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kktp_ PRO 4:12am, 18 June 2008
Beside the usual round bokeh. Let's share some other creative shapes here :)

bokeh love (by Kiwi_GaL)

well, above is not mine, but from Natalia :)
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kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Now it's my turn :)

some stars
Stars (by kktp_)

and ♥
Weather Forecast : Heavy lovefall tonight (by kktp_)
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
some Micky Mouse :D

Failed Experiment (by kktp_)
Kiwi_GaL PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Kiwi_GaL (admin) 10 years ago
lol that mickey mouse one is cool K :P

I have one more that i didn't make public...here you go :)
ace of spades
Oh, so this is bokeh. So far everything I've put into the pool hasn't really been, right?
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
No, Curtis. In this discussion we just tried to make different shapes bokeh instead of usual round one. So I think your photos are fine :)
~ geisha ~ PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ~ geisha ~ (admin) 10 years ago
oooh.....have to try this one day!!!
so where do you put the cardboard?
just in front of the lens????
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Yes, H, you should do it. Get cardboard paper large enough to cover your lens. Black is good for this. Then make a hole into shape that you want. Put it in front of your lens and check the result :)
darlingseas 10 years ago
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
wonderful heart bokeh with nice colors :)
Very cool shots! I really love those hearts.
seeit_snapit PRO 10 years ago
I love the Mickey Mouse one! I am going to make some new shapes today! :)
seeit_snapit PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by seeit_snapit (member) 10 years ago
Here are some stars and hearts:
"STarS oN tHe wATeR ☼" by seeit_snapit [?]
STarS oN tHe wATeR ☼

"hearts fireworks" by seeit_snapit [?]
heart fireworks

"Stars and stripes and sTArS" by seeit_snapit [?]
Stars and stripes and sTArS
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Those are superb works :)
BonBonMom 10 years ago
New here but wanted to post something I did at Christmas time. :)

the reason for the season
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
perfect shape for the subject :)
I just learned what bokeh is :) but .. what is cardboard paper ?
greetings silver
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
you can use any paper that is just strong enough to hold the shape. something from cereal box is okay, and it's better in black :)
accessible fly [deleted] 10 years ago
How exactly do you make creative shaped bokeh??? i know you use cardboard paper but i don't know what else. I would love to learn.
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
in short, have cardboard paper large enough for to cover your lens. cut hold in the center in a shape that you want. and just find a way to stick it on your lens and shoot.

not a good example, but something like this.

Lensbaby + Mickey Mouse (by kktp_)

welcome any better example :)
Kiwi_GaL PRO 10 years ago
K, how is that paper being stuck in there?? did you cellotape that lil white piece of paper on top? is that safe for your lens?
kktp_ PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by kktp_ (admin) 10 years ago
Kiwi_GaL it's work differently on lensbaby since it's already have removable aperture ring. so i just stick my mickey mouse shape hold on one of those ring with tape.

I was on vacation at that time and have nothing but memopad in hotel room. black will be better :)

I don't have photo when use with normal lens, do you have one?
i've made a few lensbaby aperture disks but the butterfly-shape i made last week has given me the best results so far:


a thousand butter-bokeh-flies

in my case the disks were made from the advertising refrigerator magnets so they stay in place like the standard lensbaby aperture disks.
craigwortman 10 years ago
Butterfly Bokeh
{ Amy } 10 years ago
I don't have very interesting bokeh, this is probably the most interesting one so far;
"HBW~" by gnome.girl [?]
slcook52 (Sylvia) 10 years ago
Here's one I did for the Monday Blues group
blue monday coffee
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
depends on if you use additional material on your lens to get shaped bokeh or not?
Margagv 10 years ago
mmm...nop.Bye,bye photo!
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
nice swirl and colors :)

it's alright :)
Fir.. 10 years ago
Does it really matter how big the shape it as long it fits infront of your lens? I must try this in the future. Thanks for sharing K.
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
simply not bigger than your lens :) and you will get the shape in focus easier if it's small, but that's mean less light will pass through. so just experiment it a bit :)
wh_photo_files 10 years ago
All of these photos are AMAZING!
I've been inspired - I'm going to have to try this!! :)
Nabeel* 10 years ago
Here is my try =]

Bokeh Sweet Bokeh. -EHBD-
BlueTsunami Posted 10 years ago. Edited by BlueTsunami (member) 10 years ago
I love this technique, this was my first attempt (a couple of days ago)

Custom Bokeh

*Use my window and some stationary rain drops. Outside street light illuminated the drops. The bottom crucifix is a reflection of the street light off the top of a parked car.

This image is the same setup without the drops and exposed so the outside can be seen.
somebear PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by somebear (member) 9 years ago
I've done this a bunch of times. The last was for Christmas, simply holding up a piece of paper with a Christmas Tree shaped hole in it, in front of the lens.

