Poofy 4:53pm, 7 December 2006
So what is your favorite horse breed?

I think that mine is Pinto! They are so cute looking!

Share what your favorites one is!
ZoofyTheJinx 12 years ago
Hmm.. I don't really know. I guess that I like any kind of horse that is not mean lol ;)
louchiere79 12 years ago
I love lippizoner stallions! Need help with the spelling lol. Also, I think arabian horses are cute and intelligent.
Poofy 12 years ago
They are both really cool one Louch!
backroadshutterbug 12 years ago
I'm an Arab Lover! I do love all breds though too.
Poofy 12 years ago
I also think that Arab horse are really beautiful! :)
Keith Jack 11 years ago
Connemeara Ponies are my favourite.
Poofy 11 years ago
I don't think that I have ever seen one of them. :)
M.J.K.Ranch Posted 11 years ago. Edited by M.J.K.Ranch (member) 11 years ago
i would say that my favorite breed would be a quarter horse. for being the most usefull in all events.
sjenshines 11 years ago
My fav. breed is a paint or quarter horse.
I have a paint myself and they are really versatile and easy minded! ;)
Lady Rea 11 years ago
American Saddlebred. The grace, the athleticism, the beauty!
They are great horses. And they love the camera too!

American Saddlebred competitor for 14 years, and counting.
Poofy 11 years ago
Wow! :) They both sound like great breeds! :)
litto flora 11 years ago
Arabians I own 3 now and am getting more. They are intelligent and wonderful . I have a Connemeara cross arab as well.
witty rake [deleted] 11 years ago
i think mine must be draught crosses as they are reserved, clever with strong bone and substance. i think i just love them all!

I'm 15 and i spend my afternoons when i'm not doing homework (or on Flickr) tracing bloodlines and reading all about them! I love them! My dream is to breed an Australian Champion! I would love to do that!

I also want to try a large Arab stallion over a well build, yet small Clydie Mare. I've seen some crosses of Percherons x Arabs and other draughts x with arabs but i have only seen some nice ones. For some reason i feel that if i bred the right Stallion to the right mare i could get quite a nice horse! This idea was mainly inspired by an Australian Arab stallion, Royal Domino (who's deceased) Domino was a purebred arab but he had long feathers and a strong build. He was a lovely horse. I just imagine how beautiful a Clydesdale would look with a lovely dished face, big eyes and nostrils and a high tail would look!

The clydie x arab breeding would simply be an experiment. I much prefer pure arabs.
Poofy 11 years ago
That sounds like a great idea. My sister is also going to have a horse breeding farm one day too. :)

I think that Arabians are cool too! :) Did you ever see the movie cald the "Black Stalion?" The horse in that was just beautiful! :)
louchiere79 11 years ago
Very beautiful:) Yes someday:) It just takes cash, and I'm working on that lol. There is a farm near here, that has a whole herd of arabians, I love there faces! They are so friendly and gentle too. The one I talk to all the time, named Charlean, just had a baby last spring, she is so beautiful! But I think they sold her baby. I love to watch them run together as a herd, it is so amazing and the ground just trembles. I love horses!
That sounds amazing! At my work there is about 20 something horses. But theres only an Anglo Arab and my favourite little Nelson who is 29 years old and is an Arabian pony crossed with something else! The rest are mainly STB's, and Stock Horse crosses and shetlands (theres only 2 of them) and some QH's!
OH and yes i did see the black stallion. He was nice but they say he's a "wild horse' like NO! They shouldn't say that cause any one who knows a little bit about horses could tell he's not wild. They should have used a nice looking mixed breed!
pippa luna 11 years ago
Arabian Horses!
louchiere79 11 years ago
Ya, Arabians are beautiful! I love their heads. They are very smart too, and friendly. Does anyone like Morgans?
blowing in the wind Posted 11 years ago. Edited by blowing in the wind (member) 11 years ago
American Quarter Horse and Appaloosa’s are my favorites. Though I also like the old line of Morgan's and Arab's are beautiful. There are two quotes that come to mind when asking me about horses..."A horse is a horse, or course of course!" and "A horse, a horse, my kingdome for a horse!" I would have a hard time to find a breed (or cross-bred) that I don't like!
louchiere79 11 years ago
Great quotes! I like "If wishes were horses beggars would ride" There is one about heaven and horses, but I can't remember it...
sezzaleerose 11 years ago
australian stock horses. i love them they are adorable and have the sweetest personality and they cant let you down (truly) lol and they get disapointed if you are and they are also very cheeky at times (yeah i own one) ummz i like paints and mustangs and brumbys too all those wild personality ones =P yeah but i love all horses but arabians i'm starting to grow out of them thanks to jess =P lol
chance1508 11 years ago
my faves are minis and appaloosas i myself own a mini appaloosa so it works both ways i guess ;-)
TroisM 11 years ago
I love Clydesdale horses they are so pretty!
Emily Robertson 26 11 years ago
arabian all the way!
... well friesians are pretty cool too
Poofy 11 years ago
They all sound like nice horses! :) Glad to see you all stop by. :)
sylvester75117 11 years ago
I think all horses are beautiful. We have three different breeds: Quarter Horse mare, Mustang Paint mare and two Polish Arabians a gelding and a stallion. The stallion, Cassels Danzel, thinks he is a crown prince.
ice_ace 11 years ago
An Icelandic horse!!

