Baltimore101 8:07pm, 25 March 2007
I'm a kid!!I love taking photos.Just talk about yourself and all.
khalid almasoud PRO 11 years ago
I'm photographer from kuwait , hobbyist ..

I love to take the artistic photos shots ..

I think the photos in many cases is more important than the talking or explaining .

I hope you interesting with my gallery , and thank's for all to visits , and comment ... and the critique.
whiteoakart PRO 11 years ago
Hi Khalid,

Indeed, the photo should take the place of all talking and explaining. Otherwise, why bother. The best images tell the story without an interpreter.
lmcinerney 11 years ago
I am in Florida with 2 active little girls.
Shani's Stuff 11 years ago
I'm in Georgia, and have 5 children - 2 of whom are grown now :-( but I have 3 at home still who are crazy and provide some awesome photo ops.
budnkota 11 years ago
I have a 2 yr old little boy - and am eternally in search of that one "great photo." I have a lot of pics I love (and in the long run, that's what matters most), but i just can't seem to get that photo that would turn heads. I just lack that magic something that so many others have.
I'd be thrilled with any critique anybody would be able to give!
Jane A Keats 11 years ago
I'm in New Zealand - South Island. We have two daughters and we love getting outside. The girls love showing off for the camera, which is great cos I take it everywhere thanks to flickr!
jongagrrl 11 years ago
I'm in North Carolina and have two sons - a six-year old and a newborn. So much fun!
Jhascrapmom PRO 11 years ago
I have two kids - 8 and 11...and my daughter is always up to something!

Now if i could figure out how to post a pic to the group...I am a little new to this,LOL.....
Snap Hapy 11 years ago
Hi, my name is Heather and I am obsessed with taking fun pics of my funny kid Joe lol I have 2 cameras, a Nikon D40 and a Canon PowerShot. I would like to join this group!
Panchas 11 years ago
Hi! My name is Panchas, and I love taking pics of everything! Of course, my main focus are my kids, they are such interesting little things! I hope you all enjoy my photos!
bhenkk PRO 11 years ago
Hello everyone,
My name is Karin and I live in Belgium and have two very active girls. We live in a city, but we still try and encourage our girls to be as active as possible.
assorted cave [deleted] 11 years ago
May as well keep it rolling...

My profile pretty much explains me :) I'm a big kid myself really.

No kids of my own yet (working on it :)) but photographing children is a big big passion of mine, thanks to the number of neices, nephews and friends kids in my life who are always such willing young models.

I think the candid, spur of the moment images are the best, especially close ups of those priceless expressions you seem to get from children.

I am slowly, slowly, slowly improving my technique.
Ren Oakenfull 11 years ago
I'm an Australian.

I love Red Bull.

I'm a mother to 4 (+1 stepdaughter)

I love photographing children and am drawn to their eyes more then anything.

I need to be more involved in discussions ;)
Happy Tinfoil Cat PRO 11 years ago
Californian. Two boys, many nephews, nieces, etc. I like that your photos are from a kid's eye level, it shows perspective.
L.y.n.n. 11 years ago
Hi everyone!

My name is Lynn and I'm in California. I LOVE taking pictures of my son and almost everything! Kids are great because they can be funny without even trying. I enjoy all art!
Logan Westerman 11 years ago
Hey Everybody!

Kids Rock, and prove a difficult subject to shoot. I'm glad to find a Group that appreciates that fact and solutes active kids.
LisaMPerez1977 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Lisa from Bay area california. I have 3 kids and My fiance and I take a lot of pictures of the kids, so this will be a great group for me to join.
linzydawn 10 years ago
Hi My name is Lindsay, I have two very active boys so this is the perfect pool.
clickity 10 years ago
Hello. I am Sarah from Houston. I have an active child and love taking his picture. I am so happy I found this group!
Lollerollo 10 years ago
Hi .. I'm from italy.
I still don't have children but I have one nephews and two nieces ....
and .... yes, I really like the spontaneity of the children!!!
susannafarrar 10 years ago
Hello, My name is Susanna, I live in Michigain on the lake right across from Chicago. I am the oldest of 12 children and I love to photograph them. I like pictures that you catch spontaniously more than posed pictures but it can take a lot of pictures to get a good one.
Anek70 10 years ago
Hi! I live in Stockholm, Sweden, and have two kids that sometimes are all over the place! :D I am right behind, with my camera!
Brigitte Bravo Foreman 10 years ago
Hi Im Brigitte from Naples Florida. I have some crazy kids running around. Hoping to share their chaos. Peace and Love
zonked force [deleted] 10 years ago
I'm Amber, I live in New Hampshire. During the summer I work as a nanny for four crazy, active kids, they're some of my favorite subjects to photograph
rchrdcnnnghm PRO 10 years ago
I'm a High School Special Education teacher and church youth group leader.
Peanut Butter Pie 10 years ago
Nina from NY. Can't wait to share some shots of my super energized kid.
Krabuke PRO 10 years ago
Hello, I'm Xavier from Paris... I don't have any kids, but I think they are a torrific subject for pictures... I often try to make some of kids I see in the streets or parks, but I hardly make some good ones... I have to try harder!
exclusive pull [deleted] 10 years ago
I'm a novice photographer form California, candid is my game as in unposed.
Oh and with six grandkids and a little one still at home I have plenty of subjects!
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