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Poofy 2:26pm, 31 August 2007
I think that my favorites horse movie in the BLack Stalion Returns! :)

What is yours?
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louchiere79 11 years ago
That is an awesome one! Wow, there are so many, but I think it would be a toss up between Phar Lap, and Sea Biscuit. For lack of memory I can't recall all the other ones I love lol. But hey, I will watch anything if it has a horse in it!
Poofy 11 years ago
I also liked Sea Biscuit! :)
Phantom Chick 11 years ago
I have alot of favorite horse movies. i also like sea biscuit too. i love my friend flicka, national velvet, blue fire lady, the black stallion movies are awesome, i also love the new movie flicka with tim mcgraw.
evecls 11 years ago
loved that one that came out recently cant think wat it was called but it was a cartoon about a mustang growing up, thionk it was called spirit, phar lap has to be the best though was a very emotional film as far as i can remember,
i cant watch the horse whisperer the bit where the horse gets ran over was bad enough in the book but the film is too graphic
Poofy 11 years ago
I also like Spirit! :)

Yes the Gorse Whisperer was stupid. :)
louchiere79 11 years ago
Yes, Spirit was awesome! I liked Ghost Whisperer too, but I felt like screaming when the horse got hurt, acctually I was more concerned for the horse than the girl!
emilyborowiec 11 years ago
Yea people get hurt all the time in movies but when any animal gets hurt it makes me really sad!!
Phantom Chick 11 years ago
I liked the horse whisperer, Spirit is also one of my favorite ones too.
Poofy 11 years ago
I agree with you emilyborowiec.
miyavicandy 11 years ago
S..........P..............I...........R..........I.......T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRETTY HORSEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE WAY THE WHOLE MOVIE IS! n_n (eventhough its only a cartoon.) but my fav. movie with real horses is The Black Stalion!
curly sink [deleted] 11 years ago
This is an older movie but, but a great one "Bite the Bullet" Also along the same premiss "Hildago"
Phantom Chick 11 years ago
Hidalgo is awesome. I loved that movie. I collect breyer horses with my best friend and i got hidalgo for Christmas. That is one of my favorite newer horse movies.
louchiere79 11 years ago
Yeah, Hildago was awesome!
Phantom Chick 11 years ago
I saw it a couple years ago when it came out i loved it. Viggo mortensen was really good as frank hoppkins too!
Xannava 11 years ago
Hidalgo and Seabiscuit are at the top of my list! Flicka is pretty cool too but it dint make it to the silver screen here in my country, so I had to watch it on dvd.
Phantom Chick 11 years ago
Where do you live Xannava? I have FLicka on dvd too. I love all horse movies basically. If it has a horse i will watch it.
blather44 PRO 11 years ago
Yes, Seabisciut, hidalgo, of course all Black stallion....does legends of the fall work, or am I mainly thinking about brad pitt? Sorry! When I was little we collected breyer horses, had well over 100, we sold them at a yard sale when I was 13 , all for 100.00......
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 11 years ago
lol yeah lacie i got you there if it has a horse in it ill watch it but yeah one of my many favorites is the old flicka movies, they are awsome. i watched all 3 of them and they are so good.
blather44 PRO 11 years ago
I loved the my friend flicka movies, with Roddy mcdowell...showing my age.
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 11 years ago
lol yeah it was cool
alkapanne 11 years ago
Either My Friend Flicka or Seabiscuit. Both wonderful movies. My Friend Flicka makes me happy. It's so sweet.
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 11 years ago
lol yeah you right but i would have to say anything that has race horses in it i love thoroughbreds they are so georgus!
Poofy 11 years ago
Yes they are! :)
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 11 years ago
lol yup i love race horse movies lol!
Phantom Chick 11 years ago
Blather44 dont worry i love my friend flicka too. Yah Seabiscuit is totally awesome. I loved Tobey mcguire. From Racehorse jockey to Spiderman Oh Yeah!!
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 11 years ago
lol hell yeah lacie you got that right!i love toby mcguire but i havent seen him in seabiscuit yet! unfortunatley
~Elise~ 11 years ago
So far its between horse whisperer, and Flicka
slopjop PRO 11 years ago
What about "The Man From Snowy River".
Poofy 11 years ago
I liked the man from snowy river. My two older sisters love it!
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 11 years ago
I love that movie it is awsome but another one of my favorites is Dreamer.
~Elise~ 11 years ago
Whats "The Man from Snowy River" about? i dont think i have heard of it.
Poofy 11 years ago
It is a tv show. I was only able to see a few eps from it because it is really hard to find.
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 11 years ago
its a really good series, there is also a couple movies too isnt there?
~Elise~ 11 years ago
oh ok thats probably why i havent heard of it because i dont watch to much tv!
Poofy 11 years ago
Actually I don't know if there is any movies for it. Esiegel18, it is actually on DVD. :)
Phantom Chick 11 years ago
There is a movie called "the man from snowy river" and then there is "return to snowy river" and there might be a few more. I dont for sure what came first the movie or the show. I love both!!
Poofy 11 years ago
Cool. I will have to check them out! :)
Phantom Chick 11 years ago
They are really good. Has anyone ever seen Blue Fire Lady?
it is really good too. It is about a racehorse that everyone thinks is crazy. She is really attached to this one girl. It is a great movie.
~Elise~ 11 years ago
oh ok sweet. i just might have to find that then. thanks Poofy!
E.Zin 11 years ago
I'm more a fan of older movies. Like The Black Stallion Returns, Wild Hearts Can't be Broken or The Silver Stallion. Black Beauty will always have a place in my heart as well.
*Maddison* 11 years ago
my favorite is... well I cant say I love almost all horse movies and if they have a horse get hurt my heart sinks but I'm ok. But if I had to pick one movie it would be flicka!
Phantom Chick 11 years ago
I am getting the silver stallion on netflix. Is it good? Has anyone seen the the derby stallion? It has Zac Efron.
louchiere79 11 years ago
I haven't seen either of them. Let us know if they are good though after you watch em!
Phantom Chick 11 years ago
The derby stallion is awesome! I really liked it. I have not watched the silver stallion yet!
zippy card [deleted] 10 years ago
Misty of Chincoteague (sp?) It is a classic
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 10 years ago
lol classics are good. It may not be a horse movie but it has alot of horses in it, it's called Johnson County War! you need to see it. it is really good.
clear sleet [deleted] 10 years ago
Hidalgo is definately my favorite!!! but i love Spirit and Seabiscuit 2!!
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 10 years ago
lol yeah i love those movies as well....... i just recently saw seabiscuit, and i loved it. i like Spirit alot too.
louchiere79 10 years ago
Ya Spirit is really cool!
Dásemd 10 years ago
Black Beauty
Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron
remmepark 10 years ago
Mine was Lady Hawk with the Friesian that Rutger H rode. Made me run out and import one! LOL
Phantom Chick 10 years ago
I watched the movies the Silver Stallion, all the black stallion movies, and another one i cant think of at the moment that were really good. I love horse movies
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 10 years ago
i love the silver stallion. it was an awsome movie. i've watched i think most of the black stallion movies, they were all good!
griffithjune49 10 years ago
You just cannot beat ....The Black Stallion Returns! But the Original
Movie Premerior of the Series, WildFire is a tear Jerker with lots of
great action!
WildFire is an awesome show!!!
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 10 years ago
Lol omg i love that show! i can't believe they canceled it!
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 10 years ago
Which one of the guys was ur favorite character? Mine was Jr.
MaddieBug Photography 10 years ago
"Wild hearts can't be broken" I know it's really childish but the bond that Senora has with Lightning is so sweet. It's definately a tearjerker.
zealous pencil [deleted] 10 years ago
I love the Black Stallion. You know how the boy, when he is stranded on the island, eats seaweed? Well When I was a kid I Idolized every part of that movie, so to get me to eat my spinach, my mom would tell me that it was seaweed. And I ate it!

