing. It's funny, I love eating nice food and so I love cooking ... I love listening to music and so I spent 15yrs playing music as a drummer and percussionist ... all part of the same deal really. Early in 2007 I sold most of my musical gear and invested in some nice glass. I haven't looked back.

I use a Nikon D80 and though I think often of upgrading the body (mostly to get the higher ISO performance) ... the D80 really does take great pictures and mine's not broken. I've only been involved with the Flickr community for a little while but have found myself seriously addicted to the process of making contacts & comments, the encouragement and of course the sensational standard of photography I see here.

Cheers & nice to meet you all. :-)
sharaff 10 years ago
Lushpup Images nice to see you here! and welcome to the place.

Bring em on. :D
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hi Geoff, I use D80 and has no plan to upgrade as well. Although, those new models are really tempting :)
beckypea 10 years ago
hey everyone! i'm becky. i live in washington and shoot with a nikon d80. i love photography and am addicted to bokeh. i am a stay at home mom with two toddlers =)
BASMA. 10 years ago
hi Im basma im from kuwait ... i started digital photography in the begining of 2008 .... and I love it especialy taking BOKEH photos ,,,, i just can't get enough :) ...

and I have a question I know It's Irrelevant but I was wondering how to put an icon of a user in my comment like what kktp_ just did !

kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hi Becky, good to see another D80 user :)

Basma, you'll need Firefox with Greasemonkey. and then get Buddy Icon GM script.
eliane24 10 years ago
hi...my name is Eliane and I live in Switzerland. I have two kids and as am not working at the moment, I have a chance to take more pictures and improve my photography techniques. I discovered bokeh not a long time ago and I just love it. It's amazing the effect of light we can capture....
I am learning, so feel free to look at my photostream and please make comments. That's how I can learn, improve...and have even more fun.

;-) Eliane
jazzy trend [deleted] 10 years ago
My name is Terri, I live in Georgia. I recently lost Ryan so flickr has been helping me in getting lost in wonderful photos when I need to just get away from the world for a bit... I have three grown children and have been blessed with five wonderful grand babies from their marriages. I love bokeh (hee hee), I am forever trying to capture it in my photos.
Nice to meet everyone! And thanks for allowing me membership in this wonderful group =)
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hi Eliane and Terri, hope you will have lot of fun here :)
amanaria 10 years ago
Hello everyone!

I`m Ana Maria, an accountant who live in Bucharest, Romania. I like very much to travel.
I`ve discovered the photography about one year ago when I bought a Nikon D80 cam. I still have it with some lenses, but I don`t have a flash yet :(
My favourite lens is 105mm VRII. Since I bought it almost all my photos are taken with it.
Nice to meet you all!

P.S. I think that Magic Donkey doesn`t like framed photos :(
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hi Ana Maria, your 105mm is a fab one :)
trattinobasso 10 years ago
Hi everibody I'm Alba, I'm Italian and i live and work (at the moment pretending to do so..) in Ireland..
I'm very new to the photoworld and i found it so .. soo bokehlicius..
I have a Nikon d40 whit the lens that come out of the box..(that says how much i know about photography)
BUT I'm learning ..
I would like to thank you guys ..yes all of 1864 of you..
because you are my big inspiration!!
Since i became a member of this grup I started to annoy all my friends, that know much more than me about pics and photo, asking them how to do that and how to do this.. why and how..etc. etc.
they tough i'm crazy.. but i'm not...i just got the Bokeh Diseases!!
Hello all! I am... Raceytay (It's not my real name, or not quite ;) )

I've been taking photos with zest for a few years now. I just treated myself to a canon 40D and my baby (70-200mm 2.8F L IS) and has a result became what I like to call a bokeh whore. I see bokeh everywhere, now. And I likes it.
spidy_cc PRO 10 years ago
Crazy canuck..having fun with a d80..

I know K is running flick....lol
i,m a phone tech in the daytime...a super hero at night...
love life..love having fun....right now i have these contact's..ummm mostly females that have me in a web shoothing macro flowers...can't complane..having a great time with these crazy cat's i call my friend's here at flick...

K i think you should ban Helen if she doesen't produce a selfie soon....lmao..
i'm out of here..have a great weekend mate's..
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hey Alba, welcome here to the group :)

Raceytay, that's an awesome lens :)

Spidy, that's very interesting rule, I hope Helen can do that before i do that, lol :)
mingyahu 10 years ago
hi all just found you all
recently into photos because of new baby and growing family when i discovered bokeh and hence all of this great fraternity, so from Sydney Australia and currently on hols
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
hello, mingyahu, congrats for your new baby :)
- t a k a k o - PRO 10 years ago
Sorry K I just found this... obviosly not been paying attention to anything else other than bokeh pics... maybe this bokeh addiction is starting to take effect on my eyesight!

