The Neepster PRO 8:08am, 26 October 2008
What a fab idea for a group - why no discussion though?

I'm in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and love to take photos from a low perspective and unusual angles.

Anyone else out there want to say hi :D
Jared Benney 10 years ago
Hi just found this group on my home page I agree what a great group.
I am in the West Midlands UK
Anguskirk PRO 10 years ago
Hi - I've also just spotted this group. I find a pivoting screen incredibly useful, and I'm getting many of my *best* shots from the unusual angles it permits. I'm from Hampshire, UK
Changaa 10 years ago
Hi like everyone else just spotted it on my home page. Great idea. I live in the Charente Maritime France.
Nisann 10 years ago
Hİ from Turkiye... i will take photos from low perspective after now....
eyeontheweb Posted 10 years ago. Edited by eyeontheweb (member) 10 years ago
Hi i'm Keith, Driffield East Riding of Yorkshire...great group idea..I often get wet or dirty knees from this type of photgraphy...and have been known to lay down to get a shot!
Mark 8:34 Photography 10 years ago
Hi there! I took a few shots just a few days ago from a low perspective so this group is perfect!

I'm comin atcha from Miami, FL but am on vacation in Boston, MA right now.
Lilly Dana 10 years ago
Hi, just like all the above I spotted this group on my home page. I'm from Holland
New York Here. Great Idea!
I can't believe this group only just existed. Cool idea. Many of my shots are crouching low angles. Superb.
Jennz World PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Jennz World (member) 10 years ago
Hello Everyone,

Just found your group from my groups homepage. Super idea. I've been working on some low angle shot and really like the perspective. I've posted a few so hope you like them too. I look forward to looking through the group pool!

Happy Flickring!

PS I'm from Brantford, Ontario, Canada
NikonWitch 10 years ago
Great discussion starter! I love this advantage point as well. I've become a bit obsessed lately of it.

I'm from San Antonio, TX.
(But will be viisiting Scotland soon!!!)
jEAN jOSEPH PRO 10 years ago
New too to this group - low perspective fantastic idea for 'different' photos and especially use of wide angles which I like a lot. Need to be imaginative to get the best, like most things artistic!
A P Walsh 10 years ago
I take floor level shots because I haven't got a tripod.
I too spotted this group on my hame page.
Being only 5' 7"...I've pretty much have always taken "low perspective" shots. lol
Seriously -- I like different. Low brings that out!

Welcome then to us all. Glad to see this group is off to such a great start!

See 'ya on the "down low"!
jenni from the block PRO 10 years ago
I started taking lots of shots from a 'bugs eye-view' a few months ago and I love how this low perspective lends an entirely different look to everyday objects. It also gives me a great apprectiation for how small dogs and toddlers see the world. I was excited to find this group!
JeffOliver 10 years ago
Jeff from London & I like taking low angle shots.

There. I've said it & come out into the open among like minded individuals. :-)
it's the best angle to shoot my cats from, among other subject matter.

I'm from San Francisco, US, and will be traveling to Bhutan and Thailand in about 5 days. Yep... I'm stoked!
jennysworld 10 years ago
Hi from Detroit, MI. Great idea for a group. Some of my favorite shots are low angle.
davidcampbellphoto 10 years ago
This is a good one. I shoot from lot of angles. Is there a high perspective group?
Emma Wills 10 years ago
Hi, what a great group. I'm a big fan of low perspective shots - again thanks to a pivoting screen. I'm in Devon :)
namnaran 10 years ago
Hello! I'm a new one =))
Interesting group and interesting shots!
Hello from Japan. I'm 6'4" so I have to get down to a lower angle to shoot. LOL.
iwillglo 10 years ago
Hi from Kansas,
Great idea - can't wait to add some posts
Bart Raeke 10 years ago
I see I'm not the only one who saw this on the "groups we noticed" slot. I love the low perspective shot, but forget to use it sometimes. I'm hoping participation here will keep it in the back of my brain when I'm out and about with the camera in hand.
Glücksklee 10 years ago
Hi from Hannover, Germany, I love it too. You will see ... ;o)
tmv_media PRO 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Tom, living in Bristol, UK.
Love taking shots from ground level & knee height
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