nicoteena 6:10pm, 7 February 2006
Hi everyone! I'm new to this group so I wanted to introduce myself and maybe have other people introduce themselves too. I feel weird just posting to a group when I don't know anyone -- especially since it seems like everyone knows each other.

If you don't know what to say, how about answering these questions:
1) Where do you bring Mr B (work/school/everywhere)?
2) How long have you been a member of Mr Bento Porn?
3) What are your favorite foods to pack in Mr B?

Also, out of curiosity, is there a recipes section or do people just post them as comments?

Thanks everyone, and have a great day!
.ams PRO 12 years ago
1) Work only
2) I only started the group a couple weeks ago -- so we're all new!
3) My favorite foods ... hmm! I love my steel cut oats, crackers/cheese combo, tomato soup, and edamame.

As for recipes, I've just been posting them in the captions of my photos. That way, if people see something they like, they can learn more. I also tag those photos "recipe."
dklegman 12 years ago
I've carried mine since I got started with the whole thing about a month ago.

Favorable foods to pack: Rice (a cheap rice cooker is one of Mr. B's best friends), pasta salad, spaghetti, canned soup (I really like a spicy Thai-style one), sliced fruit, marinated olives, mini-pita bread (and something to go with; hummus seems popular around here). Handy leftovers also get tossed in pretty regularly.

I usually keep trail mix, dried fruit or something similarly snackable in the topmost bowl.
nicoteena 12 years ago
Do you find that diary products keep well? The instructions (I got the english version) say not to put dairy in Mr. B so I was worried about bringing anything with cheese (or cheese itself).
.ams PRO 12 years ago
I put dairy (yogurt, soups with cream, etc) in mine all the time. I think it's fine as long as you keep it refrigerated.
shawnwall 12 years ago
well, i just ordered my mr. bento today, and i'm looking forward to packin up all kinda tasty treats for lunch, and i'll be sure to take some pics :)
nicoteena 12 years ago
Yeah, I've been sick so I haven't gone to school since the first time I used it. So sad! But at least it gives my accessories a chance to come in the mail before I use it again...
RLB865 12 years ago
I ordered my Mr. Bento last week. Once it arrives, I will be using it to bring my lunch to work.
Critical Sass 12 years ago
My introduction...

I can't believe I hadn't thought of looking for a Mr. Bento flickr group! I just saw the link to this one on the page for Mr. Bento (I was looking at Bento products again because I'm thinking about purchasing Ms. Bento so my bf and I can each have one, and sometimes Mr. Bento is a little too big). Anyway, I'm thrilled! I have a quite large 'food' flickr set and have only recently started taking pictures of Mr. Bento. Usually I fill him with leftovers so I don't think about re-taking pics of the same food, but I think I might have to do a specifically Bento set. Sometimes my lunches are just so cute that I kick myself for not capturing them. Although I am just starting to get into the decoration aspect of Bento boxes. I know it would make my lunchtime that much funner, I just need to budget my time better in the mornings before work :)

Anyway, the questions:
1) I work as a teacher's assistant at a high school and have always taken my lunch to work, for the 2 years I've been here. The alternative is public school lunch. YUCK. I am very health (and taste) conscious so that's not really an option. I got Mr. Bento 2 months ago (with Christmas credit) and have brought him here every day since.
2) I have been a member of the group for about 10 minutes.
3) I have had great luck with salads of all kinds, but my other favorite snack to pack in Mr. Bento is a small cup (recycled from the garlic butter you sometimes get from pizza places) of olive tapenade with some homemade garlic rye toast. It fits great and is so cute. Same with small veggie pieces and salad dressing. Also, dumplings, stirfry, rice and sushi because Asian food just seems to make sense in Mr. B, even though I am just learning to perfect Asian cooking styles. It is a much healthier lunch and you can dress it up so cute.

In case you all haven't already been there/done that, I figured I would link to, a bento site that I stumbled upon one day and that has provided me with lots of inspiration.