Also I loved the part when he rides the black stallion on the beach and its in slow motion. I love that movie.
gamy expert [deleted] 10 years ago
my favourite horse movie out of the many i have seen would have to be Hidalgo and Spirit!
Phantom Chick 10 years ago
Yeah those two are great. I love the show wildfire. I watched one episode and told my best friend, country girl, that she had to watch it. I loved Kerry Connely when he was on it. R.J. Blake was amazing too. I cried when he was killed bullriding. I am getting the whole series on Netflix.
mfoley25 10 years ago
My favorite horse movie is definitely Hidalgo. I can watch it over and over again.
AnnaC Saunders 10 years ago
My favorite horse movies are: Hidalgo, Spirit, Black Beauty and Virginia's Run.
Poofy 10 years ago
I have never seen Virginia's Run, is it good? What is is about?
Phantom Chick 10 years ago
Has anyone seen the movie thicker than water?
available ink [deleted] 10 years ago
Have you seen LORENZO ?
I don't see "Second Chances" I could watch it a 100 times over it is the best. It is the most real life horse movie other then Seabiscuit.
molalaaa▲ 10 years ago
Hildalgo.. Anyone Else... I Also Like 'The Long Shot' - a film about a lady who is left a stunning dressage horse, and one day he suddenly turns totally blind, and then the lady falls off a ladder and brakes her leg and the film is about how they get through it together and at the end she goes to compete someone elses horse and takes her horse along for company and the other horse turns lame, and she has to compete on the blind horse and comes 1st its amazing.. real heartwarmer!! < i recomomend
Erfellie 10 years ago
Wild Hearts Cant Be Broken, its an oldie but goodie, Definitely Hidalgo, and Spirit but as much I love Spirit, why the heck do all the horses have eyebrows? and why does Spirit lap the water like a dog?? silly cartoonists!!
historical books [deleted] 10 years ago
Black Beauty!
k8sings 10 years ago

no one has mentioned National Velvet!!! Elizabeth Taylor when she was a little girl, and Mickey Rooney!

