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We all like fireworks. Also, many, many of us love to take photographs of them. Don't we?

However, fireworks are willful things. They don't like having their photograph taken, do they? Prima donnas, the lot of them! Cant really blame them, they only get one shot at fame.

But it's depressing taking shot after shot of fireworks that just go wrong and it's REALLY depressing looking at everybody else's excellent firework shots on flickr if you've only got a string of shots that are sort of... okay. Or, even worse, are too blurry and confusing for anyone to be sure that they're fireworks at all!

But that doesn't make them bad shots. Some of them look amazing.

So stick 'em here. Put up the firework shots that nearly worked or just flat out "failed" completely. Let us see the jellyfish of light, the wibbly snakes of fire!

Some of these mutants have a peculiar charm all their own...

PLEASE NOTE: I visit the group periodically to remove shots that don't fit. Only strange firework shots, please, no standard "rosette" shots, or, if it is a standard rosette there has to be something else about it that makes it interesting. If a shot is removed, I sometimes flickr-message people to tell them why, but it should be obvious, there's no reason to post picture-postcard perfect fireworks shots in this group as there are quite a number of firework groups on flickr.

Aand... if you want to take GOOD firework photographs, here's how...

Some of you may already know some of this...

If you have a camera that will let you.... leave the shutter open indefinitely. A lot of hand held digital cameras these days don't have that, you may be better off with a cheap film camera the likes of which you can pick up in a second hand store. Usually such cameras will have a dial on one side at the top with a number of shutter speeds, 1/1000 , 1/500, 1/250 and so on, down to the letter "B" which stands for BULB, (which is the light source photographers sometimes use to take very long exposures!)

It would be good if your camera also allowed you to set the aperture. There is usually a dial of numbers - these determine the width of the hole in your camera's iris, that controls the amount of light getting in when you release the shutter. Some numbers are 32 (very small hole and hence dark photograph), 22, 16, 8, 5.6(big hole and brighter photograph). If it's possible to choose this, set your camera's aperture to 8 for very bright displays, or 5.6 for smaller displays.

Okay, camera basics 101 over...

Here is the vital trick...

o Put your camera ON A TRIPOD and aim it at the fireworks... If you have a cable release, fit it to the camera. It;s better with a cable release.

o Take something OPAQUE, preferably BLACK, that you can hold in front of the lens. It would be good if it partially covered the camera. A hat is ideal. A bowler hat is perfect!

o Release the shutter and wait.

o When something interesting happens, take the hat away!

o When the interesting thing stops happening, put the hat back!

o Aaaand... CLOSE the shutter!

Should be a masterpiece.

But don't post it here. :D

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