And, here is my food set:

I'll try and get my Mr. Bento pics up here momentarily.

Great, great idea for a flickr group!
j7muse 12 years ago
1) Where do you bring Mr B (work/school/everywhere)?
I pack lunches for Mr.Muse, who brings Mr.Bento to work with him.

2) How long have you been a member of Mr Bento Porn?
Since it was started.

3) What are your favorite foods to pack in Mr B?
I like packing a variety of veggies. Mr.Muse will eat whatever I pack, so I've been trying to be creative.
nicoteena 12 years ago
Who/What is Mr. Muse?
ms.Tea PRO 12 years ago
1) Where do you bring Mr B. (work/school/everywhere)?
I bring mr Bento to the art studio.

2) How long have you been a member of Mr Bento Porn?
for as long as the group existed.

3) What are your favorite foods to pack in Mr B?
it varies, as i bring mostly lunch, and dinner with me, but i love to bring salads, and leftovers, depending what's left.
i always have some type of fruit, lately i have been enjoying clementines.
j7muse 12 years ago
Mr.Muse is my husband :D
nicoteena 12 years ago
LOL I see!
nicoteena 12 years ago
Are a lot of you vegan or vegetarian? I rarely see meat in Mr B and there's a lot of soy and fruits/veggies.
j7muse 12 years ago
I'm not vegetarian, but I do pack a lot of meat free lunches. For some reason, it seems easier to pack for me. Mr.Muse hasn't complained, and says that he enjoys the meals I'm packing.
laughable home [deleted] 12 years ago
I just joined. I don't have my Mr. Bento yet, ordered him like two weeks ago and have yet to recieve him. Need to call up customer service today and find out if I am ever going to receive him or if they should cancel my order so I can get it some place that will actually complete their orders. I am excited though, I've been thinking about the good meals I can take to work! No more Jimmy Johns everyday!
binkin 12 years ago
I just joined, via a comment on an LJ post I made. I love my Mr. Bento, which I got as a hand-me-down from a friend who wasn't using it anymore. As I noted in my photo, I think he's missing a bowl! so I really would like to get the replacement....

1. I take Mr. Bento to school (part time) and work (full time). I am gone from home for 15 hours a day, so I'm still trying to figure out how to take enough food.

2. Since today!

3. So far my favorite foods are rice (I have a Zojirushi neuro fuzzy rice cooker, which I know is overkill but it's the best appliance EVER), and pickles like kimchi, takuan, or pickled plums.
galerinaburl 12 years ago
hello! i just finished packing my first mr. bento lunch and uploading my first bento photo. i know some of you (ariel, j7muse, whitty) from IB (i was better known as cupcake when i used to post there frequently). i decided to peek in on the board one day a couple of weeks ago, and it was then that i discovered some of the mr. bento conversations and knew that i had finally found what i'd been looking for to fulfill my dreams of stylish and hyperefficient lunch packing!

whew! anyway, i just got my mr. b on friday and will be taking it to work for the first time tomorrow. i'm psyched. and i've really been enjoying everyone's pictures.
kusine 12 years ago
I just joined, but I've had new best friend Mr. Bento for a few months now. He comes to work with me nearly every day (I do sometimes cheat on him with other bento boxes).

My favorite things to pack are pretty much whatever I have in the house. :)
shawnwall 12 years ago
got my mr. bento last week, and have been thoroughly enjoying it.

1) to work
2) hmm i think about 2 weeks or so now.
3) so far i've been enjoying rice balls, various fruits such as sliced oranges and lychees, spinach, hard boiled eggs, and steamed fish, along some some crunchy snacks like rice cakes, cashews, walnuts, and some dried fruits
nicoteena 12 years ago
I'm glad I'm not the only noob! Here I was feeling out of place when it seems like there are more new people than veterans. I'm also glad the group is expanding, it's exciting to meet new people. ^^
xnera 12 years ago
Greetings and Salutations! I've been lurking about here for several weeks, and a member of the group for a little over a week. Pleased to make your acquaintances!

