Coolbrat 6:06am, 1 September 2005

Can we list out the cameras that we all use to capture these elusive and flitty damsels..?? Seems there is a variety of equipment that we all use and lets give the pros and cons of each..

kalele 13 years ago
well I use 60mm micro nikkor on F80 Hand held for all my marco/butterflies pictures. only con is its working distance at 1:1 mag is about 4in.

Coolbrat 13 years ago
I use an Olympus C-750 digital camera for all my current pics..the only problem is the lag between the shutter press and the capture of the pic on the camera..that lag is enough to miss quite many shots....thinking of movin over to the D-70s or the D55 soon.
Dhaval Momaya 13 years ago
Either the Tamron 70-300 LD or the Nikkor 28-80 G reversed on F75/D70s.
CharlesLam 12 years ago
I use my little DC with macro filter, a quite handy solution. :D

Bugging One
eirraccor 12 years ago
I use a Fujifilm S602Z compact camera.
NatuurfotoRien Posted 12 years ago. Edited by NatuurfotoRien (member) 12 years ago
I am in the first place a bird photographer.
I use a Canon 30D with a Canon300/4 L IS USM lens plus a 1,4x Extender.
This lens gives me (with extender and camera crop-factor 672mm focal-lenght.
The best thing is that the minimal focus-distance is only 1,5 meter
(5 feet)!That gives a lot of possibilities for everything on distance and for close-ups.Animals like lizards and butterflies.
The build-in stabilizer makes hand-held shots possible till 1/60,razor sharp!I don't use a tripod anymore.
Almost all of my photos on Flickr are made with this combination!
I can recommend this combination to everyone who likes nature-photography!
I am currently using a Canon G5 but that is a "new" acquisition and my butterfly population isn't finished arriving just yet.

Most of what I have posted on Flickr in the way of butterflies are taken with a Canon G3 and a Nikon E775. IForget the Nikon - the colors are just TOO weird!)

I am absolutely hooked on the G3/G5 Canons! I keep renewing my Extended Service Plans to keep them covered for as long as they can be used!!!

I'm a "bit" flaky as far as hand-held stuff, but I continue to try because I just can't quite get a tripod into the middle of a 15 foot "Butterfly Bush" to get close enough

I have some good pictures, some lousy pictures that I love anyway, and one or two that I think are "oh my goodness" pictures.

I want a "Zoom" lens for one of the two of my Canons - I am frustrated with my "bird" pictures, but that's another story for another time . . .

Bring on the butterflies!!!!!
johndohrn 12 years ago
I personally like a more tele lens for butterflies, that's one of the reasons i decided to get a sigma 150 2.8 macro instead of say a 60mm nikkor.
Hi Gareth Davies 11 years ago
I use a D200 with Tamron 90mm 1:1 Macro lens and SB-800 speedlight with various diffusers.
zogt2000 (No Video) PRO 11 years ago
I use a FZ20 I like its light weight. My neck don't like heavy load! It's a good compromise for insects, landscape, birds, flowers. Not optimum for flying birds and dragonflies!
wcap07 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by wcap07 (member) 11 years ago
I took the shot of the flying monarch butterfly in my photostream (see the "NIce photos" set) with the 80-400VR on a NIkon D200. The other butterfly and bird photos were also taken with the same camera, and mostly the same lens. The moth photos were taken with the D200 and the 105mm f/2.8 VR macro lens.
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