spanners2006 12:35pm, 2 November 2010
Hi Im Paul an assertive guy who adores stockings. I have a lovely couple where she loves to show her stockings. We are looking for similar. i am also looking for TVs and CDS with great legs. Convincing only please.

My email is
littlejohn1212 7 years ago
I have a fetish for nylon and love to see women in short skirts showing their nylon tops and garters.
luv2cuminpanties [deleted] 7 years ago
My wife loves nothing more than to perch on a high bar stool and 'accidentally' flash her stocking-tops to guys sitting in lower chairs in the bar area.

Once she has their attention, she will cross and uncross her legs - per Sharon Stone- revealing her transparent gusseted panties and her glistening pussy.

On such occasions we usually only have to buy our first drink................
NWGuy [deleted] 7 years ago
That sounds like the kind of show I would love to witness luv! Where are you based?
stockings legs [deleted] 6 years ago
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