Mr. Bento started being my lunch buddy this week. I bring him to work with me. I think this is going to be very good for me, because it encourages portion control and balanced meals. I forsee bringing a lot of soup, salad, fruit, veggies and rice.
RussTheAerialist PRO 12 years ago
Just bought my Mr Bento! I found it locally (in Seattle) at Uwajimaya. Can't wait to use it on Monday for my lunch. Since I eat 5 meals a day, the Mr Bento will be perfect for keeping the two meals that I take to work with me.

I'll post pictures of my first meal in it tomorrow (I'm making Braised Beef and Potatoes from "Japanese Homestyle Cooking" by Tokiko Suzuki, and miso soup)
le_willowcat 12 years ago
I have ordered my Ms. Bento, and it shipped Saturday, SO EXCITED!!!!
nicoteena 12 years ago
It seems like the Mr B group is growing quite rapidly! When I joined I think there were only 20-something members... Or was it 40? I don't remember, but significantly less than the 75 we have now ^^
cat.rigby 12 years ago
1) Where do you bring Mr B (work/school/everywhere)?

To preschool where I work with my kid in tow, to long days out with child and she needs snacks.

2) How long have you been a member of Mr Bento Porn? A few days? I didn't realize there was a bento group. :)

3) What are your favorite foods to pack in Mr B?

Anything, really.
theycallmeEJ 12 years ago
I take my Mr. Bento to both school and work (I often have classes during dinnertime or all day).

I joined the group when it started, but Flickr and I haven't had much time together lately. I'm trying to make up for that.

My favorite foods to pack into Mr. B are dried fruits, red beans and rice, and jambalaya.
owlroulade 12 years ago
Hi! I've been watching this group ever since I ordered my Mr. Bento a few weeks ago, and now that he's here, I thought I'd join the fun.

So far, I've only taken Mr. Bento to my part-time job, but I'm hoping to find even more uses for him soon- field trips with the kids' schools, long car trips, etc.

My favorite items to pack so far are fruits and veggies, because now that I've graduated from the squashy brown bag, it's such a thrill to open my containers and find even fragile produce still pristine instead of smushed and tepid.
orangesoda20 PRO 12 years ago
Hi, I've been watching the Mr. Bento group for a while now and coveted everything I saw. I finally have my own Mr. Bento (a gift from my sister) and intend to take him to school and eventually to work (once I get a job). I haven't really tested him out yet, but hopefully I'll be inspired to pack lots of veggies and fruits.
divakitty 12 years ago
1) Work
2) Couple of weeks
3) Anything!
Erica Nofi 12 years ago
Another new owner here. Like a lot of others, I came across this group and instantly desired a Mr. Bento - I've been taking my lunch to work/school for ages and trying to make it as healthy as possible, but I’ve always had problems with the mismatched group of gladware and whatnot that I brought my food in. I was thinking about getting some regular bento boxes, but Mr. Bento won me over.
Mine arrived a few days ago, and I’m already brimming over with ideas for things to put in him.
Biggie* Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Biggie* (member) 12 years ago
1) I picked up an excellent quality Mr. B-lookalike (Nissan Stainless JLN1400X) and a much smaller Chinese lunch jar as a birthday present for my husband -- have to sit on them for another couple of weeks before breaking them out. Figured the stainless steel exterior of the Nissan looks more masculine so he'd be cooler with taking that to work.
2) Joined the group a few days ago.
3) I've been packing regular bento box lunches for quite a while (lived in Japan for 9 years), so I bought the thermal lunch jars to pack leftover Thai curries and other soupy, hot things that don't play nicely in regular bento boxes (stews, chili, ma po tofu, oden, soups, etc.). Figure the smaller jar will do double duty for my toddler's school lunches in a few years.
cecilnhou2 12 years ago
I have been a member here maybe two weeks? And I received Mr B about the same time. I use him for work, but somedays I don't take him - like today. The one thing I don't like is the soup bowl at the bottom, because that's what I like to eat for breakfast at 10 - LOL. I know, don't gag, but I have been doing that since I was a kid! LOL! I work a really hectic job, and I prefer to use my hour for 30 minutes eating and 30 minutes of resting and meditating, so he really has come in handy! I actually find it holds a LOT of food! I so love all your pics too! I just got batteries for the digital, so I will be posting!
nicoteena 12 years ago
Yeah I like to eat soup first, also. Luckily, the soup bowl for Ms B is on top ~_^
mscrankychick 12 years ago
I just ordered my Mr. Bento to pack up lunch for work. I work on Wall Street in downtown New York and the cost of lunch - even for the simplest sandwich/soup - is getting astronomical. Today, I found this excellent group and you've all inspired me. Once my Mr. B comes in, I'll start photographing and participating.
KJF916 12 years ago
I'm a newbie too, Nic ... only joined a week or so ago, when I was getting daily inspiration from the groups' lunches. I bought my Mr. Bento Lookalike a week ago, as well as other bento supplies (inlcluding one from Lamascus!) over the past month. Bento -- it's my new obsession. Lunch is my biggest meal of the day, so by making it fun and attractive and varied, I'm finding it so much more enjoyable.