They are the best, not too big, sweet and loving and they tölt!
- I've only once ridden a horse that wasn't icelandic, a dans varmblood... when it trotted I though I was going to fall off *lol*
eclecticescapades 11 years ago
I have worked with horses (in one way or another) for almost 10 years and I have to say my Canadian warmblood X is the most amazing horse I've come across. He is a Percheron/Thoroughbred X, 17.2 hh, chestnut without marking and the quietist, calmest sweetest boy ever :) But then again, I am TOTALLY biased! Does anyone else have a Canadian warmblood x? Almost no one knows what he is when they see him ;)
Sigga Dúllumús 11 years ago
My favorite breed is the Icelandic horse. I own 5 and they are so cute, with great personalities, 5 beautiful gaits including tölt, come in every color and are one of the purest breeds in the whole world, very strong and intelligent. ^_^ I've also been working on a horse rental here in Iceland and people just fall instantly in love with them!
Phantom Chick Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Phantom Chick (member) 11 years ago
MY favorite breeds are arabian and quarter horse. I have a herd of quarter horse and a couple arabs. Quarter horses because they are the most usefull and can be used for just about anything. Arabs because they have awesome personalities, and they are just beutiful to watch.
finicky roll [deleted] 11 years ago
Arabians & Half Arabs are my favorite but right now i own a no spot Appy filly. I love all horses and am happy just to have one of any breed.
meganslady_63 11 years ago
I have to say that I love all horses and all breeds but the one that has my heart is the Tennesse Walker, I own one now and he is the best horse I have ever owned. He is my best friend and I trust him with my life. He is 20 yrs old and still going strong.
louchiere79 11 years ago
Wow this is a very active thread! Glad to hear everyone's favs!
Poofy 11 years ago
I have to agree with Louch! Glad to see everyone having fun and stuff! Plus everyone's favorites! :)
buckskinfilly 11 years ago
Quarter horses rock!!!! Woo hoo!!
zlithgow 10 years ago
My favourite breed is the Dales pony
zippy card [deleted] 10 years ago
Thoroughbreds all the way!!
Etsumi-chan 10 years ago
Thoroughbreds for me too! Mine and the ones I know seem to have a lot of personalty. :)
Minis are cute too.
~Elise~ 10 years ago
I love many types of horses but my favorite in the Golden American Saddlebreed.
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 10 years ago
My favorite changes alot but Oldenburgs.
clear sleet [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by clear sleet (member) 10 years ago
CONNEMARAS!!!!!!!!!! i hav a connemara x TB and he is the most incredible horse ever! hes about 2 be 27 yrs old and my mom has had him for almost 23 years. he is so quiet and wouldnt hurt a fly! and he can open gates and he has such a goofy personality but i love him so MUCH!
and for the fellow and intense connemara lovers out there:
Frank, my connemara, is the last foal sired by Marconi!
Photography_bleh 10 years ago
I think theres no great breed nor color... i think the best horse that would have to be one that is so sweet and calm!! just a great personality
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 10 years ago
I am in love with Oldenburgs, they are so cool, and awsome to ride!
TangyNikkie 10 years ago
Quarter Horses!!!!!!!!!!!! My little TNT is to die for!!!!!!!!!!!
orange chalk [deleted] 10 years ago
Quarter horses(:
i have a quarter horse and he is the best horse ever
he is perfect[[;
Michele vK 10 years ago
Mines is Akhal-Tekes
herminehaller 10 years ago
*Maddison* Posted 10 years ago. Edited by *Maddison* (member) 10 years ago
I would say Arabians I think they are so cute but I also like pinto's
remmepark 10 years ago
Frieisians are at the top of the list. I love the Gypsy horses also. And many of the draft breeds. :-)
LMurphyNC 10 years ago
quarter horses
Claire Ellen. 10 years ago
dutch warmbloods
I like a lot of breeds, but my top breeds are:

1.) Friesians
2.) Arabians
3.) Thoroughbreds
MaddieBug Photography 10 years ago
Tennessee Walking Horses are the best!!!!!
Phantom Chick 10 years ago
I love my quarter horses. They are amazing. Arabs are my other favorite. I have one, and I love him. They are beautiful!!
~*Cowgirl@<3*~ 10 years ago
I love Oldenburgs because ive heard they are great jumper horses! I also love thoroughbreds. I love quarter horses. i work with around seven of them at my work. Their names are Drifter he is a buckskin, he is 7. there is Star, he is a dunn at 7. Umm.... Rouger, he is a Brownish black 5 year old, there is Slim Pickins is a 4 year old bay, and there is two more that r ridable and one more that they r bording and she is a bay brood mare. her name is Cooper. umm..... there is my favorite Doc. he is old but a very good horse to ride. umm...... he is a brownish black too. them last but not least there is Bravo a quarter horse/morgan mix. he is really tall and a great horse. i cant remember how old he is but he is soo cool. he is the same color as Doc and Rouger! I love my job down there though the people r great and the horses r even better.
ploop205 10 years ago
KWPN!!!! best jumers and best in dressage!

AnnaC Saunders 10 years ago
Here are my best top 3 breeds I like:

1.) Akhal Teke.
2.) Fallabella
3.) Mustang's
zealous pencil [deleted] 10 years ago
Freisians. 100%. I would kill to own a gelding freisian. They are just so beautiful and elegant and have such an docile nature to them. When I was in highschool I took an equestrian science course and every project I did was based around the freisian and dressage.
gamy expert [deleted] 10 years ago
As a horse lover i have a lot of favourite breeds but my favourite one out of the breeds i have seen is the apalooser. i love the pattern of spots.
Phantom Chick 10 years ago
I love appys too. I live in Idaho, where they are the state animal. A friend of mine used to own one named Nike. He was pretty cool. Very gentle. Though I have known some that had some pretty nasty temperaments.
ThessaSvea 10 years ago
My favourite is a north swedish horse, just because I learned to ride on one. But I have a thing for Irish thinkers too.
halting cub [deleted] 10 years ago
mine is a Dutch Warmblood! i love their personality, the way the move, conformation, and how they jump! Moose pictured below was my first dutch warmblood! he has made me looooove this breed!! i also like: gypsy cobs and gypsy vanners, quarter horses, any type of warmblood, mustang, wild chincoteague ponies, i also really like fjords! their mane is sooo cute!!
s.jrenee 10 years ago
That's hard, if you love horses, you just love them all. Sis raises Arabians so I love those. Grew up with an Appalosa and a Quarter Horse. My first horse I bought was an Appalosa/POA. My ride now is a Morgan. So, yes. I love ever one of them.
stillcausintrouble53 10 years ago
i def love arabs, saddlebreds and national show horses. they are versatile and beautiful no matter what they are doing with great personality's
samquine 10 years ago
Arabians and Appaloosa's. I love the pinto Arabians!
susanmedgerton 10 years ago
Icelandics have my whole heart!
Wakiya Means Thunder 10 years ago
Spanish Mustangs (NOT BLM MUSTANGS) they helped create the Paint, Appaloosa, Quarter Horse, Blm Horse, Morgan, and more breeds. But the original is definitely the best. They can run 100 miles work all day without being shod and do it again the next day without getting tired.
Daniy97 10 years ago
I thinks shire horses are the best as their very loving and cute!!!
terrific eyes [deleted] 10 years ago
Arabians, especially paint Arabians. I love their personalities, but they are horrible to ride, lolz.
Triana T. PRO 10 years ago
Morgans. My favorite horse(and last) horse I owned was a Morgan. She was black and was ever so sweet.
PAP Photography 9 years ago
I can't pick one.
It's a tie for Arabians, Appaloosa's and Quarter horses.