Hi everyone, I'm Takako from Japan and I'm going pretty mental over bokeh and awesome bokeh photos I see on Flickr. I used to shoot with Nikon Coolpix P80 with ok bokeh results but I had to upgrade to D80 and 50mm f1.4 lens to get better bokeh ( huge influences from some of you above ↑ me! ) and I'm so happy with it. I'm a beginner and still have loads to learn. This addiction is such fun!

Thanks K, you're wonderful. :)
comfortable offer [deleted] 10 years ago
Hey! my name is Nicole and I live in Canada.
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hello Takako, after i saw many of your beautiful photos, it's good to know more about you. :)

Hi Nicole, and I live in Bangkok :)
cen2k 10 years ago
Hi I'm Cen and I live in Bali
keegstr Posted 10 years ago. Edited by keegstr (member) 10 years ago
hi, i'm keegan, and i live in norfolk, virginia. I just bought the nikkor 105mm f/2.8g (previously was using the 60mm f/2.8d). I've been taking pictures since February of this year. I really enjoy bugs & plants, i'm starting to wonder what i'm going to do for the next few months, as bugs & plants seem to disappear for the winter.
Alex takes photos. PRO 10 years ago
This feels like a very 'homey' kind of group!

Hello, my names Alex
Im 24
Use a Nikon D40 and a few old lenses that I've picked up from car bootsales.
I love bokeh
LeventeSimon 10 years ago
Hi everyone, I'm Levente from Hungary, user of a Pentax camera, and - of course - lover of nice pictures
Jacky Parker Flower Photography PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Jacky Parker Flower Photography (member) 10 years ago
Hi I'm Jacky from England, I hope I can join the group? I use a Nikon D300 and a Nikkor 105m which I love to bits. I joined flickr 6 months ago and had now idea what bokeh was, but now I'm hooked, and still learning from all the friendly people on the site. :]
fahrradfritze 10 years ago
Hi everyone,
I'm Ralf from Germany. I think I'm the first german, right? Well I'll do my very best ;-)
My family consists of my wife and two boys. They say it's boring that I take photos everytime and everywhere. But they like it to watch them :-)
Oh, and two parrots and a dog and two "meerschweinchen" (I don't know the english word...) And a Nikon D40! Because of my budget there are only two lenses in my bag :-(
And I love bokeh!!!
Hi All~

I am a 30 something Mom of 3 great kids. Photography is my non-mommy obsession. I am truly addicted to bokeh and found this group through Cora's feed. I look forward to posting a ton as I can't shoot enough bokeh!

I shoot with Nikon D60 and hope to upgrade the first of the year.
∆ toma ϟ 10 years ago
i'm 16 (one month and 17), i live in hungary, europe. i'm self-taught for two years. :)

| s m i l e |
learned trip [deleted] 10 years ago
I'm MV, from California. Nikon D90 is my first DSLR, i have it for a little more than a month now and i love it. Looking at all the "bokehlicious" photos out there inspired me to learn how to take better bokeh photos since i am such a newbie at this =)
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Hello to you all, it's nice to have everyone here :)
selena716 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by selena716 (member) 10 years ago
Hey All! I'm Selena. I'm a 34 yr old wife & mother. I've been a photography junkie for as long as I can remember. I love to come here to look at all the beautiful photos. This place gives me sooooo much inspiration!

I shoot w/ a Nikon D80 & have various lenses. I'm looking to upgrade to the D300 by the beginning of next year.

Just Me
earthy route [deleted] 10 years ago
Gd evening, i'm pattn, 19 yrs old from Northern Germany.
Photography and motorcycling are my life. I'm using the Nikkors D200 and D40 with a 28-75/2.8 Tamron. Soon i wanna buy a 50/1.4 D or a 85/1.8 D.
At least i love nice bokeh (=
AimeeLopez 10 years ago
It's nice to meet you all!

I'm Aimee, turning 27 in just two days (Ack!), and I have only been practising photography seriously for just under a year. I use a Nikon D60 and it was a gift from a photographer friend that saw talent in my little P&S shots :)

Other than photography, I love to read (I follow the Eragon series, as well as a couple others, but I will read almost anything fiction), I do web/graphic design with full html, and I am a beginning Guitar Hero nerd :)
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