1) Where do you bring Mr B (work/school/everywhere)?
Just work (a law office in Sacramento).

2) How long have you been a member of Mr Bento Porn?
Less than two weeks, I believe, but a lurker for about a month.

3) What are your favorite foods to pack in Mr B?
Today is actually my first Mr. Bento style lunch in round containers. I've used other bentos before. I'm a big fan of soup for lunch, so you stand to see pictures of soup in the coming months, with some curry on off days.

Jerich01 12 years ago
Hi, I'm actually the odd one as I bought my Mr. Bento for someone else and made it my job to fill it. She's had the Mr. Bento for about a month and I've been on here for about a week longer; I signed up to look at all the neat pictures and get inspired.

So far I've had a blast putting in traditional bento foods (used to cook in Japan so I'd seen a few real bento's" and then doing completely off the wall stuff like French bentos and hamburger bento's etc...

A far as dairy I think the prohibition is a safety factor against cleaning. Specifically with the soup bowl you would need to make sure that the valve is 100% clean else some milk get in there and rot and make other things smell/taste/digest poorly.
ginalamb Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ginalamb (member) 12 years ago
Hi, all! I found my way to this site via a blog on an environmental site called Ideal Bite. The words "thermal lunch jar" in a blog comment led to a Google search, which led! I was impressed and inspired by the variety and creativity in everybody's bentos. I went straight to and ordered a Mr. Bento. A week later, I happily packed up my very first Mr. Bento dinner (I work evenings). I lurked here for a while before posting my first photo, and I'll certainly be posting more.

My Mr. Bento accompanies me to work about four days a week. My office is in Times Square, and while there's no shortage of yummy take-out fare in the area, the prices can be ridiculous and the portions are usually too big. With Mr. Bento, I'm already eating healthier and saving a ton of money. I don't have any favorite bento foods yet, but give me time... :)
hannahbearsmom 12 years ago
When I got home from work yesterday, Mr. Bento was waiting on my doorstep. I can't wait to try him out on Monday. Hopefully Mr. Bento will accompany me to work most days. I just joined the group a few minutes ago, but I've been drooling over pics of everyone's lunch since I discovered your group and Mr. Bento a little over a week ago. I try to eat healthy lunches: soups, stir frys, fruit, etc.

