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  • What Annoys a Dog?

    There are certainly things and behavior among humans that dogs hate. It annoys t...

    petique.pets4 weeks ago0 replies

  • Need some Cute Pet Photos..

    What animals make the best pet photos??? I love the dogs.....

    Ladymaggic4 weeks ago3 replies

  • Are your pets emergency-ready?

    In these times of disasters and calamities are your fur babies prepared?

    petique.pets4 weeks ago1 replies

  • Why?

    Hello. I have question. It is only a group for animals. Why did we have so often...

    MS-19766 weeks ago1 replies

  • Meet Mr. Famous, celebrity pets!

    85 million American Famlies own pets. Many such households include the rich and ...

    petique.inc4 months ago0 replies

  • 5 Reasons Why Your Dog Loves To Lick You

    There's nothing like coming home to a happy and excited dog - all the tail waggi...

    hadadhamza5715 months ago0 replies

  • Big lenses

    Sometimes I find it quite hard to photograph my pets because they seem to be afr...

    Diego.Juliano68 months ago3 replies

  • Little sweeties

    Hi guys what do you think when we all have a pet day? everyone shares a photo o...

    EmiQuinn70 months ago0 replies

  • Pets..Cute and Funny and adorable tpp

    Add your pets here... All pets have personality

    Ladymaggicages ago1 replies

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