sibelian 3:04pm, 6 July 2008
...And the description slightly. I hope none of you feel short-changed but the I can't really call any of the shots that have been put up "failures". They're all really good!

If you think this is a bad idea please let me know.
toldie 10 years ago
I think that new name of the group is much better, fits better than previous one.
plastic spy [deleted] 10 years ago
I noticed you changed the name which is better, but now I feel like a slouch posting my "failure" photos next to all these excellent ones!
sibelian 10 years ago
That bothers me, melissa. I want photos that look different, and some of the really well exposed clean ones could go anywhere on flickr, really.
SeanBalkwill 10 years ago
I think Mutant Fireworks sounds better. To be honest, I'm proud of many of my mutants...
Well this is the first time I've taken fireworks photos, and I like the fact they aren't perfect. You see perfect rosettes all the time.. I prefer MUTANTS!
just1snap PRO 10 years ago
I was searching for a fireworks group and was attracted by the name. My little camera doesn't take amazing firework pics (or maybe that's down to me) so they all come out fuzzy. Yet it gives them an abstract look and I like them. Having looked through some of the group photos, I think they're amazing. :)
cookvisuals 7 years ago
rad name!
MargaretNapier PRO 7 years ago
Well, I did expect to see photos of aliens with fireworks hitting them, but instead these are really good photos of fireworks. We go to the Hollywood Bowl which has fireworks at least once a month, so some of the ideas here will inspire me.
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