SoLikeCandy 12 years ago
I'm in Indianapolis, and just got my Mr. Bento this afternoon in the mail! I've been planning for days, so I already have plenty of yummy things to cook tonight in order to pack Mr. Bento full of goodness for tomorrow's lunch. This group is giving me lots of ideas for meals--thanks, y'all!
traductora Posted 12 years ago. Edited by traductora (member) 12 years ago
i'm a graduate student at the university of iowa.

i've been watching this group since shortly after its inception, was inspired by all of you to get a mr bento for a while, which i later gave to my now ex-boyfriend. never fear, though, i got myself a ms bento last month! she's adorable and plenty big for me, though unimpressive on heat retention.

i can never seem to get my act together to take and post photos, but they'd be largely full of leftovers from all of the wonderful dinners that my co-op housemates and i cook, and they'd go with me to class and around iowa city. photo posting or no, i just love this group and mr/s bento!
Classic Pep 12 years ago
Hello from northern VA

1) work
2) been a member for a couple of weeks now (been using Mr. Bento for months)
3) fav food - no real favs, just about anything I can fit in there, eh
tribskitchen 10 years ago
I know this is a oldish post, but I'm new and wanted to post an introduction!

I'm Trib, from Melbourne Australia. I'm vegan, but I enjoy seeing most omnivore meals. Especially obento.

1) I haven't got myself a Mr Bento just yet (Amazon doesn't ship here, so I'm using a middle man, so it'd taking a little longer...), but I do pack bentos for school and/or work. I also pack them when traveling (long car rides, plane, etc) and sometimes on weekend if the bf and I go out to eat lunch at the park or something. They're just so handy, and I love making bento, so I do it whenever I can. They're great for portion control.

2) I have been lurking our here for a few months, but only just joined about a week ago.

3) I like making mini versions of all the foods I normally eat. Like mini tofu 'fish' bites, mini sandwiches, mini gluten sausages in a variety of flavors, mini lasagnas, mini pizzas (my bf's fave...). I'm also a serious soup nut - homemade veggie soup, minestrone, vegan combination soup, hot and sour soup, creme of spinach, ... any soup. I'm getting hungry just thinking about food... I like to top every bento off with a little sweet... somekind of cute homemade wagashi, or vegan mini-jello cup... chocolate. Something small and sweet that I usually enjoy with a mug of green/peppermint tea.
cb.2e1idt 10 years ago
1) Where do you bring Mr B (work/school/everywhere)?
I take it to the sixth-form with me but also sometimes just make a bento before I leave for work so I can have a warm(ish) lunch straight after I get back.
2) How long have you been a member of Mr Bento Porn?
since today, although I have been lurking for a few months now...
3) What are your favorite foods to pack in Mr B?
I use alot of leftovers, but it is all dependant on what is left in the fridge...
SublimeBento 10 years ago
Wow, Anchovylove started this thread way back in February 2006 and I'm posting a response in April 2008.

OK so, to answer your questions:

1) Where do you bring Mr B (work/school/everywhere)?
He is going to be coming to work with me, I'm also planning on cutting out the lunches and dinners with friends and encourage us girls to meet in the parks in London with our bento's

2) How long have you been a member of Mr Bento Porn?
I literally just joined, didn't even know there was such a thing as joining? But I have been lurking and obsessing over the fab Mr Bento pics since about December 2007 after discovering Bento

3) What are your favorite foods to pack in Mr B?
Italian foods pasta's, onigri, soups, salads, indo-pak food, whole foods, low GI foods, Japanese/Chinese noodles, stir frys etc

When I get around to posting my pics, I will make sure that I add recipe's for things people may be unfamiliar with...
inzeos PRO 10 years ago
Hi, I've always had my eye on a trendy Mr. Bento box; however, up until this weekend I never talked myself into buying one. Picked up two, one for me and one for my wife. Had fun coming up with creative items to pack into it.

I also joined the group recently! Tonight I posted my first photograph, which is my lunch for tomorrow. My personal photostream has some up close pictures of each bowl.
flit 10 years ago
I only recently started packing lunches for my husband, because we want him to eat healthier meals than the restaurant meals he usually takes, and there is often a line at the microwave so he can't just take leftovers in to work. Mr. Bento is ideal because he doesn't have to heat hot foods up, and it is a good size for his food needs.