Happy Bokeh Christmas Tree

Having some kind of holder, however, makes it much easier.

The custom bokeh adapter
Pockets1 PRO 9 years ago
Autumn Bokeh
donna wild 9 years ago
heart bokeh by donna wild

I made the sturdy re-usable version using strong black cardboard. Plan to give this technique a try at the next wedding I shoot.

Thanks for all the inspiration everyone...amazing photos!
slcook52 (Sylvia) 9 years ago
I did this one for Christmas
I see stars
comoperrosygatos Posted 9 years ago. Edited by comoperrosygatos (member) 9 years ago
wooo you all are an inspiration for me..thankkks a lot!!
_Inez 9 years ago
snowflake shape :)

snowflakes bokeh
Jasmin.... 9 years ago
My first attempt at heart bokeh:

Hanilliant ✿ 9 years ago
WOW ! It's amazing . I'll try someday ^^ !!! Thanks guys for this helpful topic !
artesphoto 9 years ago
grandiose song [deleted] 9 years ago
here's my attempt at shaped bokeh. Everyone did some creative images here!

Falling Leaf Bokeh
anthidie Posted 9 years ago. Edited by anthidie (member) 9 years ago
my first attempt too. a little too much darker :/
your ideas are great !!
noiseless mist [deleted] 9 years ago
Hearty Bokeh Wednesday
Osvaldo_Zoom 9 years ago
On The Rocks....Peekaboo! I see you!
c {pp} Posted 9 years ago. Edited by c {pp} (member) 9 years ago
a bowl of stars

lots of little stars
PuraVidaPix 9 years ago
ok, so im lost.....do you have to photoshop your main subject into the picture after you shoot through the black cardboard with the hole in it???? how do you get such great bokeh and still have such shart main images. Im not very good at photoshop....so I may be out of luck on this, but would like to try...I have a 50mm 1.4 that im dying to get creative with...its an older manual focus lens...but so far its been one of my favorites to play with!
kktp_ PRO 9 years ago
the point of this is to get bokeh shape right out of camera. so photoshop is *NOT* necessary, it's fun, you have to try it :)
la_nacho 9 years ago

No pshop
earthy turkey [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by earthy turkey (member) 9 years ago
"Astignar", Homemade lens

Homemade lens, F2

Homemade lens in Leica mount.
kktp_ PRO 9 years ago
Great job everyone :)
Osvaldo_Zoom 9 years ago
This Morning..

with a glass on the background
Hala. 9 years ago
My first try, so not very good.
Heart Bokeh
stormyfebruary 9 years ago
will this work for a plain digital camera? i dont have a dslr yet.:(
nikkitambo 9 years ago
I love this trick! Thank you!!

you could be a rockstar!
Cynthia I. Rogers 9 years ago
these are so cool! i get it that you put a shape in front of the lens but how do you multiply the shape, Photoshop??
nikkitambo 9 years ago
Hi Cindy, this was my first try on this. I just dug out a strand of Christmas lights and set them behind the bear for my pic. You may need to play with the distance between your subject and the light source for your effect. Good Luck! Can't wait to see what you come up with!
hey amy 9 years ago
This was fun! Thanks for sharing how to create creative-shaped bokeh. Here's my try:

Shamrock bokeh
unveiled.epicurean 9 years ago
hey amy 9 years ago
I had to try the shamrock one more time. Look closely throughout the water drops and you'll see them!

Shamrock water drop bokeh
nikkitambo 9 years ago
here's another shot I did... thanks again!!
love makes life rosier
bethany leigh 9 years ago
I don't understand how you're making all these great shapes!
QF Photo 9 years ago
That is awesome! I have to try!
bethany leigh 9 years ago
Well actually I know how you get the shapes, but I'm confused because I've never been able to get the bokeh AND a sharp main object. usually I just have a dark photo with pretty shaped lights
Photos By Laurita 9 years ago
Thank you for the inspiration, I will be attempting this very soon. I'll be back to share.

Thank you thank you thank you!!

CWorrell 9 years ago
I'm wondering the same thing as Bethany here. How do you get such a sharp main object with the pretty bokeh shapes in the background if you're putting a piece of cardboard over the lens?

Also, do you have to use a 50mm f/1.8 to get this effect or can you use any other kinds of lenses? I recently purchased a 28-210mm macro lens for my manual SLR Minolta. Would that work? Otherwise, I just have the 35mm lens that the camera came with. I'm just wondering because I will have to purchase a 50mm lens since I really want to try this out.

KyleMistry 9 years ago
I'm with CWorrell on this- is the 50mm/1.8 along the lines of what kind of lens someone should use for this? I've got a 18-200mm/3.5-5.6, and I can't seem to get a good result.

