jwill9311 6:50am, 3 February 2006
a friend has bought me an Audubon Society pleather covered one. I don't know if it is me or not, but i have trouble diferentiating (sp?) one birds from the other in the guide. Like i said it may be me and not the fault of the guide.

Perhaps i should ask for any tips on identifying.

I have trouble identifying BOTH birds and butterflies from field guides. I think *ALL* of them assume that we know more about what we';re trying to identify than we do and most of them are not basic enough.

I have a butterfly now - small guy - hanging out on the marigolds that I cannot identify because all I *EVER* see of it is the underwing. None of my guides index underwings specifically enough for me to "get it" from just the underwing.

Soon as I get a good picture of this beauty, I'll be back with it to ask for help :)

I like, having said all that first, the Audubon Field Guides to both Butterflies and Birds (and Wild Flowers and "the Night Sky" and Weather) as well as any and better than most.

bigd0011768 12 years ago
rangerkeri 12 years ago
I use both the Audubon Field Guides AND the Peterson Field Guides.

I guess I'm just weird that way.
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