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Why I Will Not Advocate Vegetarianism

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Vegan Butterfly says:

"A vegetarian blogger recently lambasted me on Twitter for having called for consistency in animal advocacy by asking vegan activists not to mince words or water down their message to advocate anything other than veganism. I pointed out that to endorse anything less makes as much sense as endorsing part-time murder or part-time child abuse. If one takes the interests and rights of nonhuman animals seriously, how can one reconcile this with supporting someone else's continued exploitation of animals?..."

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adorable example [deleted] says:

Very good point, vegetarism isnt enough in my book. I do believe that an animal will suffer much more when forced to produce milk and eggs, its not on for vegetarians to think that consuming dairy and egg products is ok.
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SaganGathering says:

I see your point, but then too, we must be careful not to make vegetarians feel like we are the enemy, or that we think they're the enemy. Most of us started off as vegetarian before going vegan. We should gently remind them of the fact that dairy and eggs are still abuse and just as lethal as meat.

There's too much academic fratricide in the AR movement without getting vegans and vegetarians at each others throats.
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Vegan Feast Catering says:

These are all excellent points...everyone has their own insight and past experiences, but the bottom line is how would an animal relate in this discussion?
We all tread along a delicate path, on this planet, so small and fragile.
It is ignorance that stops a vegetarian from becoming a vegan - as simple as that.
It is not hard to do, once an individual wakes up and discovers his/her morality then it is eyes wide open.
We must all be gentle teachers, not loud and boilterous and carrying
a big stick like the carnivores of our race.
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Jeffrey Coolwater says:

@SaganGathering "Careful and gentle reminding" maybe so, but as with educating any non-Vegans including Vegetarians, it is vitally important that we be very clear, unequivocal, and consistent with the Vegan message - anything less than Veganism is absolutely a morally unacceptable position to hold when we consider that nonhumans are indeed moral persons deserving of the right not to be used as property.

And non-violent Vegan education is the only long term effective path worth pursuing.

For more talking points on the relative theory behind the Abolitionist approach please visit the books, blog essays, and podcast commentaries of Professor Gary L. Francione at:

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WanderingSolesPhotography says:

Well.. Im still a vegetarian.. I do NOT eat eggs, though but I still eat (non-animal rennet) cheese and milk and yoghurt without gelatine or gelatin.

The Hindus eat a lacto- vegetarian diet and use only dairy in their diet and they look after their cows.. ie, they do not take the baby away from its mum and do not keep their cows in appalling conditions. Indeed, cows are sacred and are treated with reverence, as they should be.. I am at pains to ensure the milk products I purchase are from cows that live and graze in open countryside.. like most of Australia. I take the point -however, that being vegetarian is akin to being a part-time abuser or killer.. but eating dairy (NOT EGGS!!) does not entail the torture and ultimately, the death of the anilmal. So it's something that my conscience can live with as I feel I am not contributing the the death of any animals. PS .. I dont wear or use leather and I dont eat honey, either!
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yosemitespirit2000 says:

Wandering Soles, I appreciate your position and would like to share the following thoughts...

Rationalizations do not alter reality, and the reality is that any form of slavery, no matter how well-intentioned, carefully maintained or supposedly conscientious changes the fact that these animals are enslaved and exploited.

Putting aside the clear health implications involved in the bizarre practice of consuming another species' milk, we must remember that cows are not "milk machines" and that they lactate under the same circumstances as all other mammals: while pregnant and nursing their young for whom their milk is intended. Insemination occurs under unnatural conditions, against the cow's will, and this is tantamount to rape. When we take milk from cows, calves goes without. In my mind, there is no rationalization that can make these practices acceptable.

Why take pains to ensure the origin of your milk products when it's painless to cease using them altogether?
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www.AbolitionOfSpeciesism.tk says:

hi everyone!
thanks for the invitation, Vegan Butterfly !!

about this issue of 'vegetarianism vs. veganism', I've written a blog entry after the IVU declared "vegetarian equals vegan" (which kicked the s out of me!)

read it and vote at: veganadverb.blogspot.com

vegan regards!
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