He will also eat more vegetables if I pack them for him! I am constantly trying to find ways to get him to eat more vegetables and fresh fruit. It also gets me a more structured lunch or breakfast (sometimes I eat my share for breakfast instead of lunch!)

1) Where do you bring Mr B (work/school/everywhere)?

To work, and we may get another one for me to take around, too. (Maybe a Ms. Bento; I think the portions on the Mr. may be too big for me.)

2) How long have you been a member of Mr Bento Porn?

I just joined a few days ago! It's very inspiring and I'm hoping that posting pictures will keep me motivated to vary his foods more and get better at making it decorative quickly.

3) What are your favorite foods to pack in Mr B?

Right now it's any hot foods like soup. I just love how it keeps them hot so I'm experimenting with what stays hot well.
krispin41 10 years ago
I just posted my first meal using Mr. Bento. I do Weight Watchers as well and Mr. B was just a great way for me to keep a track on my portions. I've been watching this group since Christmas time when my friend got me a more traditional Bento box. I've only used Mr. B twice so far, but he got quite a bit of envious looks today at work!
Great Stone Face PRO 10 years ago
Okay, it's been a fun ride. I've enjoyed looking at all the Mr. Bento lunches, most them really tantalizing. I hope my lunches looked as good and you've liked the moose (did you notice them?). Friday, May 2, I retire from work. I may look for something else in a year or so, but in the meantime my Mr. Bento will go into retirement with me. I'll keep lurking, so keep up the good work.
elaynam 10 years ago
Oh no! Great Stone Face, what will we do without your mooses! (Meese? Urgh!). (But congrats on your retirement :))
Portia and Paul PRO 10 years ago
Hello Mr Bento lovers around the world!

I purchased a Mr Bento which arrived about three weeks ago. I was interested in finding a way to vary what had become the world's dullest packed lunches (sarnies with cheese and chutney or smoked salmon) and to eat more fruit and veggies. I receive an organic fruit and veg box each tuesday, and it seemed such a waste not to include this bounty in our lunches. I adore soup and I wanted to include more in my diet too.

In answer to the questions.

1. Mr Bento gets on the tube with me and travels to work in Canary Wharf, London. I'd like to take him out to other places, but he's a bit too cumbersome to take hiking and although he'd be great on a picnic, I'm a bit scared I'd forget him when I (inevitably) go to the pub afterwards.

2. I've been in this group about an hour

3. I've had great success with leftovers such as homemade turkey biryani and pastas - which I didn't expect to use in Mr Bento as much as I have been.

I'm not posting any recipes, but feel free to comment if you're interested....

it's great to meet everyone...
District 47 10 years ago
Hello from Washington, D.C.!

1) I take Mr Bento to work. I purchased mine through Amazon.
2) Joined the group back in September 2007
3) I am vegan and my Mr Bento meals typically consist of lots of whole grains (quinoa or rice), bean and lentil dishes, soy foods, nuts, fresh veggies, and fruits.

I post recipes occasionally, if I'm feeling proud of a new creation. I like the suggestion, posted earlier, of tagging with "recipe". I will start doing that.
Firefoxx65 10 years ago
Hi from Seattle WA.

1) I bought my Mr. Bento for work, I added how much money I have spent buying my lunch over the past 15 years and my daily Starbucks.
Here is the math, at 261 work days a year and spending at least 12 dollars a day for food and drink (and that is a conservative number) at work for the past 15 years I have spent at least 46980 dollars on food and drinks.
I now have a french press at work and went out and purchased Mr. Bento.

2) Joined the Group about 3 weeks ago.

3) So far it has been pretty much Salmon, Rice, Green Beans and Miso. But I am getting a lot of inspiration here and plan on making a lot of different food and freezing it.
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