It is such a good movie. Seriously. I was just like Velvet when i was a kid. lol she ties shoestrings to her toes and pretends they are reins.


netflix it or go to blockbuster or something... dooo it!
ridin_tha_blue 10 years ago
Black Beauty
Black Stallion(All)
Virginias Run(i went through a stage where i watched that EVERY NIGHT for 4 months strait!)
I <3 the Horse WHisperer but i bawled like a baby!
And im a Saddle Club addict
ridin_tha_blue 10 years ago
oh ive seen the Derby Stallion.. it was corny but i liked it. and Moondance Alexander!!
Sophie van Dijk 10 years ago
black beauty,
doh =P
Wakiya Means Thunder 10 years ago
Black Beauty is my very favorite

Hidalgo is close up there because my horse is related to the real Hidalgo and Spirit too. I can't like Flicka because of the two horses killed during filming
fluffytailnuts 10 years ago
Running Free.............loved it!!!
clay4life111 9 years ago
hmmm i guess black stallion also and flicka..flicka is just sooo sad!
MustangLover28 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by MustangLover28 (member) 9 years ago
Hmmm...I'd have to say Black Beauty (it's my all time favorite)
But I also like Dreamer and Spirit stallion of the cimarron...
switch007Pr 9 years ago
black beauty is a classic but probably my favorite is two bits and pepper
Phantom Chick 9 years ago
I have too many horse movies that I love!!!! Um. . . .I have to go wit Ridin_tha_blue Derby Stallion and Moondance Alexander are good. There is another one I just watched and cant remember now. . . .Good job
Cigar Lady 9 years ago
The Black Stallion would have to be mine- the underwater swimming scene-gives me chills to think of it now.

My #2 pick is an unusual one no one has mentioned yet- "Into the West" it's a very different plot for a "horse movie" but it's a great story.

And Man From Snowy River and Ladyhawke will tie for 3rd.
second trade [deleted] 9 years ago
I think I'm going to have to say Black Beauty.
even cap [deleted] 9 years ago
Definitely Spirit!
Rowdy Rider PRO 9 years ago
I'm with Phantom Chick and k8sings that my fav is "National Velvet."
violingirl1988 9 years ago
I love Seabiscuit, it's so heartwarming!
Poofy 9 years ago
Justxemma, I agree with you about Spirit! My sister was watching it other day again, and I was like, wow I forgot how much I love this movie! :D I love the train scene the best! :D
Brenna Percy 9 years ago
Spirit :D
I like the film "Miracle of the White Stallions". It tells the true story set in 1944/ 1945 where the horses of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna are saved.
abigail morgan 9 years ago
Gosh ,I think I like them all!
moviegal13 9 years ago
I say Black Beauty! It was put together very weel. The story is beautiful and sad. I <3 Black Beauty!
EnigmaG204 9 years ago
I don't think many of you have heard of it but my favorite was Dreamer. It was about a injured race horse that nobody wanted. It had a happy ending though.
horsegal_1003 8 years ago
I rented "Danny" more times than I can even remember. Still to this day, I love it... I'm going to buy a copy off Amazon.

Also... Seabiscuit, Dreamer, Black Beauty, The Black Stallion, National Velvet... and as a kid Two Bits & Pepper. :)

There definitely need to be more horsey movies.
janeharris55 8 years ago
Run Wild, Run Free
Must be forty years or more ago
cowboys13 8 years ago
the main actress reminds me soo much of myself with most things..
black beauty & spirit...quite a toss up :)
HKW Photography 8 years ago
AdamsBullDozer 8 years ago
Mine would have to be,a toss up between The Horse Whisperer and The Man from snowy river
1° Seabiscuit
2° Danse avec Lui
*sophie d* 8 years ago
definitely seabiscuit!
airtank 8 years ago
So, so late on this, but Danny, The Black Stallion and The Last Unicorn are my favorite horse movies! I haven't seen Danny in years, and Netflix doesn't have it, though, so I'm totally heartbroken.
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