That's how I've got mine set up- a cut cardboard sheet placed just inside the lens threads. Not only do I end up with that massive blurry heart-shaped vignette (or just a massive blurry vignette when I go out to further focal lengths), but the light shapes barely appear sharp, if at all.

Maybe I'm just not doing something right- I do have a tendency to mess up the simple things. Pointers?
Sylvia Rueda 9 years ago
I tried several times, and finally I managed to make it work as well. I think your heart is too big. I first tried a heart and I didn't get it to work, then I did a smaller one, and it works now. It does not matter which lens you use either, I did it with a 18-55mm in a Nikon D40. The only thing you need is to see the bokeh while you are taking the picture, so try to find the blurred dots, and then put the cardboard there and you will see the hearts in the place of the dots. Hope this helps. I didn't stick the cardboard to the lens, that way I can move it around and find the best position for the photo. This is one of the pictures I took.

I love my car

Hope this helps.
These are all so creative and beautiful!
Bubblix 9 years ago
My shaped bokehs..
Starry morning by Bubblix

Stardust by Bubblix

Heart Flames by Bubblix

If you like them, or have any comment to improve them, please do let me know...
Daniel.. 9 years ago
KyleMistry 9 years ago
Been trying this with my Polaroid SX-70, works pretty well. Once my scanner's up and running again I'll have some results to post.
beecave00 9 years ago
How can I have these kind of shapes show up? do ya'll use a camera filter?

Heart shape bokeh self portrait
The bokeh object is an arrangement of Christmas lights behind bed room curtains. Taken at full apperture (50mm lens at f/1.8) using a cardboard with a heart shape hole over the lens. I put the camera on timed shutter and place myself at the focal point
Ann Rob Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Ann Rob (member) 9 years ago
Star Gazy Santa

Starting to get that festive feeling!
i luv brittanies by A Darling Shot (crazy busy)
heart shaped bokeh
tree bokeh...no tree by A Darling Shot (crazy busy)

Merrry Christmas Everyone!
00Accord4cyl 9 years ago
I have never heard of a technique like this. Makes me happy because I know what I will be doing tonight!!!
sacredgeometry 8 years ago
New Start

it apparently looks like a hand giving peace
KaleidoscopePhotos Posted 8 years ago. Edited by KaleidoscopePhotos (member) 8 years ago
Lit With Love
[LiaLua] [DGNeves] 8 years ago
I learnt a lot now! =) Thank You!
Lars Kristian Boquist 8 years ago
Peace man!

All taken in one shot, only removed the thread.
Vin0x64 PRO 8 years ago
Ecellent peace & love shape. Here's my version of the quite usual heart shaped bokeh ...

Valentine's gerbera
Moriah Cuda Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Moriah Cuda (member) 8 years ago
Cool man.


This illustrates my love for hamburgers.
thankful fire [deleted] 8 years ago
Did anyone of you try to create a text-bokeh, or isn't this possible!? I can imagine that it would probably look strange, because the letters of a word aren't exactly in the middle...
jcbehr 8 years ago
I don't know why but it just won't work for me! This is all I get:


I've tried it with a smaller hole but still nothing :/
AimeeLopez 8 years ago
squiishy, I think your hole is far too big. Try making it smaller, less than a half inch.
Sindrii 8 years ago
these are my first attempts, but it really hasn't turned out quite how I imagined it in my head.. any CCing and tips will be very appreciated :)

Starshaped Bokeh

Starshaped Bokeh Close-up
Austin Tott 8 years ago
I know that the bokeh is all normal/ plain old circles... but I made the shape of a heart with it... I guess you can just delete my post from this thread if it doesn't fit... but I really want to try out some of the different shaped bokeh!

pisceshorse 8 years ago
thanks so much for sharing this thread... here's my first try & i hope to improve more on this :)

colorful hearts
ẹЯiž Posted 8 years ago. Edited by ẹЯiž (member) 8 years ago
First Try... :)

12 years and counting... by ẹЯiž
How do you cut this leaves and butterflies shapes so perfectly? What kind of scissors or cutters do you use?
Owen Harvey Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Owen Harvey (member) 8 years ago
Nice thread :)

Branch by Owen Harvey

tentacles by Owen Harvey
Owen Harvey 8 years ago
Keyboard Bokeh by Owen Harvey
daniez79 8 years ago
Queste son veramente carine
CIGARETTE by daniez79

Grandeee scatto. ottimo lavoro
aaronv2 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by aaronv2 (member) 8 years ago
Bokeh Hearts by aaronv2


Hope you enjoy, Thanks guys.
mico4ever 8 years ago
my heart shaped BOKEHs!! :)
mix with light painting~~~
kenharris85 7 years ago
Merry Christmas !! by kenharris85
vanzki 7 years ago
just want to share.. :D
happy bokeh! :D
starbucks flakes
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