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Tod Brilliant ADMIN April 16, 2008
Welcome fellow thootans!!!!

We will spread the high knowledge of the pretty people together!

Let the study of truth through beauty commence!!

Group Description

STOP! Take nineteen seconds. Read the following words. Change your life here and now.


Our very own Flickr hero, Lou O'Bedlam, aka Luciano Noble II, has just released his masterful Polaroid portrait book, "Portraits of Pretty People."

Now, it's a bit odd to start a group about a commercial product, I understand this. And let me be clear, I do hope that after you join this and are exposed to the book and it's unique genius, you WILL buy the book. You see, I aim to start a big, cuddly, BOOK CLUB based on Lou's book.

In this club, we'll examine Lou's techniques, models and personal life - all with equal nosiness, contempt, adoration and curiosity.

Lou Noble's "Portraits of Pretty People" will serve as a swan song to Polaroid for many of us, as well a jumping off point for others who wish to be able to learn the art of capturing The Essence with any camera.

Just join us. PRETEND you own the book. Doesn't matter as you're among friends.

This is "Portraits of Pretty People" and if you're invited, you must be one of them. Next time you walk by a mirror, be proud.


POSTING RULES: Just think of THE BOOK and the PRETTY PEOPLE's important mission when uploading. Be certain that the essence of our collected quest is imbued in the photo.

Additional Info

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