but I'm not really picky.
A good horse is a good horse. :]
switch007Pr 9 years ago
my pony is a paso/ quarter horse and she is the best
second trade [deleted] 9 years ago
Andalusians, Appaloosas, & Knabstrups.
It's hard to just pick one.
Addicted to Paints 9 years ago
Paints, Quarter Horses, Appys, Percherons, Andalusians, Luistanos....... Yea, it's hard to pick just one! Lol! Over all the Paint Horse. I love all horse breeds, although I don't too much care for hot bloods or gaited horses. Still pretty though. :)
Addicted to Paints 9 years ago
Oh, forgot one, lol! My dream horse would hafta be a Friesian. I've wanted one since the first time I saw one. They just aint quite in my budget. Lol!
Rowdy Rider PRO 9 years ago
American Quarterhorse...they have a good mind and usually a quietness about can go all day if necessary. My favorite color is palomino.
Horsewhisperer92 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Horsewhisperer92 (member) 9 years ago
i love quarter horses! i have a quarter horse and well i just love their build! but i absolutly love all breeds!
I love heavy horses especially cobs, but I have to agree with 'Addicted to Paints Friesians are so beautiful
EnigmaG204 9 years ago
I really have to say Dutch Warmbloods. I dunno why but I feel more secure sitting on a big and solid back. I don't have one of my own but my dad's friend owns a beautiful dutch stallion called Calisto Z so I ride him a lot. Most of the times, I still ride thoroughbreds so they definitely come next.
Midnight_photography 9 years ago
I Love all horses!! But my top favorite breeds are:
1) Friesians!!!!
2) POA's
3) Warmbloods( Most of my pics)
4) Paints, Appys, Quarter horses!!
hallowed record [deleted] 8 years ago
I do realy like Icelandic horses and Gypsy horses, they are fantastic! If there came a day I had do choose my own horse, I would definitly choose one of them C:
twirx 8 years ago
Wakiya Means Thunder Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Wakiya Means Thunder (member) 8 years ago
They came with the Spanish and were prized as the best horses available at that time. They were war horses, bull fighters and they survived the travel across seas. They imported Jennets, Barbs, the early proto-Andalusian, and Sorraia to form a new horse, they were the working horse of the Vaquero (before the term 'cowboy' existed), the horse of the elite in New Spain. Native Americans captured these horses and raised them into buffalo runners, war ponies, and they gained phenomenal endurance. What the native americans had was a superior horse and the military knew only one way to stop them, kill the horses. They were used by early settlers for the pony express and for cow ponies, but they fell out of fashion because of their small size. Wild herds were polluted with the blood of draft breeds, thoroughbreds, or whatever escaped. Today there are maybe 3000 left 100-300 breeding mares. These horses are intelligent and have a different mind-set than 'modern' breeds. They are extremely versatile excelling in dressage, jumping, endurance, reining, cattle drives and more...

My Spanish HorseLook at that Iberian profile!025Rain Dancer

They go by many names...The Colonial Spanish Horse, The Spanish Barb, The Spanish Mustang (which unfortunately turns many people away because they think of wild BLM horses), and Indian Pony to name a few.

There are many registries splintered all trying to preserve the same horse but excluding some because of prejudice. The most open regidtry sometimes called the 'umbrella group' is Horse of the Americas
I'm not big on riding horses because of a riding accident I had a few years back, but I love to observe horses and take care of them which is why my dream is to one day breed Miniature Horses. They are just like full-sized horses only small and you don't have to ride them.
feldweg 7 years ago
I think the best horse is a mix of unknown breeds
Legopinto 6 years ago
I love Warmbloods, but my horse is a Thoroughbred so I have to say Thoroughbreds. (:
I am so not biased.
Sapphire Dream Photography PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Sapphire Dream Photography (member) 6 years ago
I have a Haflinger so I am partial to them, but I dream of owning an Akhal-Teke one day. You can learn more about them here
Haflinger Gelding Above is a picture of my Haflinger gelding.
jackomundano Posted 6 years ago. Edited by jackomundano (member) 6 years ago
WELSH COBS!!! they have beautiful heads, fantastic leg action, and amazing jumps! i love my black welsh cob, he's fab!
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